Sister DeVries and Sister Hayward at Mission Training Leader Meeting

IT'S TIME EVERYONE!! I have been planning this since last November! On the mission!! NO ONE is going to be looking at my legs but me.. I wear tights all the time anyways so I thought... why not try out No-Shave- November.. show my support for... I don't even know what it supports but it sounded like a good idea! But, boy do I miss my silky smooth legs. haha! It's pretty bad. Sister Virgin is doing it with me.. we will make sure to send progress pictures soon ;) (just thought you all might enjoy that little bit of information) 

NOW THIS WEEK FLEW BY!!! We had a super awesome week! We found 4 new investigators!! It was sweet!! :) So ... lets start the week! So first off!!!

HALLOWEEN as a missionary! That seems like it was FOREVER ago! Crazy.. I don't think I will ever understand mission time! So Halloween was sweet! We went to Jessica's (less-active) for dinner it was really good! Then we made little goodie cups and took them to New Member Move Ins, lonely members, Less-Actives, Investigators. It was really fun! We were just running from place to place! It was awesome! there were like no trick or treaters though because of the Clown epidemic! There were cops on every corner though so we were totally safe :) 

Then we had exchanges with the Goveneur sisters. I was with Sister Walker. She was the Sister that I replaced here in Syracuse! So it was fun we went and saw some of her old investigators and such! :) It was good! She is so sweet! :) We were also able to find people that fell through the cracks when I got here so that was really good! :) First person was.. 

Hattie: She is a cute 80 year old woman who LOVES Jesus! :) She is a sweetheart and she loves having us come over and teach her. We asked her about what Christ has done for her life and she started to cry. I love seeing how so many people have been affected by Jesus Christ and his life. I am so grateful to see that Christianity is still alive. In whatever form! :) I love her! 

Mardisol: She is from Puerto Rico. She is a sweet heart! She is a mom of 2 kids and her daughter just had a baby :) We taught her a quick restoration and she is so excited to have us come back. She really needs this at this time, she has a lot going on. I love her lots! :) 

Those were the two that we found just in one day!  

The next day we saw a less active family the Merino's. They are my favorite! They moved her recently and just haven't been able to make it to church but the youngest just turned 8 and wants to get baptized so we are teaching her the lessons! She is the sweetest and it was so much fun to see them. We brought Ariel with us :) (which Ariel was put into the Relief Society Presidency this week.. yeah she wins)

Then we saw Erica! Erica is on date for Dec. 3rd! She is AMAZING! :) She is 18 years old and was tearing up as she accepted the baptismal invitation. I am so glad that we got to see her. She is so awesome! :) She is awesome! :) 

We saw Carmella! She and Bruce came to church and Bruce wants to be baptized!! :) It is AWESOME! So we are going to help that happen! 

Then we saw Gary :) and put him on date for Dec.19! He is awesome!  SO many people are ready for this gospel!! :) This area is booming now! :) I am soo excited to just keep working hard and seeing miracles! :) 

Then Crystal.. She is awesome! She let us right in! I love her lots and I am grateful that we get to teach her as well! 

So.. The source of these miracles. We asked all of the Sisters that we were over to pray for the other sisters and we were all going to work really hard to put one new person on date this week. All of our Sister's saw miracles :) I definitely know that prayer works. I love prayer, we get to talk to our Father in Heaven everyday and I know that whatever we ask God in Christ's name he will answer us and grant it as long as it is a righteous desire. 3 Nephi 18:20 

Hope  you guys have a good week! We are definitely going to keep building and loving this area!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!!

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