This week was great! It has been chuck full of AWESOME spiritual experiences! :)

So Greg is still doing so well! He is working toward preparing himself to receive the Priesthood.  Which would be awesome! He also is working to pack himself up and move. Which is depressing. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of Greg's conversion. He is the first person that I have been able to watch the full conversion story play out. It started with the Headquarter Referral to that first visit, to him accepting the invitation to be baptized, to the baptism! It has been such a blessing to be apart of his whole conversion. I am so blessed. He did it all on his own though. It was all because he grew a deeply rooted testimony of prayer and The Book of Mormon. Greg is amazing. :) So grateful for the chance I had to meet him! 

Ariel!! Her baptism is on SATURDAY!! :) We are so excited for her! She is sooooo ready! She has been coming to lessons with us recently and our investigators ask her more questions then they ask us ;) haha! She is just amazing! We got to watch conference with her and her house on Sunday and it was so much fun! She made us Nacho's we snuggled up on the couch and we all laughed and cried over conference. I love Ariel, she has definitely become a great friend! :) 

We had Exchanges with the Norwood Sister's this week! 

It was great! Sister Anderson and I got to be together!! Sister Anderson came out with me so that was fun and now she is training! CRAZY! We are not the baby missionaries any more! It will be really exciting to see where our missions go! Also, thanks for the s'mores kit mom! We had some great fun with that! Although, you should see 4 mormon girls trying to work a lighter. WE DON'T USE THESE THINGS! haha!! :) It was so much fun! 

We also had MLC this week which is the Mission Leadership Council! It was a lot of fun it was Sister Virgin's first as an STL  and we got to drive in with the Zone Leaders it was a lot of fun! It was cool though because that was Friday and it was really spiritually uplifting! All about having more faith and teaching with the spirit! Which has really blessed our missionary work this week and then it was a great spiritual kick start to....

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Guys!! Conference is just the best event ever!! It is so amazing! It's awesome how we can go with any question and have faith and it will be answered! I know that mine were as I asked them this weekend! I felt like a huge focus I saw was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learning more about it! Which is something I like to call "getting back to the basics". The Gospel is SO simple! We do not need to complicate it! When we get back to the basics of Praying with Faith, Repenting, Partaking of the Sacrament (and preparing ourselves to partake of it), and listen to the Holy Ghost we will be given the strength that we need to Endure to the End and not only Endure but to Endure it Well! :) I love this gospel it is so simple! If you will only have Faith, Repent, be Baptized and Renew your covenant through the sacrament, Receive the Holy Ghost and then Listen to it and keep Enduring to the End. We will make it to the Celestial kingdom! That is the formula! That is the way! God isn't asking too much of us! He sacrificed his Son... what are we willing to sacrifice for him? 

I loved Conference and I love all of you! Hope you have a great week!!

Sister Bailey DeVries 

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