This week was so great! :) It's fun winning the little battles against the adversary! I hope that you all had a great week last week! :) It's cool how we always have the craziest things happen before the miracle. Just like how Joseph Smith was "seized upon by some power" before he saw God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. We have to go through some rough patches before we see miracles and we are definitely seeing both sides of that equation but this week was great! :)

We got in contact with LOTS of Potentials, found some families and individuals who are really awesome and we are excited to see how it goes!

We also had awesome meetings this week! I was definitely spiritually fed. We had the World Wide Missionary Broadcast and Zone Conference and an AWESOME Sacrament meeting. The World Wide Missionary Broadcast was really cool and it was good to see the Apostles and have them talk to us like we are apart of their team. It was really just awesome to think about how every missionary around the word is working together to bring people closer to Christ and help them Repent so that they can stand with confidence before God. It really is awesome! I am so excited to keep working on this HUGE team of people who are trying to do our best to follow Christ. It is awesome!!!! We just had such a pump up of we need to step up and start working harder and harder!! We already know that our team wins it is just up to us if we are able to step up our game. I was just PUMPED to work!!!

Then we had so many people have the "ahah! It is true" moment this week!! :) It was awesome!!

So VICTORIA!! I love Victoria so much and we were planning on teaching a specific lesson and then we got in there and the spirit wanted us to go a different way. We then asked a few questions and got to a point where we said "are you still praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet?" and she looks and us and says "Welllll... I kinda stopped" and we got worried and then we ask why and she says "well. I kinda feel that it is true in here (as she makes this little heart over her own) do I need to keep praying?" We were SOOOO EXCITED!! I AM PRETTY SURE THAT MY CHIN FELL TO MY CHEST! I was SOOO EXCITED!!!! AHHH!!!

Then TY! We found Ty a while ago! I taught her on exchange and she is 14 years old! This week we got to see here again and teach the Restoration! She is awesome! :) She is so cute and spiritual and I learn so much from her. She wants to be baptized and do everything she can to repent and come closer to Jesus Christ. She is just AWESOME!! I love her so much and she was so excited! She also knows that the Book of Mormon is true because she can already feel it! :) I love it!!!

Then, Daniel.. I think he is one of my favorite experiences from this week. So Jill Martenelli is a Less-Active member that we have been trying to get in contact with for a long time. She is really sweet and has 2 boys that are not members. Well, we got a new ward mission leader who is AWESOME and so missionary minded and now the work is just BOOOMING in this ward!! It is awesome and we set up a time to meet with Jill which no one has been able to get in with her in FOREVER and we are meeting with her and the Boys and it is crazy! We met before scouts so all the little kids are running around and we are trying to have this lesson and then I just felt like even though it wasn't the perfect setting I needed to ask Daniel if he would want to be baptized, and as soon as I did. Everything got quiet and he looks up at us and says "yes" (he reminds me of Josh Morey so I just want to give him a huge hug at this point) but the coolest part was when that happened the spirit was SOO strong. Confirming to him that what he was doing is right! It was so awesome!

Norma! She is the cutest Spanish lady that we teaching and we are teaching her the Plan of Salvation with a translator this week and she stops us and says "IT IS TRUE, my church ( that should remain nameless) is wrong! You are the true church" I LOVE HER!!! She gets so excited about this gospel and it is funny to teach her because I am learning so much Spanish! haha! :) Much love!!!

We are just killing it here in Utica, New York! Thank you for all the prayers! They are definitely felt!

So much more I want to tell you! But.. I don't have time!! LOVE YOU ALL! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

Sister DeVries


Alright! This was a crazy week! I don't know if this will be an awesome email but I am going to try!

We were able to see Sandra this week and it was great! :) She loves the Plan of Salvation! We visited and we were asking her how her reading of the pamphlet went and she said something about loving to learn about the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms and that she loved telling us about them and about ordinances! She learned so much from the pamphlet and she is just continually learning a lot and absorbing so much! We love her so much! It has been great to teach her!

So that was great! This week was hard though.. It almost seems as though "The Destroyer" knows that we are about to do something great in this area because he has been working on us like crazy, from investigators dropping us, to losing sleep, to losing my planner, to Anti-Mormon's meeting us this week and giving us a piece of their mind. But we just keep going to the "4th Floor, Last Door" because that is all you can do when he is trying all he can to stop the Lords work. IT can not be stopped!! We are so much stronger than he will ever be and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to fight against him daily in such a real way!

