Living in the Sticks :)

I LOVE GREENWICH!! So we had a few miracles this week! :)

New companion, Sister Hayward.
First was Doug. :)
We were trying to find some investigators and we decided to try the former investigators and then knock on the neighbors doors as well. So we tried this Former who doesn't still live there and then went to knock on the door of his neighbors and we got to talk to this old man named Doug. He told us that his brother was a Mormon and lived in Salt Lake so he can just talk to his family out there if he wants to know more. We were persistent though and we kept talking for a good 10 minutes on his porch. When we finally got the memo that he was not interested we left and just went about our day. That night we had a few teaching appointments so we were not in Greenwich. Sister Patrick was over at the church though and guess who showed up. DOUG! He came to find us! he said that he had been driving around looking for us all day! He felt like his Brother sent us to him. Miriama got his number and told him that we would contact him asap! It was a MIRACLE! We were so happy!! then when we got to see him again he told us that he really didn't want to learn more but he realized after we left that we came by on his brother's death anniversary date, he felt like that was some kind of a sign. But ... not a sign to join the church? Any way.. we sat and talked and hooked him up with Family History! So he should be calling for an appointment soon! :) So glad that we could gain a friendship though that maybe later other missionaries can teach him! :) or us! I have faith!!! :)
Beautiful Greenwich, New York.

Then Belinda! :)
We met Belinda after a lesson with a Less-Active member (who came to church this Sunday by the way). Belinda lives across from the United Church in Stillwater. She was out on her porch and we got to sit and talk to her about life and about how religion has helped her in her life. As we talked to her she had struggle after struggle that she was going through and we both felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon. She said she would keep it by her while her husband was going through surgery and she held it like it was the most precious thing ever. We had a great conversation with her and I am so glad that we have been able to find so many amazing people here in Greenwich! :) I know that we are just planting seeds everywhere :)

We are loving the area though and are finding amazing people with amazing stories. We have picked up a lot of potential investigators and we are feeling like the work will definitely pick up soon! :) We are teaching some less-active members and some recent converts and we really are planting seeds :) Sister Hayward and I are so excited to see what this area becomes!! LOVE YOU ALL! Keep Smiling :) Have a great week!!

Love: Sister DeVries

Yay!!!  Groceries from home.

Havin' Fun

Yummy! Chocolate milk.

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