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This week has been awesome!!! Man guys... I LOVE SYRACUSE! I am going to miss it like crazy and Sister Virgin (the elder's gave us those names in the heading). It has been a blast serving with her in the 'Cuse but, more adventure is out there!

I am getting transferred to Utica to be a Sister Training Leader (same thing I am here just in the Utica Zone) and to be with Sister Ferrin! :) It will be so much fun!! I don't know Sister Ferrin too well but I am excited!

So this week!!! I know you all are wondering about my thanksgiving.. well it was great!!! We all (Elders & Sisters) went to Sister Henry's house she had all the good stuff and a deep fried turkey. It was great. Then we went and visited a bunch of different members houses and did surprise Thanksgiving visits and we went to Nancy (our investigators) and played games with all the people she had over. I LOVE Nancy!! She is soo awesome! It is definitely going to be rough leaving her and all the other people here in Syracuse. I have absolutely fell in love with this area.. is there even room enough in my heart for all these New Yorkers.. I just keep getting moved around!! haha ;) But I loved Thanksgiving it was a day I will remember the rest of my life! :)
Snowing in Syracuse!

So now here be my homies progression her in da 'cuse (see I even am starting to talk like the people here... Idk if I can still be an English major after this area... haha)

Carmella and Bruce! They are amazing!! Bruce is buying a ring and they are gonna get married!! Already talked to the bishop and everything! Bruce has sooo much faith! He will do whatever the Lord tells him too! One of my favorite things he says is "Gods been workin on me" Then he will proceed to tell us a miracle or blessing that happened to him this week! He is awesome and Carmella is just so excited to be living the commandments and coming to church again! We really love them. They call us pretty frequently just to talk. :) They are the best! :) Bruce is still wanting to get baptized too! So I will definitely let you guys know when that happens!!

Nancy is doing well! We had a a cool lesson teaching the 10 commandments and realizing. WE ACTUALLY live these.. where most of the world doesn't. She really respects us and I love that. She is one of my favorite people I have met. I love her lots.

Marisol! She is just the sweetest lady! She has all the good questions too! She is really ready to know if this is the truth! We will be teaching something and she will say but ... wouldn't that mean this.. "Yes it would and we were just about to get there" haha! She is really awesome :) We love her a lot! :)

Dorcas!! SHE QUIT EVERYONE!!!! I know that anyone can quit any bad habits if you have God on your side. If there is one thing Dorcas has taught me it would be trust. She trust's that God will pull through and that trust turns into Faith and he shows he makes miracles. I love her so much! :) I am excited to keep in touch with all of these people!

Merino's are still doing well! :) The ward is really starting to help fellowship them! :)

Gabby and Gemini are just adorable!! They and Miguel were really sad that I was leaving and they made us take pictures. I am really glad I have been able to be apart of their lives and now their mom is starting to slowly want to know more!! So that is awesome!!!

Rutagaramas are so cute! They are starting to develop a habit of daily prayer and scripture study and they really know their stuff! It has been a blast to get to know them better! :)

LILY!! Everyone I LOVE LILY!! So much! :) We had an AWESOME lesson with her this week! We taught the Plan of Salvation and we were all in tears. She has helped me realize how important this gospel really is. I really love her faith. We taught her the whole plan and then asked her how she felt about it and she said.. "I have taught catholicism to little kids and have been raised Catholic my whole life and I never really believed what I taught them but this feels right and I haven't felt this feeling in a long time.." Then she started to get emotional. We then each testified of how this truth really feels like coming home. I love Lily and we took a picture this week so that you can see her mom! :) I told her I would keep in touch on facebook and she really is the most devastating part about me leaving this area although I am bummed about leaving everyone. I really felt close with and loved Lily and I am very grateful that I was able to meet her. I am also so excited for her and this journey :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Tune in next time for... UTICA UTICA UTICA!!! *cue the clip from "the Office"*

Sister DeVries
Working through another pair of shoes!

Worked this skirt to shreds!

One watch down

Serious snow in Syracuse!

Getting some help


The REAL Snow is HERE!

HEY YOUS GUYS! (as they would say here in New York)  This week has been just another great one here in the blessed 'Cuse (as the mission would call it). :) We had two exchanges this week and I am so impressed with the AWESOME Sisters that I get to serve with! I have absolutely loved the opportunity to get to know a lot of Sisters in this mission and to serve among them. This mission has AMAZING Missionaries!!! :)

This week we saw amazing progress in one of the recent converts! I am going to leave her name out but.. She went back to smoking after she was baptized a while ago so we did the 15 steps to quit smoking program with her and SHE IS AMAZING! She has followed them soo faithfully! She has been doing awesome! I am so proud of her!! :)

We also saw some awesome progress in Carmella and Bruce! They are awesome and they came to Church this week! Bruce loved it and shared a little testimony in Elder's Quorum! just got to get them married and then they will definitely be baptized soon! :) I love them so much!! They always give us treats when we go over there and we are hopefully seeing them on Thanksgiving! :) I am so grateful for them! 

