So... I am finally dreaming in English....

So... I am finally dreaming in English... no what I mean is I am dreaming about the mission finally. Not just random dreams! I am so proud of my subconscious! This week has been so great! I have had some of the hardest days of my mission, but they have been the most rewarding days as well.

This week we had the Word of Wisdom lesson with Hannah and we talked about quitting smoking and she knew she needed to do it, so we committed her to be done by the 31st on this month. She has already stopped!! She smoked her last cigarette  this week!!! IT IS SO AMAZING! I know that she is going to see so many blessings! We took a new member named Danielle, with us to another lesson with Hannah, where we taught the Law of the Fast and they bonded so well! They were perfect together and Danielle is going to really be a strength for Hannah. I definitely love working with members and going to lessons with them. Danielle and her Fiance were baptized in January and are getting married so soon! They are so great and are such devoted members of this ward! She has really caught the spirit of missionary work! I love it! 

We then had an exchange in Horseheads this week, me and Sister Baxter left last Monday to get there that night and we got to explore a little bit! It was a great p-day we were able to relax and see the beauty of New York and a little of Pennsylvania. I was paired with Sister Easthope for the Exchange and I loved working with her. She is such a dedicated missionary and I really admire her. She had new door approaches and we got to talk to so many more people because of them. We picked up a few potential investigators for her. It really was so great! We also had some helpers in one apartment complex, haha! It was two little boys who told us which doors to knock on and which doors weren't home! It was pretty funny and they were cute! So I gave them our number on the back of a Jesus picture ;) I hope their parents call the Horseheads Sisters. 

We have a new investigator! Her name is Nancy she is from China and has no concept of God or a greater power. The first lesson we just established who God was and told her that she could pray to know if it was true and she prayed at the end of the lesson!!!! The next lesson she told us that she has been praying every day! She has almost completely excepted that there is a God. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she is soaking in everything like a sponge!!! She is so great! She is just a very critical thinker and she asks some really deep doctrinal questions!! It is sooooo great! It keeps us on our toes. She is amazing! We are really seeing miracles with the Chinese students here at BU. To bad the semester is over now... 

I had a really hard day this week where nothing was going right and a lot of people were criticizing us because our numbers weren't the best. I was getting discouraged and just had to remove myself from the situation I went to the bathroom and prayed for probably 10 minutes. I was just pleading with the Father that I would be able to have a good attitude and to do the work that he had prepared for us today! I then looked at my planner and talked to Sister Baxter and she felt like we really needed  to see Casie. We went to Casie's and she had a Puppy there!!! TENDER MERCY #1! It was so great! I got to play with the cutest little golden retriever and we had a great lesson with Casie as well.
 Then we followed our impression to try a potential investigator and drove out to try Ben. We love Ben and really feel like he needs this gospel. He has a really good friend who is Mormon and he asked him about the church and the Restoration pamphlet that he had, had the wrong number on the pamphlet. Then we went back and he said that he had read the pamphlet again. We told him that he has been coming to our minds a lot recently and we gave him the Book of Mormon, he said he would read it!!!!!!!!! I know that he is going to be an investigator soon if he truly reads it with real intent because you cannot deny the power of that book!!!
 Then I felt like we needed to try Judy, so we went to Judy's, she is Catholic and probably won't change but she does know a lot about our religion. As we started to teach her the restoration I felt the spirit so strong as I testified of the Savior. I have not felt the spirit guiding me in what to say that much while I have been on my mission. I know that I was meant to go to Judy's even if she doesn't convert. I know that my testimony was strengthened as I testified of our Savior and all that he did for us. I know that he led me to her so that I could feel of His love and feel like I was accomplishing my purpose as a missionary. I know that the Lord heard my humble plea as I knelt in prayer to him and I know he is proud of the work we are doing here. 

Well.. I love you all!!! Fun thing this week was Elder Harmon let me borrow his ukulele for the week and I got to go to Ithica and it was GORGEOUS!! I hope I get to go back there!!! Have a good week everyone

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