JSH 1: 15-20

This week has been an amazing week where my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith has once again been strengthened. I have always loved applying the Joseph Smith Story to my own life. When I was a young women and watched the Mormon message ORIGIN (https://www.mormonchannel.org/watch/series/mormon-messages-for-youth/origin-1) I have always tried to liken the stories I read to myself. Well this week I came to understand this part of Joseph Smith History much clearer.
JSH 1: 20

"It seems as though the adversary was aware... that I was destined to prove a disturber and an annoyer of his kingdom; else why should the powers of darkness combine against me? Why the opposition and persecution that arose against me..?"

The adversary is aware of us as his missionaries. We are also endowed with great power that helps us withstand that temptation but this week I got a little taste of all the tactics he has.

My testimony has been strengthened of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon this week as Sister Dillard and I have been studying for our Specialized Zone Training. We have read numberless talks and watched the Restoration: Through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Something that stood out to me in all that we did is the opposition that Joseph faced as he tried to restore the church and within the early years of the church. I made a commitment to myself that no matter what opposition I faced I would continue to defend Joseph Smith and the gospel principles I knew to be true. As I made this commitment many things happened. My testimony increased, my desire to share the gospel increased, my conviction in my door approaches and talking with people increased. It was all looking up. :) And it still is. However, this week I received anti materials in the mail (yes.. I am the lucky one), I got sick, our plans fell through all week, Greg was sick all week. It was just one thing after another. But as the tactics became stronger so did we. We truly are the Lord's missionaries and this is truly His work. He is aware of us and all that we are doing here and I am so grateful that I got to go through such a real experience and to have been prepared by the Holy Ghost to help me fight this very real battle we all are fighting. He is real but we are stronger :)

This week was great though! We saw so many miracles. We gained the trust of a former investigator's wife. He was perfect and so prepared but his wife was a little jealous so we started to work with her first and it seems to be working! They are from Kenya :) So that was a miracle!

We also had Zone Specialized Training. We had to do an hour of teaching and workshops as the Sister Training Leaders and it was so fun! We bore such great testimonies of the Book of Mormon it was so fun! I absolutely loved it! It is weird how new I am though! I feel like I am still a super young missionary but technically I'm moving into the older missionary group!! WEIRD!! It was so fun to see all of our Sisters though :)

We didn't get a chance to see Greg this week but he got permission to leave for 4 hours on Sundays! SO CHURCH NEXT WEEK!! I am sooo excited!!!

Ariel's set on date for October 8th!! We are so excited for her and she is super excited! she is practically planning her whole baptism herself :) It is awesome!! She is so amazing!!

Well.. we are doing great here in Syracuse!! I love it here!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Sister DeVries

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