President and Sister Rogers and Sister DeVries

Hello everyone!!!

So apparently President Rogers thinks I can do really hard things and put me and my trainer into an area to whitewash. Holy cow!!! We honestly feel like we are putting together a giant puzzle. It is insane. I have learned so much about how to practically open up an area and start from scratch though, so that is great. 

My trainer is Sister Baxter, she is from Layton, UT and went to  snow college. She has been out for 1 year we are exactly a year apart mission wise. So that's kinda crazy. We have a ton in common and have been able to really bond. I love her to pieces!! 
Sister DeVries and Sister Baxter

So our first day in the field. We started to unpack and get everything settled as I was unpacking my trainer looked at the area book.... the previous sisters updated close to NOTHING. This is when we realized we were going to have to start from scratch. That night we went through every teaching record in the area book, called the sisters before they got on their plane and called the surrounding Elders, all so we could find out who they were teaching. It was insane. We have finally found some people that they were  teaching, they did a lot of member work while they were here so we weren't able to continue with any investigators they were teaching. Except Adrienne a previous investigator who is out of town until thursday! But we are SOOOO excited to meet with her she seems like a really solid investigator. So we soon found out there was nothing we could do so we started tracting, and tracting, and TRACTING!!!!!!!  I am not a fan of tracting.... It is so hard, door after door after door slammed in your face... and the first lady I took the lead and talked to she didn't even listen I started and she literally slammed the door in my face. AHHH!! People you are slamming your door on ETERNAL PROMISES!!! hahah!! no... but really!! It is hard. It gets really stressful but my trainer told me something that is really helping. Not everyone is going to accept the gospel, but every person has to have the opportunity to accept it. All we are doing is giving them that opportunity. 

I think the hardest part is that you already start to love these people the way God loves them as soon as you see their face and for them to throw away that love is really heartbreaking but... it's okay! We are getting through it. So tracting is all this week has been, on saturday we tracted the neighborhood right next to where we live and no one wanted to listen, then the LAST DOOR... (it's always the last door) a man opened and he was ready to let us in, he didn't have a woman home though so we couldn't come in but we taught him for a good 30 minutes on his porch. His name is Will and he is a Bible loving Christian. We had a really awesome discussion... that started to turn into a bible bash... but it was great for a while. Even though this experience wasn't the exact desired result it was such a confidence booster to me, that was my first lesson I had taught while I was here in Vestal so I was just so grateful someone listened to me... Funny story though. I was baring testimony of the Book of Mormon and I was so cold snot litterally dripped from my nose. HAHA! Such good stuff!!! :) Nah.. but it was so good to finally teach someone.

EASTER! was soo great! Our ward is amazing, we have met so many great families and I already love them so much!! Vestal has the biggest ward in the mission!! So a really  great ward. We had easter dinner with a sweet family and it was really great. Then we went to check on one of our previous appts and she didn't want to hear anymore. So then we went...wait for it... TRACTING! so much fun!! (One day I will grow to love it) But it was so much fun and such a great experience... We decided to knock on this door of a house that was super run down and a man named George came to the door (6.5 ish , beard, tats) and he says "Hello, sweethearts what can I do for you?" We were shocked. We talked about what we are doing and asked him if he would be interested in hearing more! He was totally fine with that! WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TONIGHT EVERYONE!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The church is true!!!! I am so exctied he is the sweetest man and so prepared!!! We are praying it goes well and that his other half will let him keeep taking lessons. 

WELL.... I love you all.... The work is slowly progressing here in Vestal and it is beautiful here and starting to warm up. Ohhh... Tender mercy moment. Someone left their giant winter coat, size medium that fits me PERFECTLY in the closet. So I'm surving mom! :) 

MUCH LOVE!!! :) I love being a missionary and I can't wait to teach my first real lesson tonight!! AHHH!!!  :) 

Sister DeVries

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