Wait...has it really been one month?

WHAT THE HECK? Can ANYONE believe that I have been in the field for a MONTH now? Because, I sure can't!! This week was so STELLAR! We are rocking it out here in Vestal! 

We had Zone Training Meeting this week so we got to drive out to Owego and have our interview with President and some training. It  was so great! I loved it! Elder Edgecomb from my MTC district is in my zone, so I got to see him! That was great! I got to have my interview with President Rogers and he was so encouraging! I really love him a lot and know that he is my mission president for a reason! Plus.. he is a doctor. So that is always great! We learned about how to be urgent missionaries. It really was great for me and helped me realize, what it is I need to do to become a better missionary. Sister Baxter and I learned so much and were so excited to apply it to our teaching. So after ZTM, Sister Baxter and I had dinner with President and Sister Rogers at TGI:Fridays... It was great! Then Sister Rogers came out to teach with us! We planned to meet with Jeff. We have been trying to teach Jeff for a really long time but have not been able to get a hold of him or come at the right time, but he always was willing to learn so we set up an appointment, it was for Tuesday at 6.. with Sister Rogers. I was so excited!!! We go in and he started telling us about what he believes and he is a Unitarist... pretty much should be Atheist. He has no belief in God, he has read the Book of Mormon and knows all about our church. He just wanted us to come so that we could have the experience of teaching someone like him. SO MEAN huh! It was fine, but I was kinda ticked that he played us and we wasted time, but ya know what! Everyone has to have the opportunity to accept or reject it and we bore some undeniable testimony to get him thinking. So hopefully he feels something and starts reading the Book of Mormon with real intent. It really was sad to go to his place. He was so close to knowing the truth, but was too stubborn to accept it. 

We then had a lesson with Hannah!! OH MY GOODNESS EVERYONE! Hannah is progressing so much! She has given up coffee and is really trying to give up smoking. I love Hannah so much! She really motivates me to be a better missionary and to find more golden investigators like her. She also committed to be baptized this week!!!!! AUGUST 26th, 2017... yeah... that's as soon as she can be baptized but! She is gonna make it! I know she will!!! :) She is so great!!! :) I love her so much!!! :) It is so crazy how that date seems so close to her, but yet so far away for me. When Hannah is ready to be baptized I will only have a few weeks left of my mission! Crazy, not even gonna think about it. But what a great way to end, am I right? I really love Hannah so much and am so excited for her!! 

We had a lesson this week on Binghamton University Campus with a less-active named Caroline and her roommates and friends. It was SO weird to be on a college campus again. Those girls are my exact same age... they could be my roommates. It just really made me so excited that I made the choice to come on a mission though, I have learned way more in these past 2 months then I would have if I stayed and continued college. I am so grateful I am out here. It was so weird to teach them though and to be back on a college campus. But it was great! :) It made me really proud of myself.

Next on the agenda is Casie! Casie is the Recent Convert we are teaching, she was baptized my first Saturday here. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to teach her, she really pushes me to become a better missionary. We were trying to figure out what to teach her, she has really been down recently, so we wanted something SUPER uplifting and I really kept thinking about Temples. WOW! I have never seen Casie so excited and felt the spirit more with her. She is so excited to enter the temple now! I loved it!!! She doesn't want to ever settle for anything less! She wants a temple marriage now and to be with her family for eternity! It made me realize how blessed I am to know that truth and rekindled the fire inside of me to share that knowledge! TEMPLES ARE AMAZING!!!! :) 

Next we had dinner and watched the Restoration with Nikki, Sally and Nikki's friend Vernon and Marcie. I haven't felt the spirit that strong since I have been on my mission. Little background info, Nikki and Sally are members. Nikki is Sally's daughter and they live together. Marcie is Nikki's best friend who lives next door and then Vernon is Nikki's man. Vernon and Marcie are not members. Nikki wanted us to watch the Restoration with her and her friends and it was amazing! Marcie really connected and EVERYONE felt the spirit. Sally kept talking about how the Church has helped her so much in the past few months get through everything and that this is truly the TRUE chruch. Her testimony was so simple but so powerful. A little more background, Nikki lost her youngest son a few months ago, He was at a rival football game and was murdered. It has been really hard on their family but they have been able to get through it because of the gospel. They used to be inactive but they have been coming to church regularly since the accident and Nikki is working towards the temple so that she can have her son sealed to her. This lesson was so indescribable. It was amazing! I love this gospel so much and I know that this is the true church and that the temple and Eternal Family truths are restored and can only be preformed through the true church of Jesus Christ. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! 

ALRIGHT! I know you all have been waiting for the funny stories for this week... well first off.. SPRING CLEANING... I am cleaning the shower doing my thing when all the sudden a GIANT CENTIPEDE COMES CRAWLING OUT! I don't think I have ever screamed so loud in my life! hahaha it was soooo funny! Sister Baxter was laughing so hard! It was really great! haha! But we killed it so don't worry! 
The brave centipede killer?

The mighty centipede!

for the next two stories, names have been changed for the safety of the individual.
We were in sunday school yesterday, and Sister Izatt always starts out class by everyone introducing themselves and answering a question. So the question was "What is one thing on your bucket list you have to do before you die?" So we all go around and then we get to Betty. Betty is a 60 year old firery GOD loving MORMON. She loves to shout her praises and I love her for it. Now she says.. "Hi I'm Betty and... I don't even have a bucket." NO ONE expected it! The whole class just laughed for like 5 solid minutes! It was great! Then in Relief Society... they asked the typical.. "Now.. do we have any new faces today..." and Marge says "I don't know anyone!" Marge has dementia and probably doesn't even remember that she said that but I thought it was really funny and I started to laugh... No one else thought  it was funny... haha! Me and Sister Baxter sat in our own little chuckling corner! Haha! It was so great! Gotta love this ward!! 

I really am loving the work! I am so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers I definitely feel them all! You are all amazing! Thanks for everything! LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) Keep Smiling! :) 

Love: Sister DeVries

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