Farewell Greenwich...

So.. yes it is true.. I am leaving Greenwich. I am super sad to leave I have absolutely LOVED this area and all the people in it. I have loved serving with Sister Hayward and I am going to miss her to pieces! This has been the quickest transfer of my life! (out of the 3 I have had) I know that I was placed in this area for MANY reasons though. I not only helped this area but I know that this area helped me. I fell in love with the people here and the Branch especially. It will continue to have a special place in my heart but I know that The Lord knows me and it is time to move on. So... I am headed to SYRACUSE!!! BIG LIGHTS!! BIG CITY!! and LOTS OF ORANGE!! :) I am going to be a Sister Training Leader there! :) It will be really fun to work with the Sister's of the Syracuse Zone. I am going to serve in the same zone as Sister Carruth!! :) That will be a blast!!! :) I will get to go on exchanges with her! I am really excited! It will be a new adventure and it is really helping me realize just how quick this mission is going by! I am already going to my 3rd area by my 4 month mark!! CRAZY!! :) But so fun! I am excited for this new adventure!

Sweet Ride

A girls gotta eat!

This week was amazing!!! :)

It started off with a great exchange with one of the young women in the Branch, Gretchen Blackburn! She is so cute!! She is 16 and she has already graduated High School and is going to USU for this Fall Semester!! She is ADORABLE! :) We worked in Cambridge (my favorite town in this area) We taught a whopping 6 lessons that day!!!! IT WAS SO GREAT!!! :) First was Brian! Brian LOVES History so he  has really started to like learning more about Joseph Smith and about the Restoration! :) He said that it is interesting to learn more and he wants to be apart of a peaceful religion! So hopefully we can help him see that we are that! We also got to see Charlie! Charlie really likes us and wants to go to church! He is such a great man and he really wants to know our message more! He is so cool! Definitely gonna miss him! Then we taught Dale and he said that he would be baptized!!!!!!! So that is amazing!!! Then we went to the Hopkins and taught them how to tie a tie by saying the elements of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (4th article of Faith) It was so fun! and now they know how to tie there ties! :) haha! Then we taught Megan... she loves the message and she has read the Book of Mormon.. she just isn't willing to let this gospel change her life yet. It is super sad. But We will keep trying! Then we taught the Blackburn boys the Tie (Gospel of Jesus Christ) lesson too and they came to church yesterday and told us that they all tied their own ties!! :) I was so proud!!! :)

Then we had miracle after miracle. We were looking for the Emergency Preparedness Manual for this one guy who said he would come to  church if we got him one and we looked everywhere then randomly a member gave us one! Then we were looking for a trailer park and we got lost and decided to knock on a door the guy wasn't interested but he said that there was a trailer park just down the street that might have people who are!! It was super cool!!!!! :)

The best of all though was Doug! Last week Doug challenged Sister Hayward and I too look into our family history so we did! And Guess what I found! I was related to Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool!!! I went and told him some of the stories that I found about our family and he knew them! It was his grandfather or his dad! He was soo excited!!! It was so cute!! and I got his families information so know and I can contact them! It is great!!! I know I was sent here for a reason! The best part was when Doug said... "Well Welcome to the family and wrapped me in a hug!

I know this gospel is true! I know that our Families are preparing people to cross our paths everyday! We all need to just open our mouths and talk with them!!! I definitely am in New York for a reason and I know that there are no coincidence in ANY of our livess! MIRACLES ARE REAL and they are all around us! All we need to do .. is look.

Love you all!!!

Love: Sister DeVries


So pretty!

Jumping for Joy



So.. biggest news of the week Mom! I ATE LASAGNA.. and I didn't die!! :) I know you just so proud! I wouldn't line up to get more. But miracles definitely do happen on a mission!! 

