"SAME ROOM, NOT SAME BED."- Missionary Handbook



So this is an example of EXACT obedience. haha! This is seriously one of my favorite events that has happened so far! Elder Lewis (Pocetello, ID) told his companion, Elder Edgecomb, that he needed to go to the bathroom. He started to leave the room and we told Elder Edgecomb that he probably needed to go with him but not into the bathroom with him. Elder Edgecomb (PG, UT) then said "Yes, I understand. Same room, NOT same bed." haha we all couldn't stop laughing this is one of the guidelines that is said in our Missionary Handbook.   (more commonly known as the White Bibl..I was told not to call it that, dang it...exact obedience ;)) We were discussing early in class that we thought that was the weirdest thing to throw into there LIKE WHO IN THE HECK??? hahaha!!! Anyway we make jokes about it ALL the time! its good stuff!!! So there's your feel good story!

The First week!!!

 Oh my goodness!! I love it soo much!!! It is so amazing to feel the spirit so strongly but also to be with such amazing people, our district works together so well!! I love them all!! Currently our district is the only one in our Zone... so pretty much the sacrament meeting on sunday will just be us.. talk about a BRANCH! haha! I still don't know if I feel like a missionary yet, It honestly feels like I am at a Missionary Training Camp. I feel like in 3 weeks it will be over, I will be home... I kinda keep forgetting... this is MY life now... well... for the next 18 months.  It's still so crazy to me. However, I seriously am loving every single minute. The first day I entered the MTC it was like someone was right next to me pushing me along, that I was being guided and sometimes dragged through the day by the spirit. I know that I had help from the other side, that they were telling me the whole time that it was going to be okay and that I was going to be able to do this. I am so grateful for their love and guidance. I know that Aaron was really helping me through it and I definitely feel his help and others when I am at a low point. I also feel the help of all of you at home, packages, letters, everything comes at the perfect time. I was seriously thinking about nail polish and face wash and on guard beads and they all came throughout this week. I am so grateful to all of you for doing that for me!! So....... I already messed up the system on the first day... hahaha!!! When I walked in I went through a series of lines to get my tag, materials, questions, everything! So I went through this one line... there was a sign telling me to turn right... yet I saw people to the left... so what did i do? I turned left.. ya I got to class and didn't have half the materials that everyone else had!! haha:) whooops... then we were given this card that we were told needed to be on us at all times.. within 15 minutes of them telling us that I totally forgot my card!! SO MISTAKE 2! I was pretty sure my companion thought I was a  total blonde!! haha!! Then we were supposed to watch a training video about working out.... I watched one about lunch time??? So yeah... everyone else watched the right one,, but me... so yeah I guess I kinda was the ditz of the group!! haahahahahahahah!! It's okay I think i kinda made up for it! now they just think I am a clutz because I fall all the time ;)

 My companion is Sister Carruth, she reminds me of a mixture of all of my friends! Mostly Kate Bolos, Trever Allen, and then a little McKenzie Swasey!! haha it is so great! We really do get along so well and she pushes me hard to become a better missionary. She is from Sandy and went to BYU, so she is pretty used to being a "fun killer" haha jk!! She isn't at all we have so much fun together but she is really used to follow rules and being spiritual all the time so sometimes that's a little hard for me, but I think I have been good for her as well because we have realized that it is good to have a mixture of both being yourself and being a missionary. We work really well together and can have some really great times I am so grateful that I was placed with her. One of our goals is to always follow EXACT OBEDIENCE! Because "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles!"  We have this thing we say every time a rule is hard to keep or we are having a hard time focusing its "White Handbook, White Dresses." pretty much just saying that if we are obedient that our miracle will be we get married one day!! haha ;) it keeps us focused so I guess it's working!! Also,she tolerates my clutziness.

We also have had so many spiritual times It was been so good we were having the hardest day last friday.. or saturday and Sister Pack sat us down and told us we needed to STOP IT! we were being so hard on ourselves that day she talked to us about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego...  but we were talking about they had enough faith that they told the King that they wouldn't die in the fire because the Lord would help them, but they also had enough faith that if they did die they would never deny it. We realized that we needed to have faith in the Lord not in our selves and our teaching! It was a huge pivotal day for us

.Fast sunday was sooooooo good! I have never felt so much power in a fast! it was hard I almost fainted but it was so good to have it! Elder Hutchings (Monroe, UT) and Elder Fafita (Cali) are such an amazing companionship. Elder Hutchings is our district leader and he really helped us get through that sunday and then Elder Fafita always said the most spiritual things!! One time Sister Hintze (Clearfeild, UT) and Sister Cullimore (Sandy, UT) were saying Elder Fafita's name and called him Elder Fajita!! hahah Sister Cullimore LOVES food though so it doesn't surpise any of us!!

 We were teaching a TRC investigator names Kyujin and we had such an amazing experience with her...She came here from Korea to go to BYU this semester because he Uncle teaches there. She is having so many questions about how strong her uncles family is and I bore testimony to here and SHE FELT CHILLS and I DID TOO!! I never feel the spirit in chills or at least rarely and I know I felt it that way so that I could tell her that that is the spirit that she is feeling it was such an amazing lesson and we are so excited to see her progress only thing.. she was previously baptized in Korea...so she doesn't think she needs to be again.... so that will be tough to explain... pray for us ;) We know that she will understand though!!!

Last funny story and then I will be done! We were walking out from Lunch into our classroom and the wind picked up and we thought that a leaf was blowing across the sidewalk!!! IT WAS A HUGE RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped so high and scream so loud!!!! haha! pretty sure I flashed the Elder's in front of me! But it was so funny!! haha!!! One of the Elders I flashed was actually I guy I knew from Nauvoo, he noticed me ;) hahah so we got to talk for a little bit! ;) hahah such a funny time!!!

Well I love you all!! I love the work!!!  Live Life to the FULLEST THIS WEEK!!!!!!

Sister DeVries

Sister Carruth and I love packages!

Sister Philpot and Sister DeVries

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