This week was AMAZING!!

Lovin' Syracuse!

This week was AMAZING!! It could have easily been one of the best weeks of my mission. It was sad to say goodbye to Sister Dillard, she really loved this area and I learned a lot from being her companion. She really helped me become a more bold and patient missionary. I loved being with her. She is loving Vestal as well and I am so glad that she gets to be there!!


My new companion is Sister Virgin. She is from West Jordan, Utah. And we are best friends already! :) I love her so much!! She reminds me a lot of Rachel :) So that is fun! It's like college dorm room all over again!! :) We have had the funnest first few days together though! I am so grateful for her!! :) 

So now, I bet you are wondering what made this week so amazing. Well let me tell you what it was. 

Tired feet, soaking wet clothes and bags, round 2 of the soaking wet clothes and bags, annoying new york traffic, 5 minute lunches and dinnners, a phone that never stops ringing, wrong turns and late curfews, and most of all the Syracuse Members. I LOVE IT HERE! 

We have been runnning around like crazy and each of these things as annoying as they may sound have been the best blessing this week. We have been able to see so many miracles. Sister Virgin and I have barely even had time to think and it has been amazing. I have never been so happy in my life because I truly forgot about myself and have just got lost in the work. :) 


We got to meet with CESAIRE this week and he is doing so well. We actually saw him this morning because he had some free time and it is his birthday! He is amazing! He LOVES the Book of Mormon and Church. he said that he should be able to make it this Sunday. His little son always says "Daddy, when can we go to our new church?" He is sooo sweet and his family truly loves it! He is ready to be taught too! He is amazing! 

ARIEL had a little bit of a rough week. Which we told her is to be expected, Satan is going to try all he can to make sure that she is not baptized. But, Ariel is withstanding his blows. She is SO amazing! Everyone in the ward already thinks that she is a member and a lot of them are begging to let us take them to her appointments. I love this ward they are just begging us to let them do missionary work! :) 

Wait till Shaggy and the gang get a hold of the Book of Mormon.

Sister Virgin got to meet Greg this week. She was quickly amazed by the quality of investigators we have here in Syracuse. First Ariel was perfect. Now Greg is perfect! It is amazing!! We are constantly teaching and finding new people here. I definitely love it :) So the Greg update... Greg didn't get to come to church this week because he had chemo. But he is going to come next week. Greg learned some news that is going to change the timing of our events. It's very personal to him so I won't share very much. But he texted us unexpectedly yesterday and asked for prayers. We told him that we could get someone to come and give him a blessing and he said that would be great. We brought Brother Bond (his favorite member) who brought Brother Gage (a member of the bishopbric). When we arrived at the hospital Greg was very depressed. As he let out all that was going on we were able to comfort him and Brother Gage testified of the power of the Priesthood the spirit was so strong. Then Greg testified of the power of reading and prayer. The spirit grew even stronger. Then Brother Bond gave Greg a blessing and the spirit became so strong. The spirit in the hospital room reminded me of the temple. It was so thick, then Greg says that he already feels the pain lessening. I know without a doubt that Greg is going through this trial for a reason. The Lord is humbling him and has prepared his heart to accept the Gospel and to change others lives. Greg is the most prepared person I have ever met and I love him so much. I know without a doubt that I was called to Syracuse for a reason and that Greg happened to stop in Syracuse for a reason. Greg came into my life at a time that I now can see I so desperately needed. I loved missionary work before and I thought I was happy. But Greg has helped me have faith again. He has helped me truly have charity and never ending love towards everyone. He has helped me really read my scriptures. I know that I was called here for a reason. I am so grateful for all that Greg has done for my life and I am so blessed to be apart of his conversion to the Gospel. I never want to leave New York. I truly feel so much happiness as it says in Preach My Gospel "more happiness awaits you then you've ever before experienced, as you labor among His children"

I love you all and I love it here!! Thank you for helping me get to the place that I am at today! Your prayers are definitely felt! :) 

Sister DeVries

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