"It's a TUNDRA out here!"

     HELLO EVERYONE!! :) I hope you are having an awesome Christmas Season and you are getting everything done on time ... unlike me.. but I am definitely trying!!! Christmas has just come so quick and I can't believe I only have a week left of telling the people of New York "Merry Christmas" however, I am so grateful that I am a missionary at this time so that I can continue to talk to them about Jesus Christ.I love how people's hearts just seem to soften during the Christmas season. It is truly amazing.. we have been able to see lots of Christmas Miracles even if they are little ones.. everyone just grows a little nicer during the Christmas season. :)

Well, this week was FREEEZZING!! But sooo much fun!! We were out in the cold and the blizzards and we were definitely seeing miracles. :) So I think I told you all about the Book of Mormon challenge of holding it in sight everywhere we go and well this week was cold but we still did it. There was one point on an exchange where I was with Sister Walker and we were holding our Books of Mormon the sun was shining and it was 8 degrees outside ... haha and I forgot my gloves but I still held the Book of Mormon not sure if that was stupidity or not but WE SAW A MIRACLE!! So we were trying a Former Investigator and she was in a gated apartment complex so we had to ring to get in and one of the maintenance guys was really nice and took us to her room and knocked on it for us! She wasn't home but we got talking to him (meanwhile holding our Books of Mormon) and he said "Oh.. your Mormon. My parents are Jehovah Witnesses" We started talking to him and asked his religious background. He just said he was confused. We then offered him a Book of Mormon and he took it immediately :) We have seen countless miracles like that when we are truly just having it in sight :) 

We also have a baptism on TUESDAY! SURPRISE! Christmas miracle!! :) So this part member family, The Sevilla's, came to the Christmas party and we are having a baptism for their son on Tuesday! It will be lots of fun and we are REALLY excited to work with getting the family active! He technically isn't a Convert baptism but we are working with the ward to get him baptized!! :) It has been so much fun to work with him and teach their cute family! :) 

Victoria is still AMAZING!! We taught her about the Sabbath Day and Following the Prophet this week and she just gets it! :) She is sooo excited to have this chance to show God that she is obedient to his commandments and see the blessings that come from that. :) We are really excited for her! She is amazing!!! 

We met with this girl that is 17 :) She is ADORABLE!! I love her a lot! her name is Lilia and we are going through the lessons with her but we teach her in the freezing cold so lessons are like 10 minutes! :) but she is cute!! 

We picked up and investigator that has been a little lost for a while! Sister Lee (one of the Office Sisters) came out with us and we went and taught Jay the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome we just testified of the atonement the whole time! It was great and it was exactly what he needed to here. The Plan of Salvation brings so much comfort in many different ways but I was really excited that he was most comforted by the Atonement. It was awesome! :) I really love teaching in this area! :) 

We picked up another new investigator Derek! He is the quirkiest guy I have ever met! :) But he is sooo cool and has been reading the Book of Mormon since the Sister's first gave it to him a month ago! It is really cool and he brought a friend to the lesson Chris and he was SOOO prepared he  is baptist and is a Scout master, he has met MANY mormons!! He is really impressed by some of them and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. It was cool.. unfortunately he lives in Rochester but we gave him our info anyway! :) 

I AM soo excited to talk to you all on SUNDAY!! :) So I hope that you have a good week until then! come up with some good questions to ask me! :) LOVE YOU ALL!!

Sister DeVries

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