The Merino's are still doing awesome! Cute little Melanie is going to be praying for a date when she wants to get baptized!! we are sooo excited for her!! 

Nancy is still doing really awesome! We took Ariel to our lesson this week and we talked about Adam and Eve. Nancy is going to read the scriptures more and hopefully understand more about the story of Adam and Eve. :) We are going to get that lady baptized!! 

First real snow of this mission!!

One of our new investigators is doing  pretty well. She is having some major problems with the Word of Wisdom so we are going to have to move back her baptismal date! But we are still helping her and loving her! 

We picked up a new investigator! She was taught with the Sister's in the past and just wanted to see us again! Her name is Melissa and she was so excited to actually pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true! The Joseph Smith story was so personal to her this time through! I loved it! I love how each of us can relate if we truly try too! I am so grateful for his story and every time I share it I feel the spirit testify to me that it is true! 

BIG NEWS!! LILY CAME TO CHURCH!! And she loved it!!! So many people in the ward reached out and welcomed her! It was awesome! They had her introduce herself in Relief Society and she was just so loved by the people here! It was awesome! She said that she is going to come back in 2 weeks! She is going home for thanksgiving this week! But I am so glad that we have had to teach her! We were in Sacrament and someone mentioned the Plan of Salvation, and  at the end she turns to me and asked what it was and I just said "And that is what our next lesson is" then we set a day to meet again! She is just soo busy it is hard to meet with her but she is soo ready!! :) We were talking about how we can have even a particle of faith and I turned to her and said "like the speck on Horton hears a who" then she says "that's exactly what I was thinking!" Ah man!! I have found my twin!! :) haha! Sister Virgin and I just laugh at how similar we are! :) 

This area is doing awesome and yes it is SNOWING like CRAZY!! We are sooo excited about it though! just trying to stay warm!! :) 

Love YOU ALL!!! 

Sister DeVries


A weekend of "Snow

This week was just another week in the 'Cuse. I love the 'Cuse. I could stay here for the rest of my life and be completely content. So this week we had our visiting General Authority, Elder Snow of the Seven Presidents of the Seventy, he is also the Church Historian. He is awesome. We had mission conference on Friday with him and then Saturday and Sunday Stake Conference with him. For mission conference, we were all asked to write a talk on Faith and told that 4 missionaries would be picked to give a talk. So.. guess who was picked by Elder Snow to speak... this one. So I gave my talk on faith in front of a general authority and the worst part was we analyzed it as a mission. We look at the pro's and con's and Elder Snow gave advice I guess it was pretty cool but man! I was sweating!! haha! I realized though that my faith has grown so much. I talked about how Faith is a principle of Power! It is through Faith that we see miracles in our life. Like Greg, Sister Virgin and I decided that we wanted to set a goal of one baptism for our week even though we had NO clue how we could get that to happen and because we showed Faith to the Lord he showed us a miracle. I love Faith so much, it truly is the first principle we have to understand because it is what makes everything else possible. :) Elder Snow talked to us about the history of the Church and having more Faith and he gave us Future advice...that was my favorite! haha!! I loved the History too! I loved one of the analogies he gave he said "when you look at the church as a whole it is like beautiful tapestry. It has a beautiful picture and it truly serves its purpose but if you get really close you notice there may be some stitching errors.. that isn't taking away from it's purpose it is still beautiful it just shows that we improved the farther we get in the process" or something like that. The main point was not to miss the beauty of the tapestry by worrying about the little strings. I loved the visual and I think there is something we can all learn from that analogy! :)

This weeks Progress:

Carmella and Bruce are doing so amazing! They came to Stake Conference and Bruce is on date to be baptized on Dec. 24th ! :) They just have to work together and get married. Carmella is super excited for him :) I am happy for her she is getting back to church and having the active husband that she wants. She leaned over to us in Stake Conference and said "He likes this" :) I am so glad!! Is this the same Bruce and came to church as said "This is not my cup of tea" He has changed so much and He knows and so do we that it is because of the Book of Mormon. Bruce is doing awesome and is reading daily! Ever since we had the really powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon he has completely changed! No more desire to smoke no more anything! :) he is doing sooo well! :) 

Sister Dillard Sister DeVries Sister Hayward Sister Virgin
We had an awesome lesson with Nancy! So Nancy came to church last week and she came back with a lot of questions on of the biggest was the  Priesthood and Auxillaries and women's roles. So we taught it! We brought Sister Bond (she is a rockstar! i want to be her when I grow up) and it went so well! The spirit was so strong and it was all based on love! We are going to get Nancy baptized if it is the LAST thing I do!!! As we were leaving I gave her a hug and told her she smelt really good ... because she did then she says.. "one second.." goes in her room and gets me a Victoria's Secret Perfume!! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!! :) I love Nancy so much!! :) She is going to be a great Relief Society President one day .... ;) 

Mardisol is adorable! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and yesterday she loved the Adam and Eve lesson. She is doing really well it will just be slow progress. Her little boy Jose asked us to help him learn how to pray so we are doing that next lesson!! :) I love them!! 

