So.. biggest news of the week Mom! I ATE LASAGNA.. and I didn't die!! :) I know you just so proud! I wouldn't line up to get more. But miracles definitely do happen on a mission!! 

We found service this week!! We are working at the Greenwich Food Pantry! On Tuesdays we weed the garden and then help unload the food into the pantry and then on Wednesday's we help the guests and we restock the food and deliver when they need it. I LOVE IT! We are having so much fun helping out anywhere we can! I really absolutely love doing service! Devin is our supervisor and he is really cool! He puts us in positions where we can meet the most people possible! He is a real pal! Also, we met this guy named Bill Hamilton. He is a former investigator and knows the Elders all really well and he was super impressed at how cool we were. DID YOU HEAR THAT!! WE ARE COOL!!! We aren't awkward yet!! haha! It was a great compliment though! We felt the love! It was really fun to be there helping out the community though and we are meeting some really great people through it! :) 

We went to see Deena again this week and she took us for an upstairs VIP tour! She is the best!! I really love Deena so much!! She knows so much history and we got to learn so much! Did anyone know about hair jewelry? or a coffin nook?? There are some crazy smart things that people did in the 1800's! Those people new how to live!! (Unlike, those crazy people who are walking around with their face to their phones.. playing Pokemon Go... I think that's what it is called! Holy cow!! that is another story!!!!!) But we got to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and she said that she wants to start reading more of it so we gave her another chapter to read and told her we would come back again and she gave us huge hugs and sent us on our way! She is the best :) I really love her so much!! :) 

Then we got to see Charlie!! He is the coolest guy I know!! We were talking with him on his porch and he said "So girls what do you got going on for the rest of your day?" so we asked him what he thought we did and HE KNEW!! I am so proud of Charlie. So we asked if we could share a little bit of the message with  him and he said "Yeah.." So we taught him about prayer and how you can get answers to your questions by praying! and you can feel God's Love. We left him with the pamphlet and told him that it talked about prayer on the last page. We left and then we got a text that said "Sisters?? Thank you for the message. Reading, and enjoyed the company. -Charlie" WHAT!!!! I WAS FREAKING OUT!!! HE LIKES US!! HE IS READING!! HE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!! haha... Well once we teach him the lessons and he agrees that is! But he is soo cool! I really like Charlie! he has been through a lot but he is a super sweet man! :) 

K.. Then sorry this is getting long so super quick! 
We had dinner with the Dunkles and that river picture is there backyard! It is so beautiful up here! It was a really pretty week so your welcome! you have a million pictures! :) 
We saw Belinda! She is reading the Book of Mormon!! I wrote you a letter about it mom! so you can include that in the Blog! :) 
Larime dropped us.. so sad.. but she is going to be prepared for missionaries soon!!
Isabella (Don's daughter) is on date to be baptized!!!!!! :) On September 10th! So exciting!!! 
Christy! She is a lady who owns a shop in Schulyerville and she is  trying to find the right religion for her. She is currently Buddist and has a lot of questions but really likes learning about our religion! :) so that is cool!! :) 
WE ARE SEEING MIRACLES HERE PEOPLE!! :) I love it!! I am so glad that we are having people to teach!! :) Thanks for all the support!! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

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