Snow in Vestal!!

We woke up to snow here in vestal!!! Crazy!! I am just so grateful for the previous Sister in this area who left her winter coat and for the tender mercies of the Lord. I definitely see his hand in my life, my companions and those we come in contact with. It's so amazing how easy it is to recognize that when you are a missionary!

 So first off, I love Children!!! They are so innocent and pure... I definitely know now why Christ loved the little children more ;)  haha! No but really I have gotten to know the cutest little kids, I think they know how much they mean to me because the little girls always draw me a picture! :) It's the best!!! I can't (but I really can) wait to have my own family!!! :) hahaha! Don't be too scared mom! I just really see the importance of families and raising your kids in gospel centered homes. I cannot wait to do that! I also grow more grateful every day for my own parents! I constantly use their examples or stories in my lesson and find strength in the lessons they taught me. So grateful for my eternal family. Anywayssss.....

 On Monday... we had the lesson scheduled with George (the teddybear) He wasn't home and we tried back 3 times that night but he wasn't ever home, we also went later in the week and he wasn't home either. It is okay though, we will find him! He is so sweet, I just really hope that his wife will let him take the lessons.

 We really have been focusing on gaining the trust of the ward members so that we can receive referrals and know who to teach and we have had many amazing service opportunities with them. One was with a less active named, Vivian, she is so sweet!!! Vivian's son came and stayed with her for a month and tore her house apart, he left cigarette butts everywhere and really left a mess, so we went over and helped her clean her house before her landlord came. It was such a great experience and she shared some of her hard struggles with me, this ward is really big and a lot of people attended but there are also a ton that don't so we really need to help those who are less active. It has been such an amazing learning experience this week. The work is finally progressing as well we finally got some more miles and went down to our part of the area that is like 2 miles away from Pennsylvania (EVERYONE here calls it PA.. they are so lazy.. haha jk!!) but it was good we found some former investigators who are willing to let us come and teach them.
Last night we had a lesson with Rita! MY FIRST REAL LESSON! FINALLY!!! It was so good, she has been meeting with missionaries on and off for a year, she realized that we always come back when she is going through a really hard time in life. We helped her realize that this is because God is showing his love for you. He wants you to know he cares. She really realized that she needs this. We have another appt. tomorrow with her so hopefully that will go well. She is so amazing! Well, I hope I will have more to share next week, there really is so much I just  have to narrow it down but I will tell you one more happy story.
 We do a lot of driving in our area and there is A MILLION stop lights and we seem to always hit them, so one day we found bubbles in our car and decided to blow them out the window while we were at the stop light, the girl next to us was SOO HAPPY and just starting laughing, we realized that this made us happy and those around us. So now we blow bubbles at every red light haha! I don't think I have ever loved red lights so much in my life!!! hahaha! so good! just something to keep us sane! But... we probably need to make sure it is legal! hahah!!Well, I promise I will be better at writing soon! hahaha! theres just so much and so little time! Love you all!!!

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