We were able to go to the temple this week and it was so great! I love the temple and it was the spiritual strength that we needed this week. I have missed it so much and as soon as I sat down in the temple I felt God's love. I started just crying. He knows me. I know he does and He loves those that I am teaching and those that I love. He is aware of them and he is there to help him. I felt so great going to the temple this time. It was such a special experience to be able to sit there and ponder the knowledge that God has given me and to see how much I have changed since being out here. I am so grateful for this experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.

This experience sums up our week perfectly I think. Last night we went OYMing and I had this guy really stand out to me and he talked to us first, then I commented on his immaculate beard and then he asked our names.. then he saw the name tags and man did the mood change. It was one of the most anti encounters I have had on my mission and it was definitely a hard experience but through it all, I felt peace and love. I know that I needed that experience, no matter how hard it was at the moment. It helped me realize how much I really know that this message this Gospel is true! It doesn't matter what this man says, for I have a testimony and I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that God knows I know that and I will not deny it! I am so grateful for the Korihors and Anti-Christ in life that reconfirms my faith that yes Satan is real. But most of all God is real and he is stronger.

I had a great week! I hope you can all tell that and I hope that this doesn't sound like my week was bad! it was great! Just so many funny attacks of the adversary. But, He is weak and I am strong when I have God on my side!


Sister DeVries


Hermana DeVries & Hermana Ferrin

The Sister Jam


So this week was crazy!! We saw some awesome miracles this week but I am soooo excited to tell you about this one.. so hopefully I can make this make sense!!

So first off! We were in a trio at the beginning of this week and we brought an investigator to a lesson with Victoria, and she is doing awesome! So we taught tithing and Victoria said it makes sense and then the Sister that was with us asked Victoria why she wasn't baptized yet and then a whole can of worms opened and the elephant in the room was addressed and it was not too great. The next lesson didn't go to hot either but we knew that she loved us. But, anyway I decided to fast to know what to do to help Victoria and then we went to a lesson with a referral we received. This lady was found by the Elders and she is from Puerto Rico. We brought Sister Gamboa she is a member that is an interpreter and we were able to teach Norma (the lady) about the Restoration and she knew that it was true! It was so cool as I would testify of things in  English and have them translated to Spanish. We taught her again this week and we read the title page of the Book of Mormon with her and in the part where it says "In due course the plates were delivered to Joseph Smith, who translated them by the gift and power of God...is now published in many languages as a new and addition witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God...all who will come unto Him and obey .. His Gospel will be saved" I just teared up realizing that I am seeing this directly effect this lady. She is learning about this gospel because it was translated and it is translated because it is for all of God's children. The spirit was so strong and Norma accepted the invitation to be baptized on Feb 25th :) I am so excited to continue teaching her! Also, she asked questions in Spanish and it was AMAZING!! I UNDERSTOOD WHAT SHE SAID!!!! I am learning so much more spanish by helping this lady! I loved it! :) So.. if Norma isn't already cool enough! We were talking with her and the same night that we (Sister Ferrin ended up fasting that same day to and I didn't even know it #compunity)  fasted for Victoria, Norma says "My son loves you Mormons. Do you know Alex?" We were trying to think of an Alex that we would know then all of the sudden... Alex Torres.. I asked her if that was her son! She said yes!! Alex Torres is Victoria's husband! We are going to baptize the whole family! I don't know what God's plan is for this family and I am not even going to try to figure it out but I know that he knows us all so personally and that all will work out if we follow His spirit! Crazy Miracle huh!!

Good visits!

Next, we taught Sandra she is an investigator that we found a few weeks ago. We taught her the Plan of Salvation with Sister Poland there and it was great! Sandra is doing so well and she loved the Pre-Earth Life and Creation. I know that this gospel is true. It is truth and it rings familiar in all who listen to it and hear the message :)

We had an awesome week full of so many more miracles :) I wish I had time to tell them all! But I just love you all so much!! :) Have a great week!

Sister DeVries
Lookin' Good!

Mini-facial time


2 0 1 7 - STRONGER

This week was great! We found 4 new investigators!!!! :) It was awesome!! I am loving working in New Hartford and in this winter season! I feel like the Lord knows that it is cold so if we are constantly working hard despite the cold He will bless us with many people to teach! We have also been tracting every day! Which is hard, tracting isn't the easiest thing to do but because we are doing the hard things we are seeing miracles.

