This week was a different pace! We did a lot of finding and we found some pretty cool potentials but we aren't teaching anyone yet! :) It has been good though! It is cool how you can just follow the spirit and find new people who are ready to hear the gospel at this time. I don't have to much to talk about this week so I guess I will just go through some random questions that everyone always asks! :)

What does your average day look like?
6:30 AM - wake up and work out! :) Sister Virgin has T-25 workouts so we have been doing those.     They are killing me! haha!! :)

7:00 AM-  shower and get ready for the day! Somewhere in there I eat breakfast which is either            cereal, oatmeal or yogurt and granola! :)

8:00 AM- Start Personal Studies! Which are never long enough! I love personal study! Something        that I have been studying  about recently is the apostasy! I think it is so perfect and                 interesting how it all happened and that we had to go through an apostasy to really                           appreciate the Restoration! I love it! I am also at the Title of Liberty chapters in the Book of Mormon  and those have been a blast to read through! The other day I was humming the Superman theme song cuz I think it would be perfect background music for the introduction of Captain Moroni! haha :)

9:00 AM- Companion study! We go through our lesson plans and make calls for the day!

10:00 AM- Hopefully out the door unless your in Syracuse and have to make 100 calls and figure out exchanges with 6 sets of Sisters! But I love it!
*Then for the rest of the day we go and see less-actives and investigators! or do service! :)

5:00 PM- Dinner!

6:00 PM- Out the door working with investigators and recent converts!! :) Or if we have no set appointments we are tracting :)

8:00 PM- we usually go downtown or to a street called Westcott to OYM. It is pretty fun! :) OYM- opening your mouth

9:00 PM- Home doing planning for the next day and then writing in journals and going to bed!!

That's about it but it is super fun! :) I am absolutely loving this area and the people here!! :)

This week we did have a ward party Trunk or Treat and that was pretty fun! Sister Virgin came up with the idea to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 and everyone was pretty proud of us! haha!

Love you all! I should have some cool stories next week!!

Sister DeVries

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