TIME GOES BY SOOO FAST!! I can't believe it is Monday again!! :) It's insane!! Also.. TRANSFERS!!! Sister Dillard is leaving (which is depressing because we only had one transfer and I still have no clue how to be a Sister Training Leader) but, she is going to VESTAL!!! :) I am so excited for her!! It will be amazing! So she will finish out there!! Which.. SISTER BAXTER is flying home on Tuesday!! That is so crazy!! I will have a companion home already! I remember when she got me she said "When I go home.. it will be weird for you because that means you only have a year left." WHAT!!! This has gone by sooo stinking fast!! But I love every minute.
My new companion is Sister Virgin. She was in my district in Greenwich. So that will be fun! :)


Love Yourself!

So we have a few streets where our faces are pretty well known. The whole neighborhood is investigators or former investigators (who still think they are investigators... but they just think we are Bible Reading Jesus People...so we don't see them as much). This street is my favorite though because we are sooo loved and all the little children run up and give us HUGE hugs and ask for Jesus pictures. They must all have 10 each. I was thinking about turning them down when my favorite little girls said "Yesterday we were all playing and we saw our Jesus picture and we put him in front of us and all took turns praying." AHHH... Melt my heart!! These kids are adorable.. Then I proceeded to give them each 5 ;) haha! I love the little kids! :)

Another cute little kids story! We went to teach the Rutagarama's (they are Recent Converts from the Congo) and cute little Maliea just hung on to me the whole time and gave me HUGE hugs and just held my hand. Ahh.. I love this area. The little children have my heart. It is a good thing that the white handbook says "do not get involve in adoptions" because...I would be in like 100 different cases by now. I love these chlidren! :)

Also, we have these 2 little girls who are investigators. We read the Book of Mormon with them this week to see if they are understanding it and they LOVED it! They were making comparisons to their own life and falling in love with Nephi! It is so amazing how simple the Book of Mormon can be if you will just take the time to understand it :)


We had exchanges and I was with Sister Easthope. She is a stellar missionary. I look up to her so much and our exchanges are always such a party. She served in Syracuse at the first of her mission so it was fun because we got to see some of heriInvestigators again and pick them up. We are truly seeing some progress in this area. I love exchanges because you have 4 Sister Missionaries working in our little area ALL DAY long! We always see SO many miracles. :)

New Investigator!

Thomas: He is amazing!!! He really loves the Book of Mormon and all that we are teaching!! He is from the Congo! He has been here for 7 years. He is super sweet and just ready to learn more. His apartment complex though has led us to find 8 new potential investigators. SO THAT IS SWEET!! :)

Carveion: CAME TO CHURCH!! We told him he had to start doing stuff if he wanted to see blessings. So he walked the 2 miles to church! It was pretty amazing!! :)

Cesaire: He wants to start learning more again and wants to come to church next week! His mothers health is slowly improving so he will have more time to meet with us!! :) It is amazing!! :) I am so glad that we have so many people to teach!!

Greg: Greg is just amazing! He is willing and accepting all the commandments and is quickly progressing towards baptism. Only problem is church. The hospital won't let him leave because of how intense his chemo is they want to be able to watch him at all times. But.. we will figure it out!! :) HE IS READY! We just need these roadblocks to disappear. They are just part of the Process though.

Ariel: IS AMAZING!!! We took her to a lesson with NANCY this week! It was amazing!! It was cool to see how strong Ariel's testimony has grown because she has had this year to prepare for baptism. She is amazing. There is nothing better than bringing an investigator to another investigators lesson :) It was soo much fun! It was so powerful too! and Nancy said that she would come to church next week! So that is great!! :)

Also we got in contact with a few new investigators this week and past investigators !! We really saw so many miracles!! I LOVE SYRACUSE!!!



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