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BREAKING NEWS:::: Sisters DeVries and Virgin have just broke the record for lessons per week for the area of SYRACUSE *sound of air horns,cheering and sirens*

Yup, you heard it right folks! Well at least in the time that I have been in Syracuse, we have broken the record. We taught a little short of 40 official lessons this week!! With many short 5 minute lessons on doorsteps and on the side of the street. We worked so hard this week, our hardest obstacle was time. We were running constantly and never had enough time in the day! It was amazing!! I truly love this work so much and this area. I think I taught more lessons this week then in my first 6 weeks of my mission. It was so amazing and such a huge blessing. I am so grateful for all that God is blessing us within this area. :) 

We found 5 new investigators this week! So I will go through the main events of the week and then give you an update on the investigators but first main events and miracles :)

So we met with a less-active lady who has hamsters, she is also blind. The first time we went to see her, I asked her to tell us what he house looked like and she said "I don't know I'm blind..." I was like.."oh.. don't worry we will find it!" Then during the next lesson with her, I went with Sister Lee on an exchange and she asked Sister Lee to hold her hamster. Well, we kept taking turns holding this hamster and I held it but then I dropped the hamster and I was scurrying around the room while we were teaching the Restoration to this lady, trying to grab her hamster. Right when I finally picked it back up and handed it off to Sister Lee she says "Now how is my hamster?" hahaha!!! I am so grateful that she is blind :) haha! She is the sweetest lady though and wants to get back to church so we will help her get there. Exchanges are the BEST! :) haha! Me and Sister Lee had a blast!! :) 


Then Greg came to church! :) It was so cool, he looked so happy to finally make it out, however he got really sick and had to go back to the hospital. It's so scary.. He is so ready to be baptized he just needs church!! And now he is wanting to move to Utah to be with his family so you guys might get to baptized the most solid man I have ever met! I love Greg so much!! :) He is amazing and he has really become one of my best friends. He always is looking out for us and worrying about our safety! He is like my dad out here :) I love it! 

Ariel had her interview!! She is going to be baptized on Oct 8!! :) AHHHHHHHH... This will be my first baptism!!! :) I am soooo excited!! Ariel is so amazing! we are becoming such great friends with her and she is becoming one of my favorite people! :) She is so ready to be baptized :) 

Then we received a lot of referrals this week and are teaching a lot of the people! WE are just killing it out here! it is so much fun working with Sister Virgin so much!!! She is amazing!!! :) 

Sorry I don't have a lot of time but I love it here!! :) and i'm going to the ZOO! so I gotta go!! :) Love you all!!

Sister DeVries

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