 He Hears Me (2)

The District

First I will do a little follow up on the progress of everyone! :) 

Carveion: is on date for baptism on Sept 24. :) He is such a sincere guy! He really wants to learn and he is starting to really read the Book of Mormon know and is finding peace and comfort in reading it! It is sooo amazing! He is is pretty cool! 
Stephanie: left... she is no where to be found.. so its just all up to the Lord. I love her so much and I know that it was best that she left the situation she was in but it is hard to let her go and have no way of contacting her. She will definitely find the missionaries again though! She loves the Book of Mormon and church too much not to!!

The man in his 60's... we might have to drop him.. he isn't reading and he doesn't want to live the Word of Wisdom. He might need a break for a while...

Greg: had lots of chemo this week so we didn't get to see him as much but we taught him the Plan of Salvation and HE LOVED IT! He has started reading the Book of Mormon and was likening it to himself and the situation he is in, it was so cool! Then we were teaching the Plan of Salvation and it pretty much was just a group discussion. We started to talk about why we need the atonement and he said "Cause everyone has a Personal Apostasy" ... like "Are you sure you weren't already baptized?" Greg is amazing! he loves the idea of the 3 kingdoms. He knows that it is true! He is amazing! I really love teaching him!! He makes my day! 


Ariel: Ariel has been investigating the church for a while, she had to take the lessons for a year before her parents would let her get baptized and guess where we are at.. THE YEAR MARK!!! So the weekend after conference :) It is amazing! She is such an amazing girl! She is 20 and EVERYONE in the ward thinks that she is a member! It is so funny! she has even given a talk and she takes Less-Active members to church! She is a better member then anyone else I know! We had a really amazing lesson with her where we just bore each of our testimonies about the Restoration. She knows it is true! I love her to pieces. I am convinced we are going to be best friends :) 

These are the top progressing investigators for you! But we are finding new people constantly! This area is really booming!! We have had a really busy week but also a lot of cleaning of the slate! It is amazing though! The Lord is just preparing us for miracles.

I had a really cool experience this week. I was struggling. Yes I know Mom. Don't get worried. Missionaries struggle.. And I knew that I needed some extra help. I prayed so hard and I made a promise with the Lord that if I did all I could to work as hard as I could that day that he would help me with the areas that I was struggling in. It was the best day of our week! We were DRENCHED! We worked in 3 different heavy rainstorms, but it was worth it! I was truly happy! I know that the promise in Preach My Gospel is real that "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experiences as you labor among His children." I know that the Lord truly blesses us as we strive to be obedient to him. (D&C 130:21) He knows what we are going through and he knows that we need help. I have loved strengthening my relationship with the Lord I know that as I am willingly to submit to His will and make promises with him, he will always bless me. I know that this is true for all of us, sometimes sacrifice brings the best blessings.

Love you all!! Have a great week! :) 

One of Bailey's best friends is getting married.

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