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This week has been awesome!!! Man guys... I LOVE SYRACUSE! I am going to miss it like crazy and Sister Virgin (the elder's gave us those names in the heading). It has been a blast serving with her in the 'Cuse but, more adventure is out there!

I am getting transferred to Utica to be a Sister Training Leader (same thing I am here just in the Utica Zone) and to be with Sister Ferrin! :) It will be so much fun!! I don't know Sister Ferrin too well but I am excited!

So this week!!! I know you all are wondering about my thanksgiving.. well it was great!!! We all (Elders & Sisters) went to Sister Henry's house she had all the good stuff and a deep fried turkey. It was great. Then we went and visited a bunch of different members houses and did surprise Thanksgiving visits and we went to Nancy (our investigators) and played games with all the people she had over. I LOVE Nancy!! She is soo awesome! It is definitely going to be rough leaving her and all the other people here in Syracuse. I have absolutely fell in love with this area.. is there even room enough in my heart for all these New Yorkers.. I just keep getting moved around!! haha ;) But I loved Thanksgiving it was a day I will remember the rest of my life! :)
Snowing in Syracuse!

So now here be my homies progression her in da 'cuse (see I even am starting to talk like the people here... Idk if I can still be an English major after this area... haha)

Carmella and Bruce! They are amazing!! Bruce is buying a ring and they are gonna get married!! Already talked to the bishop and everything! Bruce has sooo much faith! He will do whatever the Lord tells him too! One of my favorite things he says is "Gods been workin on me" Then he will proceed to tell us a miracle or blessing that happened to him this week! He is awesome and Carmella is just so excited to be living the commandments and coming to church again! We really love them. They call us pretty frequently just to talk. :) They are the best! :) Bruce is still wanting to get baptized too! So I will definitely let you guys know when that happens!!

Nancy is doing well! We had a a cool lesson teaching the 10 commandments and realizing. WE ACTUALLY live these.. where most of the world doesn't. She really respects us and I love that. She is one of my favorite people I have met. I love her lots.

Marisol! She is just the sweetest lady! She has all the good questions too! She is really ready to know if this is the truth! We will be teaching something and she will say but ... wouldn't that mean this.. "Yes it would and we were just about to get there" haha! She is really awesome :) We love her a lot! :)

Dorcas!! SHE QUIT EVERYONE!!!! I know that anyone can quit any bad habits if you have God on your side. If there is one thing Dorcas has taught me it would be trust. She trust's that God will pull through and that trust turns into Faith and he shows he makes miracles. I love her so much! :) I am excited to keep in touch with all of these people!

Merino's are still doing well! :) The ward is really starting to help fellowship them! :)

Gabby and Gemini are just adorable!! They and Miguel were really sad that I was leaving and they made us take pictures. I am really glad I have been able to be apart of their lives and now their mom is starting to slowly want to know more!! So that is awesome!!!

Rutagaramas are so cute! They are starting to develop a habit of daily prayer and scripture study and they really know their stuff! It has been a blast to get to know them better! :)

LILY!! Everyone I LOVE LILY!! So much! :) We had an AWESOME lesson with her this week! We taught the Plan of Salvation and we were all in tears. She has helped me realize how important this gospel really is. I really love her faith. We taught her the whole plan and then asked her how she felt about it and she said.. "I have taught catholicism to little kids and have been raised Catholic my whole life and I never really believed what I taught them but this feels right and I haven't felt this feeling in a long time.." Then she started to get emotional. We then each testified of how this truth really feels like coming home. I love Lily and we took a picture this week so that you can see her mom! :) I told her I would keep in touch on facebook and she really is the most devastating part about me leaving this area although I am bummed about leaving everyone. I really felt close with and loved Lily and I am very grateful that I was able to meet her. I am also so excited for her and this journey :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Tune in next time for... UTICA UTICA UTICA!!! *cue the clip from "the Office"*

Sister DeVries
Working through another pair of shoes!

Worked this skirt to shreds!

One watch down

Serious snow in Syracuse!

Getting some help

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