"You smell like pee"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! You are the best! I am so glad I have my best friend as my mother to help me through life. I am so grateful for your example and for always teaching us the gospel. I know so much about it because I was raised by such great parents! Thanks for everything!!!

Well.. How is everyone!! This week has been so  great! We are starting to see success in the area!!! I am going to tell you about some of the weekly highlights!!! :) 

Last Monday, we went to Sister Moore's for the night and it was so great! She is such a sweet lady! Remind me to talk more about it on Mother's Day over Skype okay? :) We went over though and we cleaned her house, she had a roommate who left her place super trashed so we helped her with it and we sang Josh Groban's you raise me up all night! BEST PART ABOUT IT... we got to wear JEANS!!!!!!!! I love wearing jeans... other than they were tight......... So let's just say I am starting to work out a little harder ;) haha! no actually they were tight for a good reason! I am gaining so much muscle! (let's hope.. it makes me feel better at least...) Anyway.. I have a great story about that day but it won't make any sense over email.. you gotta see my facial expressions :) haha! 

Such a rule breaker!

Last Tuesday in personal studies, I decided to read my patriarchal blessing. I love reading it as a missionary because it can really strengthen your testimony that you are doing the right thing. However, I also really hate it because I get so confused on what I am supposed to do when I get home and it makes me start thinking about the future. So after I read it that day I was really impressed that I needed to do family history a lot more when I get home. I started getting stressed out because I have NO CLUE where to start. Then we went to Sister Van Horn's and she was telling us all about herself and just started answering all of my prayers!!! It was amazing! She helped me realize that if I just start, I will receive help from those on the other side of the veil. She talked about how she had no clue where to start either but since she started miracle after miracle has happened and she has been able to find so many people who need their work done and she has been able to do the work. It was so great to hear that and to talk with her. She also knew a little bit more about Vriesland and told me about my heritage. It was so cool!! :) I definitely had my prayers answered! It is crazy how often that happens. People really are placed into our lives for a reason.

We had dinner with the Guthrie Family... with all of the Elders. It was called Initiation dinner... we were all on edge not quite sure what to expect. Except for those who had previously been to initiation dinner... So let me paint the picture for you. We walk in and I asked Sister Guthrie if I could help her with anything and she said "NO NO.. hurry get out of the kitchen." So we got out and just sat waiting in the dining room. The Elder's were late... as usual.. and we just waited for dinner. She brought out pulled pork sandwiches and we ate.. all the while half of her family wasn't at dinner. She said "they won't be joining us tonight..." . I was seated right next to the stairs so I kept looking behind me.. scared that someone was going to jump out. I stopped once everyone else seemed to think it was a chill atmosphere. Then I looked over at Elder Neddo and he was watering her plant. hahah! I was thinking to myself.. What the heck are you doing dude? But ya know.. it's Elder Neddo so it's fine but Elder Harmon and Elder Melanson were both telling him to stop watering the plant... It was pretty funny. After we had all eaten, Sister Guthrie reminded Elder Neddo about what he told her. That he would eat anything she gave him. So she put the plant in front of him and said.. "Eat the dirt" ... He asked if it was poisoned.. but then he just ate it anyway. Then he said "well played" The dirt was OREOs this was initiation. hahah! Our dessert was dirt. But the funniest part is our dessert was soggey! BECAUSE ELDER NEDDO DECIDED TO WATER THE PLANT! haha! it was pretty great! :)

 So... the "You smell like pee" story! Well... We were cooking dinner and we got caught doing a few other things and then... we smelt our dinner. Yup, we had just burnt the RICE! haha! I walked into the kitchen with Sister Baxter running outside with a pan of smoke! I could barely even see her through the smoke and then all the sudden there was a loud beeping sound!! Windows were flying open. I was using towels to fan the air from the smoke alarm that was annoying saying "Fire, Fire! There is a Fire!" all while still continuing to beep obnoxiously for the next 10 minutes. We really are great cooks, we just got distracted. But, Don't worry Mom! Won't happen again!! :) Anyway, we had an appointment after that and we ran off to it! Then we went to Hannah's and we told her to smell my scarf. She said.. "Why do you smell like  pee?" hahaha! WE LOVE HANNAH! she is so great! hahah! We honestly REEKED of smoke and it was really the worst smell in the world. This happened on Thursday and our apartment still smells like smoke. So that is great! ;) haha!

The burnt offering.

We had exchanges to Horseheads this week and it was so great! I served with Sister Munoz for the day and we had a great experience teaching Will,a recent convert and then, Sabrina one of their investigators as well as my first. "Yeah come on in.. RESTORATION lessons!" It was so great!! The family was so nice and I really want to serve in Horseheads now so that I can teach them later in the mission! They were so great! I really bonded with the Man of the house. He knew a lot of Mormon's and said that they were the nicest guys he has ever met, but he has ran across a lot of Anti stuff from watching South Park... but he realizes that it probably isn't true. Something really cool he said is that if you say anything that we believe in, if you lay any religion bluntly out onto a table it is going to look ridiculous.. But you know that it isn't because of the feelings that you get when you learn about it. He is SOOO prepared! I am so jealous I can't continue teaching him! But it gave me that extra push I need to really focus on finding people and that there are people who are prepared! 

Like Ben.. the day that George (the teddy bear) stood us up we found Ben... Ben is a Catholic and just recently went through a divorce. The day we knocked on his door he accepted the Restoration pamphlet. We decided to knock again on his door this week and he said he tried to contact us but THE WRONG NUMBER was on the back of the pamphlet. So he called his friend in Kirkwood who is a member and talked to him about it! He told us that for right now he is good with the Catholic church but that if he ever wasn't he knows that he will join the Mormon Church! We are just praying for Ben! He really is so prepared and is another teddy bear type guy! He is amazing!!! We really need to teach him! He will get there one day! I know it! and I know he knows it too!

Then last night we knocked on a few doors and this girl let us in her name is Sonia and she is a student at Binghamton University. She is baptist but listened to our message. She doesn't understand prophets and how there can be another book. But we do have a follow up appointment with her next next week! So hopefully that will go well!

We are starting to see miracles here in vestal town! :) I am sooooo excited about it! Well love you all!!! :) keep doing what you are doing.. unless your doing nothing! then get out and enjoy yourself! Spring is FINALLY here!!! :)

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