This was a week of miracles! Lesson to everyone who is setting long term goals! Be careful how you word them. :) .... haha! Heavenly Father has quite a sense of humor! We set goals at the beginning of this transfer that said "by the end of this transfer we will have... 1 baptism.. 2 on date... be teaching 1 family... and have 3 member present lessons a week" Didn't know we were going to find all those people who could be prepared and help us meet those goals at the END :) So grateful I was here to see all the miracles though!!!

So I am getting transferred to Greenwich! It is an Elder's area right now so me and Sister Hayward are being whitewashed in! So President obviously has a lot of faith in my whitewashing abilities. I am so excited though! When I heard the news I just had this feeling that it was exactly where I needed to be! So I am excited!!! Sister Baxter will be staying here and training again so that will be fun! I am definitely going to miss Vestal and the people here but I know that I need to go to Greenwich! And I am soooo pumped to do work!!! switching an Elder's area to a Sisters. I am pumped! I am going to make the area the best its ever been! :)

So this week was amazing!!! :)
Miracle #1:
It first starts with the miracle of Kirkwood! We headed out there to work, it is the farthest out our area goes and is almost 10 miles from our house so we planned a day out there and we went to have lunch at a park and we met Clarence. He has met Elder's before in Greene they helped his buddy build his house and he just lost his wife. We testified to him of Eternal families and he said he eats lunch at the park every day so we could come back and see him! He is amazing!
Miracle #2:
Then we went to tract on apartments and we knocked on this door and a guy named Logan opened it. After we asked him if he was religious or not, he immediately opened up and said "I actually just lost my grandma and I am trying to be more religious because of it. So we set up an appointment to see him next week! Like WHAT? People are prepared here!   But wait.. there is so much more! :)
Miracle #3:
We had to get our car's oil changed and so while they were doing that, we went for a walk on the rail trail to try and find more people to teach. We handed out a few cards about the Hill Cummorah Pageant and then we got to this one guy named Ruddy, we stopped and talked to him for a good 15 minutes! We did a quick restoration and he agreed with all that we were saying! He knew we were Mormon's but he was still willing to listen! He accepted the pamphlet and when we walked away he was reading it! Also, we went to subway to use the Bathroom and I decided I wanted a drink and it was free cookie Friday! Dang.. Subway is the best!!!
Miracle #4:
Then we taught Lentz. He is from Haiti and we tracted into him last week and he told us we could come back! We taught him the restoration and we kept having distractions it wasn't going well at all, and we both really felt like we just needed to get to the Book of Mormon. So we testify of the Book of Mormon and he grabs it and says! "Oh, yes. I Know this!" He then told us that while he was in Haiti he had a friend who was teaching him about the gospel and he was reading this book with him and that he was about to go to church but then he got his papers to come here. LIKE WHAT??? He is so excited to learn more and then to tell his friend in Haiti!! :) We are going to baptize him! :) I know the Lord is aware of his children! He has the 99 but he is still looking for the 1!! AHHHHHH!!! MIRACLES.... but wait there is even more!!!!!!
Miracle #5:
We went tracting again and we ran into a family from India. We testified of how Jesus Christ can help our families be closer to this lady and she let us right in! She told us we could tell her more! We taught her some of the How to Begin Teaching points and invited her to come to church. She said that she has seen a difference in her life and the lives of those she knows who believe in Jesus Christ and said that she would come to church and bring her kids! (unfortunately, they didn't come! but... they are still a golden potential)
Miracle #6: This is just a serious of Miracles because the whole day was amazing!!!
New York's Amazing
This is the most miracle of all miracles. When we started our prime time last night we didn't have any set plans but tracting. We decided to really involve the Lord in our finding efforts and as we got to the place that we had previously decided to go and prayed to know where we needed to go. I had a subtle prompting to just get out of the car and walk around the block. Sister Baxter felt like we needed to go to the Anthos Apartments. So we decided to just follow both. First we walked around the block, we ran into a couple who was out walking. We asked if they had ever talked with missionaries before and they said that they have friend back in Arkansas who are members of the church and the man asked if we were out doing our 2 years of service so we talked to him about missions for a while and then invited them to go to the pageant. I know that the Lord placed us in their path for a reason. Even if we are not supposed to teach them at this time, we really left a good impression of missionaries and what their friends kids are doing. Then we went to Anthos, we knocked on a few doors and then we knocked on this one. It was my turn to do the door approach and I decided to use the Hill Cummorah Pageant invitation, I knocked and a little girl answered she was super scared to see me but I just asked her to go get her mom and her mom come up and I just said "Hey, we are missionaries for our church and we are just out inviting people to see a play about Jesus Christ. I know that when I saw it as an 11 year old girl that it really changed my life and made me into the person that I am today." She then sat and talked to us for a good 10 minutes about how nice it was that we were coming out to invite her and how it gives her hope for the world. She said that if he daughter could grow up to become like us she would be so happy. We then told her that the things that we teach are how we were able to be this happy in life and asked her if we could come share more about it and she said "Of Course, you got a paper and pen and immediately gave us her number! The lord is leading us to people who are so prepared! :)  Then when we were done tracting there we turned to the Lord again to know where we needed to go. It was 8:15 at night, we didn't have a lot of time and I had the thought to go to the trailor park. I was not excited about this thought... I was thinking "Heavenly Father, It is late and creepy there. That is a really unsafe prompting." then I had the thought "You're doing my work. Don't you think I know, I am going to protect you." I told Sister Baxter and we agreed to follow it. When we got there we said another prayer to know which street we needed to go down and I had a prompting of the street and 4 trailers that we needed to knock on. As we knocked on the trailers, no one was answering then our 3rd trailer this lady let us right in. As I walked in I looked at the wall and what did I see... OUR JESUS PICTURE!!!! The LDS Christ picture was up on her wall. LIKE WHAT!!!!!  We told them that we were just out inviting people to come see a play about Jesus Christ and his gospel and a man named Jacob got up and said "Really, Cool where at?" Then we just testified of Jesus Christ and I asked them about the picture, Junie Mae said that someone gave it to her while she was in the hospital. It was amazing!!! They are willing to learn more about the gospel as well! Miracles happen when you work hard people! :)

This area is amazing! I am going to miss it! But, I am so glad I was able to see so many miracles. I know that the Lord listens to our prayers. He is aware of each of us! No matter how hard it gets, there are always miracles awaiting you at the end :) I am so glad I was able to  see that this week! :)

Having a silly moment!

Amazing New York

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