This week was so great! :) It's fun winning the little battles against the adversary! I hope that you all had a great week last week! :) It's cool how we always have the craziest things happen before the miracle. Just like how Joseph Smith was "seized upon by some power" before he saw God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. We have to go through some rough patches before we see miracles and we are definitely seeing both sides of that equation but this week was great! :)

We got in contact with LOTS of Potentials, found some families and individuals who are really awesome and we are excited to see how it goes!

We also had awesome meetings this week! I was definitely spiritually fed. We had the World Wide Missionary Broadcast and Zone Conference and an AWESOME Sacrament meeting. The World Wide Missionary Broadcast was really cool and it was good to see the Apostles and have them talk to us like we are apart of their team. It was really just awesome to think about how every missionary around the word is working together to bring people closer to Christ and help them Repent so that they can stand with confidence before God. It really is awesome! I am so excited to keep working on this HUGE team of people who are trying to do our best to follow Christ. It is awesome!!!! We just had such a pump up of we need to step up and start working harder and harder!! We already know that our team wins it is just up to us if we are able to step up our game. I was just PUMPED to work!!!

Then we had so many people have the "ahah! It is true" moment this week!! :) It was awesome!!

So VICTORIA!! I love Victoria so much and we were planning on teaching a specific lesson and then we got in there and the spirit wanted us to go a different way. We then asked a few questions and got to a point where we said "are you still praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet?" and she looks and us and says "Welllll... I kinda stopped" and we got worried and then we ask why and she says "well. I kinda feel that it is true in here (as she makes this little heart over her own) do I need to keep praying?" We were SOOOO EXCITED!! I AM PRETTY SURE THAT MY CHIN FELL TO MY CHEST! I was SOOO EXCITED!!!! AHHH!!!

Then TY! We found Ty a while ago! I taught her on exchange and she is 14 years old! This week we got to see here again and teach the Restoration! She is awesome! :) She is so cute and spiritual and I learn so much from her. She wants to be baptized and do everything she can to repent and come closer to Jesus Christ. She is just AWESOME!! I love her so much and she was so excited! She also knows that the Book of Mormon is true because she can already feel it! :) I love it!!!

Then, Daniel.. I think he is one of my favorite experiences from this week. So Jill Martenelli is a Less-Active member that we have been trying to get in contact with for a long time. She is really sweet and has 2 boys that are not members. Well, we got a new ward mission leader who is AWESOME and so missionary minded and now the work is just BOOOMING in this ward!! It is awesome and we set up a time to meet with Jill which no one has been able to get in with her in FOREVER and we are meeting with her and the Boys and it is crazy! We met before scouts so all the little kids are running around and we are trying to have this lesson and then I just felt like even though it wasn't the perfect setting I needed to ask Daniel if he would want to be baptized, and as soon as I did. Everything got quiet and he looks up at us and says "yes" (he reminds me of Josh Morey so I just want to give him a huge hug at this point) but the coolest part was when that happened the spirit was SOO strong. Confirming to him that what he was doing is right! It was so awesome!

Norma! She is the cutest Spanish lady that we teaching and we are teaching her the Plan of Salvation with a translator this week and she stops us and says "IT IS TRUE, my church ( that should remain nameless) is wrong! You are the true church" I LOVE HER!!! She gets so excited about this gospel and it is funny to teach her because I am learning so much Spanish! haha! :) Much love!!!

We are just killing it here in Utica, New York! Thank you for all the prayers! They are definitely felt!

So much more I want to tell you! But.. I don't have time!! LOVE YOU ALL! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

Sister DeVries

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