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Is it really 2017? We do service at this old folks home and all the residents kept saying how crazy it is that they have lived this long and I am like "I know right! I'm surprised I am still here!" Sometimes they laugh but most the time they look at me like "be quiet. you look 12" haha!! :) But it has been a great week!! I hope that you guys are having a good one as well! :) Have you all set your goals yet!!?? for me I don't really set to many new years resolutions but I always pick a word, quote, scripture, or song that I want to live by this year. Last year my song was "Fight Song"  there have been many a days where I have broke out in song singing those lyrics! It's perfect for a missionary! I just kept fighting no matter how hard it got or how homesick I felt. I kept fighting! my favorite part is at the end of the song she says "now I've still got a lot of fight left in me" :) I DO!! There's also a part about her losing sleep and chasing dreams. I feel like that has come completely true! I have never been more tired in my life but I know that I am chasing my dreams and becoming who God wants me to be! :) SO... MY theme for this year is STRONGER! I gotta fight harder and gain strength! Now that I know how to fight I gotta improve my game and strengthen my self so I have more endurance. I am excited to start this year by becoming stronger through Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for him! I have a few scriptures that I am decided to use with that theme! If you have any more suggestions let me know but I love 2 Nephi 4:16-35 and Alma 26:11-12. hope you guys have a great week setting awesome goals!! :)

This week in New Hartford was full of miracles!

first.. Erica an investigator I taught in Syracuse moved to UTICA!!!!!! I am so excited!! we are going to teach her tomorrow!! She is sooo awesome!! :) So I am pumped!!!

last night! We picked up a new investigator Sandy! She has had many interactions with Elders and the church and we finally gave her the restoration for the first time! she is awesome!! we are excited to teach her more!!

We delivered Christmas presents to Prince, Jessica and Shea and BOY AM I EXCITED TO BE A PARENT!! :) It was so much fun to see them open up the present and get so excited about all that was inside!! I love those kids!!

We watched the prophet of the Restoration with Victoria and she loved it.  She is obeying all the commandments except for the the one obstacle that we have to remove but she is SOOO ready to be a member of this church! we love her!!!

Valentina! We saw her New Year's Eve. She is AWESOME!! We watched the new youth theme with her and it was great. her mom even joined in and we all talked about prayer and how God hears and answers our prayers it was awesome to see how much faith she has! :) She is the cutest girl!

We got back in contact with Mike!! he is still excited for baptism!! I am excited for him!! :)

It's going pretty awesome here in New Hartford! we are just seeing millions of miracles!! :) I love you all so much and I am really excited to see where this next week takes us!


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