The REAL Snow is HERE!

HEY YOUS GUYS! (as they would say here in New York)  This week has been just another great one here in the blessed 'Cuse (as the mission would call it). :) We had two exchanges this week and I am so impressed with the AWESOME Sisters that I get to serve with! I have absolutely loved the opportunity to get to know a lot of Sisters in this mission and to serve among them. This mission has AMAZING Missionaries!!! :)

This week we saw amazing progress in one of the recent converts! I am going to leave her name out but.. She went back to smoking after she was baptized a while ago so we did the 15 steps to quit smoking program with her and SHE IS AMAZING! She has followed them soo faithfully! She has been doing awesome! I am so proud of her!! :)

We also saw some awesome progress in Carmella and Bruce! They are awesome and they came to Church this week! Bruce loved it and shared a little testimony in Elder's Quorum! just got to get them married and then they will definitely be baptized soon! :) I love them so much!! They always give us treats when we go over there and we are hopefully seeing them on Thanksgiving! :) I am so grateful for them! 

The Merino's are still doing awesome! Cute little Melanie is going to be praying for a date when she wants to get baptized!! we are sooo excited for her!! 

Nancy is still doing really awesome! We took Ariel to our lesson this week and we talked about Adam and Eve. Nancy is going to read the scriptures more and hopefully understand more about the story of Adam and Eve. :) We are going to get that lady baptized!! 

First real snow of this mission!!

One of our new investigators is doing  pretty well. She is having some major problems with the Word of Wisdom so we are going to have to move back her baptismal date! But we are still helping her and loving her! 

We picked up a new investigator! She was taught with the Sister's in the past and just wanted to see us again! Her name is Melissa and she was so excited to actually pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true! The Joseph Smith story was so personal to her this time through! I loved it! I love how each of us can relate if we truly try too! I am so grateful for his story and every time I share it I feel the spirit testify to me that it is true! 

BIG NEWS!! LILY CAME TO CHURCH!! And she loved it!!! So many people in the ward reached out and welcomed her! It was awesome! They had her introduce herself in Relief Society and she was just so loved by the people here! It was awesome! She said that she is going to come back in 2 weeks! She is going home for thanksgiving this week! But I am so glad that we have had to teach her! We were in Sacrament and someone mentioned the Plan of Salvation, and  at the end she turns to me and asked what it was and I just said "And that is what our next lesson is" then we set a day to meet again! She is just soo busy it is hard to meet with her but she is soo ready!! :) We were talking about how we can have even a particle of faith and I turned to her and said "like the speck on Horton hears a who" then she says "that's exactly what I was thinking!" Ah man!! I have found my twin!! :) haha! Sister Virgin and I just laugh at how similar we are! :) 

This area is doing awesome and yes it is SNOWING like CRAZY!! We are sooo excited about it though! just trying to stay warm!! :) 

Love YOU ALL!!! 

Sister DeVries

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