We found service this week!! We are working at the Greenwich Food Pantry! On Tuesdays we weed the garden and then help unload the food into the pantry and then on Wednesday's we help the guests and we restock the food and deliver when they need it. I LOVE IT! We are having so much fun helping out anywhere we can! I really absolutely love doing service! Devin is our supervisor and he is really cool! He puts us in positions where we can meet the most people possible! He is a real pal! Also, we met this guy named Bill Hamilton. He is a former investigator and knows the Elders all really well and he was super impressed at how cool we were. DID YOU HEAR THAT!! WE ARE COOL!!! We aren't awkward yet!! haha! It was a great compliment though! We felt the love! It was really fun to be there helping out the community though and we are meeting some really great people through it! :) 

We went to see Deena again this week and she took us for an upstairs VIP tour! She is the best!! I really love Deena so much!! She knows so much history and we got to learn so much! Did anyone know about hair jewelry? or a coffin nook?? There are some crazy smart things that people did in the 1800's! Those people new how to live!! (Unlike, those crazy people who are walking around with their face to their phones.. playing Pokemon Go... I think that's what it is called! Holy cow!! that is another story!!!!!) But we got to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and she said that she wants to start reading more of it so we gave her another chapter to read and told her we would come back again and she gave us huge hugs and sent us on our way! She is the best :) I really love her so much!! :) 

Then we got to see Charlie!! He is the coolest guy I know!! We were talking with him on his porch and he said "So girls what do you got going on for the rest of your day?" so we asked him what he thought we did and HE KNEW!! I am so proud of Charlie. So we asked if we could share a little bit of the message with  him and he said "Yeah.." So we taught him about prayer and how you can get answers to your questions by praying! and you can feel God's Love. We left him with the pamphlet and told him that it talked about prayer on the last page. We left and then we got a text that said "Sisters?? Thank you for the message. Reading, and enjoyed the company. -Charlie" WHAT!!!! I WAS FREAKING OUT!!! HE LIKES US!! HE IS READING!! HE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!! haha... Well once we teach him the lessons and he agrees that is! But he is soo cool! I really like Charlie! he has been through a lot but he is a super sweet man! :) 

K.. Then sorry this is getting long so super quick! 
We had dinner with the Dunkles and that river picture is there backyard! It is so beautiful up here! It was a really pretty week so your welcome! you have a million pictures! :) 
We saw Belinda! She is reading the Book of Mormon!! I wrote you a letter about it mom! so you can include that in the Blog! :) 
Larime dropped us.. so sad.. but she is going to be prepared for missionaries soon!!
Isabella (Don's daughter) is on date to be baptized!!!!!! :) On September 10th! So exciting!!! 
Christy! She is a lady who owns a shop in Schulyerville and she is  trying to find the right religion for her. She is currently Buddist and has a lot of questions but really likes learning about our religion! :) so that is cool!! :) 
WE ARE SEEING MIRACLES HERE PEOPLE!! :) I love it!! I am so glad that we are having people to teach!! :) Thanks for all the support!! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!


Sunday will come..

We had a pretty great week! :) Whitewashing an area is just an experience that you have to have yourself to fully understand how amazing and hard it is! haha! We do see miracles daily though and I would have it no other way!

This week we made friends with old drunk men who wave and honk at us every time they drive by! :) So that is great! haha! And we have been honked at more this week than EVER before in my life! Sister Hayward is causing all of this! I think that it is hilarious though! Heavenly Father has a sense of humor because they always happen at the right time. We are making so many friends here! :) haha! 

We are teaching Scott. He is a Less-Active Member and he has had his fair share of trails. I love Scott so much. I know that Sister Hayward and I were sent at this time for a reason. I know that I have gone through some hard experiences in my life to know how to help Scott. It is cool how 
people are prepared for us and we are prepared for people. Scott is starting to pray again and is taking the necessary steps for repentance. WE LOVE HIM! He is so amazing! I can't even describe his lessons because the spirit is always so strong! But I just wanted you all to know about him! :) 
DEENA!! I love Deena! She was the one that I felt really impressed to give her a Book of Mormon and tell her to read Alma 40. We went back to the Museum where she works and they were having a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Meeting and Sister Hayward and I got placed right in the middle of it! helping them make Flowers for there War Winning Day Float. It was so fun! We got to chat with these ladies about the gospel a little bit and then also just got to serve them. Deena then took us on a tour our the Museum. We ran out of time so we didn't get to finish the tour, but she loves us and at the end of the tour she said "Well Girls, I did read that book you gave me." and I was like "YOU DID?" and she said "Yeah and I liked it! But I got to go, So come back for the rest of the tour." SHE READ IT!! ! SHE READ IT!! SHE READ IT!! AND SHE LIKED IT!!! This gospel is SO REAL! I love little miracles :) We are going back for the rest of our tour tomorrow! :) 

We also tracted into a guy named Brian! He knew a lot about Joseph Smith and he said that he wants to know more about him! He is interested in the history of the church specifically the New York history.. Well lucky for Brian that involved the First Vision and the RESTORATION! :) we are teaching him soon!!! :) 

