Hey Everyone!! I have been here a whole transfer!! Can anyone believe it? Because, I surely can't! But WE GOT TRANSFERRED.... into a Non-productive area of Vestal to having new investigators!! ;) So yes I am still in Vestal, it just seems like a whole different area because we finally have someone to teach! :) Haha! :) I love the work here though and I am so glad that I am staying with Sister Baxter for another 6 weeks! Y'all ready for a Baptism? Because, We sure are!!! :) 

This week was fantastic! I know you are dying to hear about our new investigator... but.. I'll start from the top of the week! :) so be patient! ... or skip to the end ;) 

So we did end up teaching Sonia, the girl that we found last week and we started to get in a Bible bash, so we just bore our strong witnesses that we know The Book of Mormon is true and she challenged us to read the New Testament, to test if it is "not true". I had the best confirming witness that I know it is true and I will never doubt it. I thought it was interesting she challenged us to  ask if it is "not true" though because that is EXACTLY what Moroni exhorts us to do as well in Chapter 10 verse 4 "I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost." It's all the act of Faith, sometimes I think it's when we address our doubts head on and ask God to  manifest it again by the Power of the Holy Ghost the truth of these things that is when our doubts turn into Faith. I loved teaching Sonia that lesson even though we couldn't pick her up as an investigator, because it was assured to me that "I know it, but do I believe it?" I do believe it! :) 

There was a day this week where all of our plans fell through and we only had tracting back ups for the whole day! So we both really weren't feeling it, but we prayed to know where we needed to tract. We both went and looked at the map separately and prayed over it and then went to the streets we planned to tract.. The last house on this street we were let in! At first she seemed like a Golden Investigator. She was loving the Restoration and really believed some of the similar things we do. Then after the Joseph Smith story she said "Yes I believe it, we can all be a Joseph Smith. You just need to meditate and find that light of God." Then she went off on some tangent about how people see light when they are dead and how she thinks that we can see that light before if we meditate more. So.. we may go over there for some morning yoga.. but otherwise. We told her about the Gospel and she decided she is going to incorporate it into her own. However, we are still fulling our purpose in teaching these people. I have really grasped The Standard of Truth prophecy. The Gospel will  "sound in every ear", not "convert every ear", not every person we teach has to become converted because of what we say. But, if we plant that seed, soon they will desire the water that will make it grow! :)

Intent on hearing the word.
We then went to teach a member family a lesson. We were talking about prayer and what things we could pray for and all the sudden the youngest, she just turned 5, says "Will you please vote for Bernie Sanders, he almost won New York, but lost because of dumb people voting for Donald Trump. So he really needs you to vote for our country." HOLY COW IT'S ELECTION  TIME! :) hahaha! This was just so hilarious! She knew so much and all of the kids chimed in with their two cents. It was so funny!!! I absolutely loved it! I said that I can't vote this year as a missionary.! :) But it was pretty hilarious! I hope y'all are voting for the right people for this country.  New York loves their politics though. We had Trump, Sanders, Clinton, and I think Cruz all come to Binghamton University and we didn't even know. Shows how much missionaries are focusing on the worldly things.

Still winter in Vestal!
Now, You ready.. here is the story you have all been waiting for! We were tracting one night, the apartment complex right next to where we live. We have a system and we happened to be Tracting all the #4 doors in the building this night. So we start tracting and on our 4th door a man answered. I gave him the regular "Hi we are missionaries and we share an important message about Jesus Christ....Does religion play a role in your life?" He was so excited! He starting telling us about how his grandmother in China is Christian and believes in Christ and he wants to believe in Christ too! We asked him if we could come back and share a message with him and he said "Yes! Tomorrow at 4?". He was SO EXCITED! I wasn't quite sure what happened! After he said that he wanted to learn more, Sister Baxter took over because I think I had the deer in the headlights look like "someone wanted to listen to what I had to say?" It was great! So this happened Saturday! So we were scheduled to see Roger (his American name) on Sunday at 4. Sunday was fast sunday so I fasted for someone to be prepared. We prepared the lesson and invited a member so that we could go into his house and teach him. We started out by getting to know him and he told us about why he is in America, that he is from Beijing, China and that he is excited to learn about Jesus Christ. He called his grandma after we left and told her that he was going to learn about Jesus Christ. He honestly is golden. We told him that we wanted to start out by saying a prayer and Bro. McDaniel said the opening prayer, after the prayer was said Roger was just smiling and said "Wow. I feel so good when you are here" HE FELT THE SPIRIT WITHIN THE FIRST 2 MINUTES!!!! :) What the heck! He is so PREPARED! he kept saying that too. "I am prepared" and I was like yes you are Roger. As we taught him about Joseph Smith he felt the power and the spirit it was so thick in that room. I know that he is going to be a golden investigator and that if we are diligent we will find more people to teach. Roger committed to continue learning more and to come to church every week! He even made that commitment for his self. HE IS AMAZING! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers everyone we have definitely felt it! 

Funny stories now! 

So we got a text from the Office Couple Missionaries saying that if you had 2 extra tires in your apartment that you have snow tires and you need to go get them changed. Well we had extra tires so we called Firestone and set up an appointment.  We left and went tracting while we waited and Firestone called us twice...when we got there we didn't even have snow tires on our car.. hahaha!! Those extra tires were because we got a brand spanking new car! So great! So yeah... we felt super dumb..

Next.... Bubbles! I was blowing bubbles and this mom looked over from her mini van and gave us a thumbs up then rolled down her window and we blew bubbles into her car for her kids to pop!! It really was so great! I am loving doing the simple things to brighten peoples day! 

We had a lesson with Hannah this week where her birds were being SUPER loud and distracting everyone. So we tried to get them to be quiet. We were talking about how our bodies are temples and to get the birds to be quiet Sister Baxter got out a temple pass along card and put it in the cage. The birds were quiet for the rest of the lesson! It was so great!!! :) That is the power of the temple everyone! :) 

Well.. Sorry my funny stories are kinda lame this week! but I can't wait to tell ya more over skype! I love you all!! Smile big all  the time, people will wonder what makes you so happy :) 

Love: Sister DeVries


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