Bobby--The Flash Dancer

"I can give you a little sample of my show right here?" "Um.. how about you don't Bobby" Haha!!! Bobby was a little tender mercy of Sister Hayward and I's week! It was great! I'll talk about him a little later but ....


Last acts of service before leaving Vestal!
So leaving Vestal was really hard. I am going to miss those people like crazy and also Sister Baxter. We had some really fun times before I left though and I am super excited to see her when I get back home! When Sister Hayward and I met each other at transfers we just ran up and gave each other the biggest hug! When we finally got to our area we got out of the car a little lost not  knowing where to go.. and Bro. Patrick (Our Landlord/ Branch Mission Leader/ Lives Beneath us) came running out saying "you are the funniest looking Elders I have ever seen and then was so excited he squeezed us into a giant group hug. We were not expecting that ha!ha!
 Then his wife comes out screaming "SISTERS!!!". Apparently, no one in the branch knew that Sister's we coming. They have been praying for Sister's to come for years and just have never got them, they have even asked Pres. Rogers for Sisters and he said they probably would never get them. So they were shocked! We have received the warmest welcome from this Branch! They are so excited that we are here and ready to help out with the missionary work! We love them so much already!!! :)  A few Sundays before we got here I guess a High Council man kinda slipped and said something to the affect that "the missionary work in this area is going to quickly progress." SO WE ARE READY :)

Sister Hayward and I are alive and well. Let me tell ya about Sister Hayward! She is from Provo, she is 19, and she came out a transfer before me. We are getting along great! Sister Hayward is so funny and positive and great at talking with people so we are just living it up here in Greenwich. :) We weren't left with a lot of leads of things to go off and we were left with no investigators, so we are FINDING! We have been trying to get to know all the ward members this week and receive referrals from them. It is working and we are slowing finding people who we could potentially teach. We have had really cool experiences as we have been tracting and OYMing (talking to people on the street "Open Your Mouth".. I know its weird haha..) There are two that I think have been super cool :) One was Deena. Sister Hayward and I were out walking in Cambridge another small town just 10 mi outside of Greenwich, I was headed one direction turned to see where Sister Hayward was and she was half way down the street headed to talk to a lady outside. haha! As I caught up with her we sat and talked with this lady, Deena, at first it was just causal conversation and then she out of no where mentioned that she lost her husband and that it has been super hard on her. I know that her spirit recognized us as servants of the Lord and that it opened up the window for us to testify to her. I felt the strongest prompting to give her the Book of Mormon and tell her to read Alma 40 and I talked to her about how hard it was for me to go through the death of Aaron and how this gospel was what helped our family through it and we know that we are going to be able to be with him again. As we both sat there crying together she said "I know we were meant to run into each other today." I definitely know that too, Sister Hayward and I loved her so much in that little time we had with her I am so glad I have a companion that followed the prompting to walk the opposite way and that Deena's spirit allowed her to recognize us as servants of the Lord so that we could teach and testify of His restored gospel. I know this church is true!! Next is the Bobby story I know you have ALL been waiting for! :) so we were walking down the street and we turned the corner and I saw this man with a "I ❤ MY KIDS" shirt on and I said "Hey how are you?" and with his old man swag he just started up a conversation with us. Bobby was singing up a storm and telling us about his flash dancing business. He was hilarious!!! :) It was so fun to sit and chat with him and we were able to talk about the gospel with him a little bit as well. He has seen the Hill Comorrah Pageant and he knew that we were Mormon's so we were able to sit and chat more about what we believed. Only problem was half way through us talking... Bobby told us he was deaf! He really had no clue what we were saying half of the time. He was just reading our lips!! He was really good at it too! But it was soooo funny!! He just kept singing and dancing and offered to walk us to our car and told us that if he could go back in time he would date both of us! He was just hilarious!!! :)

Everyone is so friendly here and we really are loving the work and this area. We are just going to keep working hard and we know we will have people to teach :)


Bubbles with Sister Baxter

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