"Sunflower Seeds"

Hey Everyone!  It has been an amazing week here in Syracuse!! and it has FLOWN by.. Sister Dillard and I were talking about it last night. We have been soo busy this week and really focused on all the work going on here! It is amazing!!

Sporting their  Syracuse gear
This week we had a really cool opportunity to go  clean a home in preparation for a refugee family from Kenya to move in the next day. WE LOVED IT! It is so fun helping out the community here! People really need it in this area. So many people are struggling and a lot of refugee's come here from other country's I am so glad that we get to help out in any way that we can. I doubt there are a lot of refugee families coming into Utah but if there are... it is amazing supporting them. They come often with so little and are so grateful for all that we have given them. Most of them are also just seeking friends. They have no friends in this country and that is all they want. The Brethren were truly inspired when they encouraged us in General Conference to help out in this great need. It is truly amazing work happening here! :) Also.. all the little refugee kids love us.. and want to give us hugs every time. It melts my heart.

So off to the 'Gators ;)

Greg is AMAZING!! We brought Bro. Bond out to the lesson with us this week and Bro. Bond was so impressed with Greg. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we were talking about the principle of Enduring to the End and all the sudden Greg chimes in and says "yeah.. it's a lot like Nephi." Then he proceeds to give a parallel of how Nephi constantly has to keep overcoming new obstacles or responsibilities that the Lord gives him. Doesn't mean he doesn't question (like Nephi and building the boat) But he always does it. He keeps moving forward because he has faith that he will see blessings! LIKE WHAT!? Who gave you the Book of Mormon! :) Greg is AMAZING!! He just gets it! He is understanding the scriptures better than anyone I know! He just eats it up! We have only known Greg for 2 1/2 weeks now and he has already got to 2 Nephi and is progressing so quickly! He really is amazing!!! I want to grow up to be just like Greg. :) Near the end of the lesson Greg says "But I have developed a new serious addiction while I have been in the hospital." Sister Dillard, Brother Bond and I were just waiting to here something serious.. then Greg with the most serious face and tone of voice he can muster says "Sunflower seeds". We all just laugh and I say "Well.. I guess we will just have to talk about that one next time." haha!! Greg is the best! We taught him the Word of Wisdom the next lesson and he completely agreed. He said yup.. I have done them all and I know that it distanced myself from  God and I am done with that life. I need this. He then committed to live the Word of Wisdom. Greg is progressing so quickly! He is so prepared. I just get teared up in all of the lessons I have with him and he bares testimony of how this gospel is changing him and how grateful he is for it. I know that I was meant to meet Greg. He has came into my mission at a time where I truly needed it! He has made a bigger impact on my life in the last 2 weeks then anyone else. I am so privileged to be one of the first missionaries to teach him.

Ariel she is ALSO amazing!! Ariel is ON DATE!! finally! her mom said it is okay if she is baptized! She did it! She waited the year! I am so excited for Ariel! She is already such an amazing member! She is going to be even better!! She is so great! LOVE HER!!! :)

Everyone else is doing about the same. We did find a new investigator named Justin! He seems to be pretty prepared and sweet! What is the best part is he contacted us! So he really does have a desire to learn more! :) He is awesome! :)

Sister DeVries and Sister Carruth
We had exchanges this week with Oswego!!! Which means I was with SISTER CARRUTH!!! IT was soooooooo much fun!!! We worked so hard and saw so many miracles! We went tracting together and we found 6 people in an hour. Only 3 of them spoke English! But we have a lot of Spanish and Arabic materials now that we need to get! :)  She is such an amazing missionary and I am so glad that I am able to have so many best friends in the mission!  This mission is full of amazing missionaries!! Which.. btw!! I found Elder Nipko! His area kiddie corners ours.. so he is in our zone and at our building playing basket-ball with the Elders all the time!! :) So we finally got a picture today for all of you!! :)
Sister DeVries (Fremont Silverwolf)  Elder Nipko (Weber Warrior)

Well I hope you all have a great week!! :) LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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