I Love this Ward!!!

Winter Wonderland

So every week we do laundry at one of the members houses, because it is super expensive to do it the quarter way. I don't love using members stuff but they all are pretty good  about it so that is good. Last week we went to Sister McDaniel's house (her husband is the Ward Mission Leader). We asked the usually questions, how long we had been out, family, where were from, if we went to school before we came out.. Well I was going through my basic life story with Sister McDaniel and she said "Oh, Ogden... I know someone from Ogden." ... knowing the chances that she would ever know someone I knew I just kinda said "Oh..Cool! yeah there are a lot of people.." Then she said... "they are from... like Slaterville.." I was SOOOO EXCITED! She knew the name of Slaterville all the way out here in NEW YORK!!! I told her that was where I was from and asked who it was. It turned out to be her husband's sister, her name is Sister Sosa. She texted her to see if she knew me or how close we lived to each other...she lives over by where the Dimicks used to live. She now goes to the spanish ward with her husband that's why shes not in our ward. So she asked her if she knew my last name, she said that when she moved into her house there was a Sister DeVries who was the relief society president. We figure out that that was Grandma!!! She told me a touching story about how Grandma really showed her love and was one of the main reasons she came back to church. I was so excited! She really loves our family, and I grew so grateful and proud to be carrying our family name. I definitely love all of you and I want you to remember who you represent. For me I represent, our state, myself, my family and Jesus Christ. But I think even though it's not written on a name tag for all of you like it is for Missionaries. You are representatives of the same thing. Can people see who you represent through your actions? Some of the best advice I received on my mission is to "look down when you get discouraged and look at those names on your name tag, remember who you represent and the reason you are here, then say a prayer and take a step forward with faith in Jesus Christ and your foreordained journey." We are all foreordained, each day has a purpose, FIND IT in EVERY DAY! :) there's my little pep talk for the week!

 Next, I can definitely feel your prayers. Unfortunately our lesson didn't work out with Rita, we got Mike to come with us, he is a recent convert who has an AMAZING conversion story and lived near Rita while he made this 360 change in his life. So she knows the blessing the gospel brings, she left our lesson though and isn't answering our calls. We don't know what is going on... we might need to drop her.. sadly.. she has been taking discussions for 3 years now. So she is a very slow progressing investigator. However, despite Rita, our prayers have been answered. We have been working with the ward members and regaining there trust. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER we have talked to has given us a referral, it has been amazing. We haven't got in with too many investigators however, we are doing great Less Active work for this ward there are probably about 250 in this ward and about 120 of them are active, which still is amazing but we really want to help out this ward. Even some who do come every week are dealing with poverty, and really need some help and I have loved helping all the members. Even though our numbers don't look impressive I have realized you can still be fulfilling your purpose without having the numbers to back it up. I am so grateful for this ward and for the referrals that we have received. Also this ward is great with missionaries, we have a meal AT LEAST 4 times a week and if not then we get a whole bag of food every Sunday and Thursday! They take care of us so much. It is really great I love them all to pieces. So... when I heard about the Sister Clothing Exchange box in every apartment. I was pretty excited honestly. I thought it was going to be this great box full of great stuff... and then.. it turned into great laughs. But I think i am going to keep this outfit :) hahaha (INSERT A PICTURE HERE MOM)

Next... BUBBLES!! So they are finally starting to work! I swear we are going to find someone through bubbles one day. haha! So it was a snowy day and we were driving back from service and I was kinda getting down and I saw the bubbles in car and decided to blow them. When I did this lady next to us pulled up and gave us thumbs up and rolled down her window to talk to us and tell us to keep doing it and they we were just laughing and smiling together. She really brightened my day and I am sure we brightened hers. We have had many similar experiences. My new motto is "Why blow smoke, when you can blow bubbles." Hahaha!! :) it's super fun to blow bubbles at the car next to you who is smoking his cigg... hahah!

Bubbles to Baptism!

 Alright! well the work is going great here and we are definitely finding people now! I really love this work and am trying to enjoy every moment! It is going by fast already! I can't believe it is monday again! But yeah.. Side note.. I am on facebook so don't be alarmed when I comment on something or post something :) haha! Well I Love You All! And i love being a missionary!! :)

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