We taught this lady named Maryanne; I oymed her on exchange one week and she was awesome! :) When we taught her the Restoration she was listening so intently and it was one of the best restoration lessons that we have ever given! It was awesome! She is such a sweetheart!!

Then ERICA!! Do you guys remember her from Syracuse! She is doing great! It was so awesome to see here! I gave her the biggest hug! The girl is adorable!! :)

James!! I call him James the Mormon! Because.. that's what he is about to be! We taught him the restoration and he is SOOO Cool! He is soo ready and prepared! We asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon that we gave him and he read the first chapter and he gave the BEST synopsis of the First Chapter ever! It was really impressive! I was pretty proud of him! We are excited to see where it goes! :)

TY! She is a 14-year-old girl that wants to get closer to God. I love her a lot! she is sooo sweet! I taught her on exchange with Sister Rodriguez (whom I love to pieces) and we gave this girl the Book of Mormon and she was sooooo excited to read it! :) It was awesome!

Victoria is still doing amazing! We taught her about fasting this week and she isn't sure if she can do that but .. she will because she is just that awesome! :) We love her!!

Sandra! We had another lesson with her and taught her about the Book of Mormon and it was great! We testified to her that she can really be cleansed from all the guilt that she may feel as she reads the Book of Mormon. It was really powerful!

I love how much the book ofMormonn really changes our lives. We are able to truly feel God's love. I love that I am able to feel God's love instantly as I read the Book of Mormon and listen to what it teaches. It truly changes peoples hearts and is the only way that they will be able to be converted! I love you all and hope you have a great week!! :)

Sister DeVries

btw.. I am staying here in NEW HARTFORD!! with Sister Ferrin! :)

Our Office

2 0 1 7 - STRONGER

Is it really 2017? We do service at this old folks home and all the residents kept saying how crazy it is that they have lived this long and I am like "I know right! I'm surprised I am still here!" Sometimes they laugh but most the time they look at me like "be quiet. you look 12" haha!! :) But it has been a great week!! I hope that you guys are having a good one as well! :) Have you all set your goals yet!!?? for me I don't really set to many new years resolutions but I always pick a word, quote, scripture, or song that I want to live by this year. Last year my song was "Fight Song"  there have been many a days where I have broke out in song singing those lyrics! It's perfect for a missionary! I just kept fighting no matter how hard it got or how homesick I felt. I kept fighting! my favorite part is at the end of the song she says "now I've still got a lot of fight left in me" :) I DO!! There's also a part about her losing sleep and chasing dreams. I feel like that has come completely true! I have never been more tired in my life but I know that I am chasing my dreams and becoming who God wants me to be! :) SO... MY theme for this year is STRONGER! I gotta fight harder and gain strength! Now that I know how to fight I gotta improve my game and strengthen my self so I have more endurance. I am excited to start this year by becoming stronger through Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for him! I have a few scriptures that I am decided to use with that theme! If you have any more suggestions let me know but I love 2 Nephi 4:16-35 and Alma 26:11-12. hope you guys have a great week setting awesome goals!! :)

This week in New Hartford was full of miracles!

first.. Erica an investigator I taught in Syracuse moved to UTICA!!!!!! I am so excited!! we are going to teach her tomorrow!! She is sooo awesome!! :) So I am pumped!!!

last night! We picked up a new investigator Sandy! She has had many interactions with Elders and the church and we finally gave her the restoration for the first time! she is awesome!! we are excited to teach her more!!

We delivered Christmas presents to Prince, Jessica and Shea and BOY AM I EXCITED TO BE A PARENT!! :) It was so much fun to see them open up the present and get so excited about all that was inside!! I love those kids!!

We watched the prophet of the Restoration with Victoria and she loved it.  She is obeying all the commandments except for the the one obstacle that we have to remove but she is SOOO ready to be a member of this church! we love her!!!

Valentina! We saw her New Year's Eve. She is AWESOME!! We watched the new youth theme with her and it was great. her mom even joined in and we all talked about prayer and how God hears and answers our prayers it was awesome to see how much faith she has! :) She is the cutest girl!

We got back in contact with Mike!! he is still excited for baptism!! I am excited for him!! :)

It's going pretty awesome here in New Hartford! we are just seeing millions of miracles!! :) I love you all so much and I am really excited to see where this next week takes us!


sister devries