Farewell Greenwich...

So.. yes it is true.. I am leaving Greenwich. I am super sad to leave I have absolutely LOVED this area and all the people in it. I have loved serving with Sister Hayward and I am going to miss her to pieces! This has been the quickest transfer of my life! (out of the 3 I have had) I know that I was placed in this area for MANY reasons though. I not only helped this area but I know that this area helped me. I fell in love with the people here and the Branch especially. It will continue to have a special place in my heart but I know that The Lord knows me and it is time to move on. So... I am headed to SYRACUSE!!! BIG LIGHTS!! BIG CITY!! and LOTS OF ORANGE!! :) I am going to be a Sister Training Leader there! :) It will be really fun to work with the Sister's of the Syracuse Zone. I am going to serve in the same zone as Sister Carruth!! :) That will be a blast!!! :) I will get to go on exchanges with her! I am really excited! It will be a new adventure and it is really helping me realize just how quick this mission is going by! I am already going to my 3rd area by my 4 month mark!! CRAZY!! :) But so fun! I am excited for this new adventure!

Sweet Ride

A girls gotta eat!

This week was amazing!!! :)

It started off with a great exchange with one of the young women in the Branch, Gretchen Blackburn! She is so cute!! She is 16 and she has already graduated High School and is going to USU for this Fall Semester!! She is ADORABLE! :) We worked in Cambridge (my favorite town in this area) We taught a whopping 6 lessons that day!!!! IT WAS SO GREAT!!! :) First was Brian! Brian LOVES History so he  has really started to like learning more about Joseph Smith and about the Restoration! :) He said that it is interesting to learn more and he wants to be apart of a peaceful religion! So hopefully we can help him see that we are that! We also got to see Charlie! Charlie really likes us and wants to go to church! He is such a great man and he really wants to know our message more! He is so cool! Definitely gonna miss him! Then we taught Dale and he said that he would be baptized!!!!!!! So that is amazing!!! Then we went to the Hopkins and taught them how to tie a tie by saying the elements of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (4th article of Faith) It was so fun! and now they know how to tie there ties! :) haha! Then we taught Megan... she loves the message and she has read the Book of Mormon.. she just isn't willing to let this gospel change her life yet. It is super sad. But We will keep trying! Then we taught the Blackburn boys the Tie (Gospel of Jesus Christ) lesson too and they came to church yesterday and told us that they all tied their own ties!! :) I was so proud!!! :)

Then we had miracle after miracle. We were looking for the Emergency Preparedness Manual for this one guy who said he would come to  church if we got him one and we looked everywhere then randomly a member gave us one! Then we were looking for a trailer park and we got lost and decided to knock on a door the guy wasn't interested but he said that there was a trailer park just down the street that might have people who are!! It was super cool!!!!! :)

The best of all though was Doug! Last week Doug challenged Sister Hayward and I too look into our family history so we did! And Guess what I found! I was related to Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool!!! I went and told him some of the stories that I found about our family and he knew them! It was his grandfather or his dad! He was soo excited!!! It was so cute!! and I got his families information so know and I can contact them! It is great!!! I know I was sent here for a reason! The best part was when Doug said... "Well Welcome to the family and wrapped me in a hug!

I know this gospel is true! I know that our Families are preparing people to cross our paths everyday! We all need to just open our mouths and talk with them!!! I definitely am in New York for a reason and I know that there are no coincidence in ANY of our livess! MIRACLES ARE REAL and they are all around us! All we need to do .. is look.

Love you all!!!

Love: Sister DeVries


So pretty!

Jumping for Joy

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