It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to go to the Temple this week. The Talley's are the best and they took such great care of us. I really felt like I was going to the temple with family :) I love them so much! I had an amazing experience inside the temple and it really has helped me receive strength to continue to fine people  to teach. This gospel is true and everyone needs to partake of the fruits of it. I can not wait to take a convert to the temple! I AM SO EXCITED TO GO BACK!!! We also got the chance to go to the sacred grove! As I walked into that sacred place I felt the spirit so strongly. Every doubt left my mind. I know that this is true! This gospel is true! Joseph Smith is a true prophet! God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph there. God reveals his plan of happiness through prophets! If you doubt any of this, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, pray to know it's truth! I know that the Book of Mormon is true! It can bring such a spirit into our lives and it is the convincing evidence that all of this is true! Never entertain your doubts, when you have all the evidence of the truth in front of you. We then had the chance to go to the Hill Cummorah. It is so beautiful and it is true! I know that all of this is true! I know that my mission is sacred ground that I am walking where some of the Book of Mormon prophets walked as well as the First prophets and apostles of this dispensation. Everyone promise me that before you entertain any doubt that you will pray and read the Book of Mormon, they have the power to cast out Satan. I love the temple and I know that this gospel is true! I am so grateful I was able to strengthen my testimony this week.

So this has been quite the week. We have had sets of ups and downs, but in the end we are fulfilling our purpose and that is really what matters.  I have felt the truthfulness of the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 1:38 this week. That as the Lord's servants we are speaking by the power of His voice. That the things we promise people will come to pass as long as we are speaking by the power of the spirit. I remember one of our first lessons with Karen, we promised her that "as you live and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will improve your quality of life". We just had faith that it would. Karen has made crazy progress, she is preparing for baptism and she is "improving her quality of life", she has moved into a better living situation and miracle after miracle has happened with her. When we first met her she wouldn't even talk of look in our eyes. Now, we laugh and joke together and smile as we talk about the gospel. This is changing her life, and she is changing mine. I know that I am on a mission for a reason and I know that a Lord has a purpose for each of us in his work! He is placing people in all of our paths and he wants us to help them. Reach out to those who are lost, we are all running the same race. Why not help someone along the way! It makes me super sad when I see people who have become less active because they were never fellow shipped. Don't let that happen! No effort goes unrecognized by the Lord :) Just keep trying! He will lead and guide you in what you need to do! D&C 4:3

Alright!! Now... this week has been a fun one as well.. so I know the best part of the email! :) the funny stories! I hope I can do them all justice!

This week we ate dinner at the Magleby's they are just the cutest family ever and I love being with them! We were playing with Teddy before dinner and we started to read a book of Letters. We got to "T" and he said, T is for Tree, Teddy and Texas. In the cutest little voice ever! Ahh it just melted my heart! Then we were teaching the "tea bag" object lesson to their family. Sister Izatt told Teddy to come listen and he runs and sits on the couch and says "I am ready to wisten to the missionaries." Ah.. Then we started and he said.. "hey where are the noodle lights". In our last lesson we used glow stick and He apparently slept with the glow sticks that night! He is the best! I love him and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to meet this family! They have made a huge impact on my life. I have wrote down so much advice that I have received from them and stuff to remember later in life. I just hope I can have a family like there's one day! :)

When we were driving back from the temple, I got the worst case of hiccups ever! I was hiccuping and laughing and there was not a dry eye in the car. They were so loud too! Sister Baxter now just wants me to always have the hiccups, because they make her laugh! :)

Well, LIFE IS GREAT! MISSIONARY WORK IS GREAT! :) Stay strong everyone! Keep smiling! :) Love you all!!

Sister DeVries

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