Alright everyone, I don't think I bragged enough about Ariel last week considering your responses. I LOVE ARIEL! :) She is amazing! So Ariel's family asked her to investigate the Church for one year before she made the decision to be baptized. Ariel knew she wanted to be baptized by week 3. She had been attending church for months before then and she was just ready to be a member. For this year Ariel has given a talk in the YSA Branch, helped in lessons, was assigned Visiting Teaching, participated in ALL the commandments (including tithing). Ariel has been a "member" this whole year. She practically teaches us in lessons and comes with us to many lessons. She is just amazing and it was such a great privileged to be one of the missionaries who taught her.

Ariel's baptism was beautiful! Nothing went wrong it was a miracle and I know that it was because Ariel worked so hard to get to this point. Her family came and they were very supportive, her mom even gave the closing prayer! It was sooo great!!! I absolutely was thrilled!! :) I got to talk with Ariel's dad for a while and he was such a sweet man, we had great conversation. I know that Ariel is going to be a great example for her family. I am so proud of her. Sister Virgin and I were getting  some last minute things done before the baptism started and we got in and sat down and Ariel is just bawling, "happy tears" she said. I know that she worked so hard and had to withstand so many different trials and challenges and I am so proud of her. She made it! After she was confirmed on Sunday she bore her testimony and told us all that she feels so much better, she finally feels like a member. She got her recommend for the temple and is headed there this week :) She is a great example to me and I am so grateful I was able to  be there with her.

Goodbye Greg!!

Greg is in UTAH!! :) and still California bound! but we are so excited for him! We saw many miracles this week! So... something happened on Monday and it was not looking like he was going to be able to make the trip. He had no wheelchair to make it in. So... we went on a hunt. The ward went on a hunt and then all the sudden we receive a call, a wheelchair has been found by a sister in a neighboring ward.. which is not really all that neighboring here. She told us that she would bring it to him around 3:00. So we call Greg and tell him the news. As I start to tell Greg that we found a wheelchair and he is going to be able to make the trip.. I am getting emotional.  Sister Virigin is getting emotional and so is Greg. We are all just so grateful. I literally witnessed a miracle. It is amazing what we are all able to accomplish when we rely wholly upon the Lord. So the time comes that we bring him up the wheelchair and we see it and it is looking really small... It doesn't look like it is going to work.. as we bring it up to Greg.. Sister Virgin and I are just freaking out.. thinking that it is not going to work and that Greg isn't going to make it to California.. we are getting so depressed. I show Greg the chair and he says "that is not going to work" but the weirdest part is he is still smiling. I am about to CRY and curl into a ball and Greg is smiling.  He explains that the hospital, last minute granted him permission to take the chair that they have loaned him. WHAT? They were completely against that less than 24 hours ago! Why now? I am not going to act like I know what God was thinking in this situation but I don't think that Greg would have gotten all that he needed to get done if it weren't for the wheelchair that was found from the ward. I also know that Greg and I needed to see that this was God's work and he was going to take care of us if we will just have faith and listen to him. :) I am so happy for Greg to get out to California so that he can impress the ward there!! :)

Working hard, living the dream!

DANG I AM PROUD OF THESE CONVERTS!!! :) The Lord is truly working miracles here in the 'CUSE :) I love it here!! Now for the rest of our week! We are just working hard to find those elect, to help bring people into the church! I heard something really cool a little bit ago and it has stuck with me.. "We are no longer planting seeds in this church, the harvest has come and it is time for the reaping." We have to be bold!! We are bringing those last sheaves in  now!! We have to work hard to bring as many as we can :) I am so grateful that I have this time to work in the Lord's vineyard!! We are all entrusted with some area of his vineyard, are we doing all we can and making him proud of our work! :) I love thinking about how much responsibility God really has given us! We ALL have to work together in this work or we will not do our job! :) 

More S'mores!!!
Love you all!! :)

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