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So this week was crazy!! We saw some awesome miracles this week but I am soooo excited to tell you about this one.. so hopefully I can make this make sense!!

So first off! We were in a trio at the beginning of this week and we brought an investigator to a lesson with Victoria, and she is doing awesome! So we taught tithing and Victoria said it makes sense and then the Sister that was with us asked Victoria why she wasn't baptized yet and then a whole can of worms opened and the elephant in the room was addressed and it was not too great. The next lesson didn't go to hot either but we knew that she loved us. But, anyway I decided to fast to know what to do to help Victoria and then we went to a lesson with a referral we received. This lady was found by the Elders and she is from Puerto Rico. We brought Sister Gamboa she is a member that is an interpreter and we were able to teach Norma (the lady) about the Restoration and she knew that it was true! It was so cool as I would testify of things in  English and have them translated to Spanish. We taught her again this week and we read the title page of the Book of Mormon with her and in the part where it says "In due course the plates were delivered to Joseph Smith, who translated them by the gift and power of God...is now published in many languages as a new and addition witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God...all who will come unto Him and obey .. His Gospel will be saved" I just teared up realizing that I am seeing this directly effect this lady. She is learning about this gospel because it was translated and it is translated because it is for all of God's children. The spirit was so strong and Norma accepted the invitation to be baptized on Feb 25th :) I am so excited to continue teaching her! Also, she asked questions in Spanish and it was AMAZING!! I UNDERSTOOD WHAT SHE SAID!!!! I am learning so much more spanish by helping this lady! I loved it! :) So.. if Norma isn't already cool enough! We were talking with her and the same night that we (Sister Ferrin ended up fasting that same day to and I didn't even know it #compunity)  fasted for Victoria, Norma says "My son loves you Mormons. Do you know Alex?" We were trying to think of an Alex that we would know then all of the sudden... Alex Torres.. I asked her if that was her son! She said yes!! Alex Torres is Victoria's husband! We are going to baptize the whole family! I don't know what God's plan is for this family and I am not even going to try to figure it out but I know that he knows us all so personally and that all will work out if we follow His spirit! Crazy Miracle huh!!

Good visits!

Next, we taught Sandra she is an investigator that we found a few weeks ago. We taught her the Plan of Salvation with Sister Poland there and it was great! Sandra is doing so well and she loved the Pre-Earth Life and Creation. I know that this gospel is true. It is truth and it rings familiar in all who listen to it and hear the message :)

We had an awesome week full of so many more miracles :) I wish I had time to tell them all! But I just love you all so much!! :) Have a great week!

Sister DeVries
Lookin' Good!

Mini-facial time

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