IT'S P(atty's) DAY!


This has been such an amazing week! I am seriously LOVING the MTC!!!!! I leave TUESDAY! CAN YOU ALL BELIEVE IT!?? I sure can't! I am going to miss  the mountains so much, but I am sure New York with not disappoint. 

So Funny story first, we were teaching our teachers investigator, the previous lesson we had with him I laughed half of the time haha!! So before we walked in Elder Hutching's told us that he wanted to leave a BOM with Bill (the teacher's investigator) but he only had his own so he left his Book of Mormon. Then me and Sister Carruth walked into the class to teach him and we asked him if he had  the chance to read Enos and asked him if he could turn their with us in his BOM. He reached for Elder Hutchings BOM and kinda gave the "you know who's this is smirk" and I just couldn't stop laughing! Anyway... I got through that then I walked into the next lesson with him 2 days later and I have horrible hiccups like literally every minute there was probably 3 haha but he asked if I needed to go get a drink because everytime I hiccuped I couldn't stop laughing and so I went and go a drink, then we got to a really spiritual part of the lesson and out of NO WHERE! Out the window behind our teacher a district goes speed walking buy like maniacs! I noticed it but Sister Carruth could not stop laughing! Bill was asking us what happened if we were okay and I just said "Oh yeah we are fine a bird just hit the window." Then Sister Carruth said "No it was like 10 birds" WE all were laughing sooooooo hard and could not stop.... ahhh it was kinda a failure!! haha!! Oh well... everytime we have a hard moment in class where we just need a laugh we talk about it!!!

Next, Last P-DAY was sooo  great! We got to go to the temple which was such an amazing experience as we were walking out, there was a couple and then a guy who was preparing to propose!! AAHHH alll of us girls were just dying! He showed us the ring... IT WAS GORGEOUS! But, that's no why i'm telling you this.. I'm a missionary I'm not thinking about boys at all!! haha! But the girl she served her mission in New York and was telling us about how much she loved it and gave us such great advice to just love every single minute cuz even the hard times are blessings! it was soo good to talk to someone from the outside world!! haha!! We really love when we get to go on temple walks and see the sunshine!! I love the MTC but... dang I miss the freedom of the outdoors!! haha! :) 

Side note: I hate Day light savings... whoever made it up was definitely not a missionary who was trying to sleep as much as they could...

Me and Sister Carruth had an amazing lesson with Kyujin this week, she is from Korea and is attending BYU because her uncle lives here. It has been such an amazing experience teaching her and I already love her so much!!! We had an experience where we bore testimony and I felt the spirit in a way that I have never felt it before. Sister Carruth asked Kyujin what she was feeling she said she got chills from her toes up to her head. I bore testimony to her that I know that this was a feeling from the Holy Ghost, I told her that I never feel the Holy Ghost that way but i know that I felt it like that so that I could tell her that this is how it is going to feel to her. I loved it!!! Ah... this work is sooo amazing!!!!

Yesterday, Baylee Kendrick entered the MTC... I was a little late to lunch because we had to pick up mail.. and i was walking in when I heard "BAILEY!" first off... i have a hard time even answering to my first name anymore... it was so weird but i looked and saw her and gave her the biggest hug... like my feet where off the ground I was sooooooooo excited to see her!!! We just cried together and I told her she was going to love it and some other things and it was just a great experience I am so glad I got to see her. :) It has also been amazing to be with Sister Philpot I see her almost every day!!! :) SO GOOD!!!

WElll..... I love you all!!! I love this Gospel!! I am LEAVING FOR NEW YORK TUESDAY!! YEAH BABY!!!!! 


Love: Sister DeVries

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