birthday week(2)

Sister Ferrin and Sister DeVries
GUESS WHAT EVERYONE!! Sister Anderson turned 20 today!!!! :) It's really crazy because.. we both had the plan to not tell our companion that it was our birthday and just let it pass then I heard her say that she was 19 so then I asked her when she turned 20 knowing that it had to be soon because we came out March 2nd and she said "uh.. Monday" I was like "NO WAY! Mine is Tuesday!" Then we got so excited because now we are just celebrating it together!! I think Heavenly Father wanted that to happen! :) haha! 

But, it has been a BLAST!! being with Sister Anderson! :) I love her so much! She is such a great missionary and we have just been tearing it up this week! Well.. the Lord has been blessing us actually because there is nothing we are doing but working hard :) 

So this week was awesome!! I can't decide what awesome experience to share first!! :) so... I guess I will just go through the week! So we had Sister Saunders with us at the first of the week and that was a blast! She is an awesome missionary as well.  So it was so much fun to be able to be with her! 

Alright so on Monday! we went and taught this lady named Aida! I don't know if you guys remember the Lucky Number 7 tracting experience but that is the lady! So we went to our appt. with her and she was so excited. We start off with a prayer and after the prayer, she says "Ahah. See my friend was already wrong. You already answered my question. Obviously, you believe in Christ, you ended your prayer in his name." Then we kept talking and we started to teach her the Restoration and every question that she had because of her friend was gone because of the Restoration, and even the mormon.org card that we gave her because it had different ethnicities on it. She texted us later after the lesson and we were just laughing about all the things her friend told her and she wasn't buying any of it because she was seeing that it was wrong. She is so cool!! So we give her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and she was so excited too. Then we go back again 2 days later (with Sister Anderson) and WOW is Aida solid!! She has had so many questions as she has studied through the years and she was flipping through the Book of Mormon and found scriptures that supported every question that she has had. Like; making sure the church she joined loved everyone and she found 2 Nephi 26:33 then baptisms for little children (Moroni 8) and the idea of the Godhead instead of the trinity (she has believed that they were all separate beings her whole life she says there is no evidence in the bible that supports the idea of the trinity, so we taught the Godhead and now her belief has a name) Life after death (countless scriptures) Baptism (Mormon) She is just AWESOME!!! Guys, we have the next General Relief Society President here. She is amazing!! And she asked us if her son could join in and so we taught Josh. He is equally as awesome. He felt like every question he has been pondering his whole life on religion is being answered. It really is so amazing... What was the coolest is me and Sister Anderson were praying really hard for a baptism date for them and April 15th just kept standing out and so we went with it. When we asked Aida to be baptized on that date she gasped. That is her father's death date. She feels like that would be very special and so she is praying about the date. :) She is soooooo awesome and so is her son! and next time her daughter is sitting in! We have found a family and I love them! :) 

Next is Victoria! She was really sad to see Sister Ferrin go but something amazing happened. We had a potluck at church this week and Alex her husband and her older kids have not been interested in a long time but they came to church. When they all walked in I almost cried!! I was soo happy to see them all there. The Lord is definitely blessing this area! Also, Norma (our Peurto Rican lady) She came to church and she is Victoria's Mother in Law! so that was great!! :) It was so great to have her there!! We are truly building families in this area!! :) Miracles are happening!! 

Sandra-- came for a church tour this week and it was amazing! We talked about every organization and what they do and she was so excited to hear about them all. It was great! Then we got to Family History room and she was so excited about it, we told her that we are huge on keeping records and she said well it's important to God. So important that he sent Nephi and his brothers back for the records! My jaw dropped! SHE GETS IT!! I love her! the sacrament room was amazing as well but my favorite was the baptismal font when she told us that she wants to get baptized!! It was amazing! She isn't ready to set a date yet but she wants to be baptized and that is huge!!! :) 

Daniel Martenelli! wants to be baptized on March 25th!! He is so sweet! such a cute kid.  His mom is so happy!

This week has been amazing! We have prepared people for baptism and we have picked up 6 new investigators! It has been amazing! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Well, I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes!! 

Sister DeVries

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