Treats from Home! Lovin' Amazon Prime
The Merino girls are doing great they are preparing for baptism and I am so proud of them! :) 

We picked up a lot of new investigators this week one of them was Kida! She is so cool she is 21 and she has questions about our church. I am super excited to teach her. :) 

It was an awesome week though and I am running out of time but I can't wait to tell you all about everyone one day! There are some amazing people in this world and I am so grateful that I get to help some of them :) Love you all!!!

Girls from the Cuse'

Loving Fall in New York!



Sister DeVries and Sister Hayward at Mission Training Leader Meeting

IT'S TIME EVERYONE!! I have been planning this since last November! On the mission!! NO ONE is going to be looking at my legs but me.. I wear tights all the time anyways so I thought... why not try out No-Shave- November.. show my support for... I don't even know what it supports but it sounded like a good idea! But, boy do I miss my silky smooth legs. haha! It's pretty bad. Sister Virgin is doing it with me.. we will make sure to send progress pictures soon ;) (just thought you all might enjoy that little bit of information) 

NOW THIS WEEK FLEW BY!!! We had a super awesome week! We found 4 new investigators!! It was sweet!! :) So ... lets start the week! So first off!!!

HALLOWEEN as a missionary! That seems like it was FOREVER ago! Crazy.. I don't think I will ever understand mission time! So Halloween was sweet! We went to Jessica's (less-active) for dinner it was really good! Then we made little goodie cups and took them to New Member Move Ins, lonely members, Less-Actives, Investigators. It was really fun! We were just running from place to place! It was awesome! there were like no trick or treaters though because of the Clown epidemic! There were cops on every corner though so we were totally safe :) 

Then we had exchanges with the Goveneur sisters. I was with Sister Walker. She was the Sister that I replaced here in Syracuse! So it was fun we went and saw some of her old investigators and such! :) It was good! She is so sweet! :) We were also able to find people that fell through the cracks when I got here so that was really good! :) First person was.. 

Hattie: She is a cute 80 year old woman who LOVES Jesus! :) She is a sweetheart and she loves having us come over and teach her. We asked her about what Christ has done for her life and she started to cry. I love seeing how so many people have been affected by Jesus Christ and his life. I am so grateful to see that Christianity is still alive. In whatever form! :) I love her! 

Mardisol: She is from Puerto Rico. She is a sweet heart! She is a mom of 2 kids and her daughter just had a baby :) We taught her a quick restoration and she is so excited to have us come back. She really needs this at this time, she has a lot going on. I love her lots! :) 

Those were the two that we found just in one day!  

The next day we saw a less active family the Merino's. They are my favorite! They moved her recently and just haven't been able to make it to church but the youngest just turned 8 and wants to get baptized so we are teaching her the lessons! She is the sweetest and it was so much fun to see them. We brought Ariel with us :) (which Ariel was put into the Relief Society Presidency this week.. yeah she wins)

Then we saw Erica! Erica is on date for Dec. 3rd! She is AMAZING! :) She is 18 years old and was tearing up as she accepted the baptismal invitation. I am so glad that we got to see her. She is so awesome! :) She is awesome! :) 

We saw Carmella! She and Bruce came to church and Bruce wants to be baptized!! :) It is AWESOME! So we are going to help that happen! 

Then we saw Gary :) and put him on date for Dec.19! He is awesome!  SO many people are ready for this gospel!! :) This area is booming now! :) I am soo excited to just keep working hard and seeing miracles! :) 

Then Crystal.. She is awesome! She let us right in! I love her lots and I am grateful that we get to teach her as well! 

So.. The source of these miracles. We asked all of the Sisters that we were over to pray for the other sisters and we were all going to work really hard to put one new person on date this week. All of our Sister's saw miracles :) I definitely know that prayer works. I love prayer, we get to talk to our Father in Heaven everyday and I know that whatever we ask God in Christ's name he will answer us and grant it as long as it is a righteous desire. 3 Nephi 18:20 

Hope  you guys have a good week! We are definitely going to keep building and loving this area!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!!


