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We had a pretty great week! :) Whitewashing an area is just an experience that you have to have yourself to fully understand how amazing and hard it is! haha! We do see miracles daily though and I would have it no other way!

This week we made friends with old drunk men who wave and honk at us every time they drive by! :) So that is great! haha! And we have been honked at more this week than EVER before in my life! Sister Hayward is causing all of this! I think that it is hilarious though! Heavenly Father has a sense of humor because they always happen at the right time. We are making so many friends here! :) haha! 

We are teaching Scott. He is a Less-Active Member and he has had his fair share of trails. I love Scott so much. I know that Sister Hayward and I were sent at this time for a reason. I know that I have gone through some hard experiences in my life to know how to help Scott. It is cool how 
people are prepared for us and we are prepared for people. Scott is starting to pray again and is taking the necessary steps for repentance. WE LOVE HIM! He is so amazing! I can't even describe his lessons because the spirit is always so strong! But I just wanted you all to know about him! :) 
DEENA!! I love Deena! She was the one that I felt really impressed to give her a Book of Mormon and tell her to read Alma 40. We went back to the Museum where she works and they were having a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Meeting and Sister Hayward and I got placed right in the middle of it! helping them make Flowers for there War Winning Day Float. It was so fun! We got to chat with these ladies about the gospel a little bit and then also just got to serve them. Deena then took us on a tour our the Museum. We ran out of time so we didn't get to finish the tour, but she loves us and at the end of the tour she said "Well Girls, I did read that book you gave me." and I was like "YOU DID?" and she said "Yeah and I liked it! But I got to go, So come back for the rest of the tour." SHE READ IT!! ! SHE READ IT!! SHE READ IT!! AND SHE LIKED IT!!! This gospel is SO REAL! I love little miracles :) We are going back for the rest of our tour tomorrow! :) 

We also tracted into a guy named Brian! He knew a lot about Joseph Smith and he said that he wants to know more about him! He is interested in the history of the church specifically the New York history.. Well lucky for Brian that involved the First Vision and the RESTORATION! :) we are teaching him soon!!! :) 

We then found a new investigator! Kate, she is super cool. She was a referral from a member who had sent missionaries over twice and they never wanted anything to do with it. Then Sisters.. and yes! We are so excited! I love the Elders who have prepared this area for us! :) We are also teaching Mac.. She was a former investigator in another area! We hope that she progresses here! and also Cody.. he is a straight hippie and agrees with everything we say! haha.. I hope he understands it though..  So we will see!:)

SUNDAY!! I love Sundays!! I got to speak this Sunday and it was great! I will try to share a little of what I talked about in a second. We also got to sub in Primary! It was so fun!! I love those kids so much! I sat next to the cutest little girl who looked just like Shelby. She is not a member and is just coming to church with her friend. She said that she doesn't usually like people but really likes me! We became best friends. She hugged me at the end of the day and I love her so much already! She wants me to come to primary every week with her! :) She is adorable! She is prepared for the gospel too! We talked about temples and she loved it! She really wants this gospel! :) I really want her to have it too!! I felt so much love for her! I just know that we were best friends before, because we clicked immediately! :) 

My talk! I talked about my hike up Ben Lomond and related it to the Plan of Salvation. I don't have time to write it all out but one thing that really stuck out to me as I was studying was the 3 main look outs of the hike. When we hiked Ben Lomond at Midnight there were 3 main gorgeous look outs. First was the view of The Valley on the back side of the mountain, second was the view of the Ogden Valley and third was the view at the top. I remember loving the second view. I Thought that it was so beautiful and I was content with ending the hike there and only seeing that view. However, Zach knowing the beauty that was at the top because he had experienced it urged me to continue. As I got to the top it was more beautiful that I could have ever imagined. It was not easy to get there but it was so much better than that second view. I know that this is what the Gospels message to each of us is. Don't settle for the 2nd view, for a convenient or less than celestial life. The Peak is going to be hard to get to but it will be more beautiful that you could have ever imagined. MAKE IT TO THE PEAK! The Savior knows the beauty that lies at the top and wants to help you get there! This gospel will guide you as you make covenants and ordinances necessary and live the gospel! :) I know we can all live peak lives!! :) 

Sister DeVries

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