Reality check.....

This week was much needed. I had a lot of reality checks this week. I am done being trained in 3 weeks and transfers will be then. I realized... you only have a little time to make a difference in each area that you are assigned so you might as well give it your all and make it the best experience. I am so glad that I realized this early in my mission. After this realization though, I started to wonder if I have given Vestal my all, if I have been a good enough missionary for the Lord. I started to have feelings of inadequacy and discouragement. Then we had a day where our plans fell through and then the back-up plan fell through and nothing was working out. We had a lesson with one of our investigators and realized she hasn't been comprehending a lot of what we have been teaching her and I started to get really discouraged. I thought, I must be doing something wrong. I prayed pretty long and hard that night. I had a thought come to my mind "Bailey, you are doing enough..." It was exactly what I needed to keep pushing through and make the best of this week. I committed from that night forward to give it my all. I wasn't going to serve a mission forever. I was going to have the chance to serve the Lord and the people of New York as a missionary for 18 months. That is it! I just need to make the most of it! Coolest part of this new realization though was as I tried my hardest to make the best of the rest of the week, I was sitting in Sacrament on Sunday and was overwhelmed as I looked around and realized. Not only do I know these people but some of them have come back to church because of our efforts. We are sitting next to a recent covert and a new investigator of ours and on a bench full of people I consider my family now. I love this area and I know that even if we don't always see our success immediately it will come. Don't ever give up serving as hard as you can and leaving it all in the field, one day you will realize you've  done more help then  you ever thought you did. Forget yourself and go to the work. I really needed to learn that this week and I am so grateful that I did!Alright, Now to the business of the week. We have a new investigator. The Endicott Elders helped her with some moving work and she said she would meet with us. She is so sweet and as we taught her the restoration you could see light bulbs going off. Mary has a Catholic background but seemed to soak in and relish in everything we were telling her. We see her this week to see if she read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if the message is true. She really sounds pretty golden! :)
Tender Mercies, a Puppy!!!
Then Karen is progressing so much! :) She came to church on Sunday and opened up. I love teaching her and watching the progress that happens as she accepts that God does love her and that he wants her to return back to live with Him again. AH... I just love this gospel!! :) We also went to teach a less-active member, Sister Button. She wasn't coming to church because her liberal views didn't work with what the church was saying. So she said she didn't want it anymore. Then as we let her talk out her problems and concerns, she resolved it and had an "ahah" moment. She realized none of this matters, It will all be over soon and what really matters in the end. She realized that her heart really needs this gospel and that she knows it is true! It really was such an amazing change, as we retaught her the Restoration it was amazing to see her light up as she realized She KNEW IT!! :) She knows it is true and wants to come back!!! GUYS THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!! NEVER DOUBT IT!!!!!  
Dog gone tired!
Keep the eternal perspective in mind that we all sometimes lack. I love Sister Button's example to me. Just a few funny stories: So every set of missionaries in this ward has a car mascot and the Endicott Elders started off by stealing them. Then we stole them back, then Binghamton stole them... and Now .. The ward is involved. We are creating this big game and it is really hilarious. Haha! :)  We have created alliances and everything! It is pretty great! Moral of the story! No matter what your circumstance or age..don't forget to stop and have some fun! :) 
Hangin' with the Elders.

Well that's it for me! I love you all!! I hope it is a great week for everyone!! :) Sister DeVries 
Gotta love the Sister Missionaries

following the Straight an Narrow!
Intense planning meeting!

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