This week was AWESOME! but soooo long.. days were short, the week was long this week ! :) I feel like it has been forever since I have written.. maybe because my email was kinda lame last week.. sorry guys!! :) Still love you all!! ALRIGHTY YOU READY!!!!!!

So first off! Sister Virgin's birthday was a blast! She definitely felt so much love from the Elders, Family and Friends and the WARD! :) We went to the Bond's on Tuesday and I had called them in private (I locked her out of the car! haha) and they were so sweet in making sure that she felt like it was a special day! I am sooo glad that it was and the Birthday didn't end! She received 3 packages and countless letters throughout the week! It was so awesome for her. So much fun for me too.. :) I really love being companions with Sister Virgin! We are hoping that we stay together for 1 more.. we decided if we do though we will practically be married at that point. haha!! But I absolutely love her, she really has been a blessing as a companion and has helped me become a better person. 

So we have seen some sweet progress in Less-Actives and Recent Converts this week! 
DORCAS- Dorcas was baptized in June so I came just after that. She is so sweet! I love her to pieces. She has her struggles but we all do. These past few weeks though we have been teaching her the lessons over again and you can just see her testimony growing. She just keeps realizing how true this gospel is and how much God really does love her. I have absolutely grown to love Dorcas 10x more these past few weeks. She is a huge example to me during the Sacrament. She is always praying or reading hymns or pondering and thinking about Christ. She truly takes that time to heal and I think that is so cool. 

ARIEL- Still doing amazing!! She is such a great example to me of just what real discipleship means. She has really grasped the concept of taking upon herself Christ's name and she represents it well. I love her.

CARMELLA (member) & BRUCE (non-member) - Carmella and Bruce came to church this week!!! It was sooooo awesome!!! Bruce said that it wasn't his favorite but that he did feel spiritually uplifted.. we aren't sure what that exactly means but we know it has something to do with the fact that we don't have a Christian Rock Band.. haha.. but we were SUPER excited for Carmella! She was soo excited to be back and to go to Sacrament. I am so glad :) It was amazing to see her there! 

We had 3 less-actives that we directly work with at church yesterday and 2 recent converts! I think we did pretty well! :) 

So now... for the Investigator miracles! :) 

NANCY- So... last week we did not have the best lesson with Nancy.. that is why I didn't want to tell you all about it until it was resolved! She had a question about the skin of blackness in the Book of Mormon. I LOVE QUESTIONS. They are really the foundation of a testimony. Questions are different then doubts. Questions mean that you are open to find the true answer. Doubts mean that you have already came to a possible hypothesis in your mind. So we did LOTS of studies! The appointment happened to be on an exchange so Sister Easthope went with me which I love her. We went through and studied it out with Nancy and then we let her come to the conclusion. She then said.. I just am not sure because I feel like your religion is about Joseph Smith and it is based on this book, not on Christ. DANG.. SLAP TO THE FACE OF MY MISSIONARY EGO! I quickly said... "then I completely apologize Nancy because we have been teaching it all wrong.." Then I proceeded to testify of Christ and His divinity! I know that he lives and I know that his Atonement is real!! I have felt it SOOO much on my mission and I can not deny the reality of it! By the end her heart had softened and we had come to the conclusion that she has to do this with sincere intent and she will find her answers. It was such a powerful lesson. 

ERICA- while on exchange Sister Easthope and I OYMed her! Sister Easthope just said "So .. Do you want to get closer to God?" and she was like "Actually, Yes." It was SUPER COOOL!! :) We taught her the next day on exchange and she was awesome ! She is 18 years old and she is just trying to get closer to God. It was awesome to help her find that :) I am so excited to see her again this week!! :) 

LILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys I LOVE LILY!!!!!!!! So Lily was a referral from the Watertown Elders. They got it from a Less-Active Member.. Lily is his ex-girlfriend. So I was envisioning this 50 year old woman.. or something like that. We tried calling for weeks and no answer! Then this week we decided to text the number and she text back immediately and we set up an appointment for yesterday at the church. We show up and turn on some lights and get everything ready and then someone comes and parks in the parking lot. I just try to look natural haaha! I got super nervous. Then this young girl gets out of her car starts walking toward the building.. immediately I felt so much love for her. I go to the door and open it and introduce myself. We start getting to know her and she is an Art teacher. She is 23 years old and she was my twin! She loves hiking and being out doors and our whole personality was sooooo similar. She is awesome. We start the lesson and it was the most powerful and natural lesson that I have had on my mission. My love for her grew so much throughout the lesson. By the end we were all so happy :) She asked.. so what's next do I go to a service? learn more? what else do I need to do? I am SOOO excited to continue teaching her! She has so much sincere desire and I just know that this gospel is really going to bless her!! :) 

I love you all! hope you have a great week! Meanwhile I will be here seeing miracles in the 'cuse!

Sister DeVries