We then found a new investigator! Kate, she is super cool. She was a referral from a member who had sent missionaries over twice and they never wanted anything to do with it. Then Sisters.. and yes! We are so excited! I love the Elders who have prepared this area for us! :) We are also teaching Mac.. She was a former investigator in another area! We hope that she progresses here! and also Cody.. he is a straight hippie and agrees with everything we say! haha.. I hope he understands it though..  So we will see!:)

SUNDAY!! I love Sundays!! I got to speak this Sunday and it was great! I will try to share a little of what I talked about in a second. We also got to sub in Primary! It was so fun!! I love those kids so much! I sat next to the cutest little girl who looked just like Shelby. She is not a member and is just coming to church with her friend. She said that she doesn't usually like people but really likes me! We became best friends. She hugged me at the end of the day and I love her so much already! She wants me to come to primary every week with her! :) She is adorable! She is prepared for the gospel too! We talked about temples and she loved it! She really wants this gospel! :) I really want her to have it too!! I felt so much love for her! I just know that we were best friends before, because we clicked immediately! :) 

My talk! I talked about my hike up Ben Lomond and related it to the Plan of Salvation. I don't have time to write it all out but one thing that really stuck out to me as I was studying was the 3 main look outs of the hike. When we hiked Ben Lomond at Midnight there were 3 main gorgeous look outs. First was the view of The Valley on the back side of the mountain, second was the view of the Ogden Valley and third was the view at the top. I remember loving the second view. I Thought that it was so beautiful and I was content with ending the hike there and only seeing that view. However, Zach knowing the beauty that was at the top because he had experienced it urged me to continue. As I got to the top it was more beautiful that I could have ever imagined. It was not easy to get there but it was so much better than that second view. I know that this is what the Gospels message to each of us is. Don't settle for the 2nd view, for a convenient or less than celestial life. The Peak is going to be hard to get to but it will be more beautiful that you could have ever imagined. MAKE IT TO THE PEAK! The Savior knows the beauty that lies at the top and wants to help you get there! This gospel will guide you as you make covenants and ordinances necessary and live the gospel! :) I know we can all live peak lives!! :) 

Sister DeVries


I LOVE GREENWICH!! So we had a few miracles this week! :) First was Doug. :) We were trying some former investigators and we decided to try the former and then knock on the neighbors doors as well. So we tried this Former who doesn't still live there and then went to knock on the door of his neighbors and we got to talk to this old man named Doug. He told us that his brother was a Mormon and lived in Salt Lake so he can just talk to his family out there if he wants to know more. We were persistent though and we kept talking for a good 10 minutes on his porch. When we finally got the memo that he was not interested we left and just went about our day. That night we had a few teaching appointments so we were not in Greenwich. Sister Patrick was over at the church though and guess who showed up. DOUG! He came to find us! he said that he had been driving around looking for us all day! he felt like his Brother sent us to him. Miriama got his number and told him that we would contact him asap! It was a MIRACLE! We were so happy!! then when we got to see him again he told us that he really didn't want to learn more but he realized after we left that we came by on his brother's death anniversary date, he felt like that was some kind of a sign. But ... not a sign to join the church? Any way.. we sat and talked and hooked him with Family History! so he should be calling for an appointment soon! :) So glad that we could gain a friendship though that maybe later other missionaries can teach him! :) or us! I have faith!!! :)

 Then Belinda! :) We met Belinda after a lesson with a Less-Active member (who came to church this sunday btw). Belinda lives across from the United Church in Stillwater. She was out on her porch and we got to sit and talk to her about life and about how religion has helped her in her life. As we talked to her she had struggle after struggle that she was going through and we both felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon. She said she would keep it by her while her husband was going through surgery and she held it like it was the most precious thing ever. We had a great conversation with her and I am so glad that we have been able to find so many amazing people here in Greenwich! :) I know that we are just planting seeds everywhere :) We are loving the area though and are finding amazing people with amazing stories. We have picked up a lot of Potential Investigators and we are feeling like the work will definitely pick up soon! :) We are teaching some Less-Active Members and some Recent Converts and we really are planting seeds :) Sister Hayward and I are so excited to see what this area becomes!! LOVE YOU ALL! Keep Smiling :) Have a great week!! Love: Sister DeVries

Fourth of July Fireworks!!
Hanging out on the roof.

Oreos and peanut butter.