HELLO FAMILY!! This week was such a blast!! :) I love being a missionary!! How did I get so lucky? I feel like the sons of Mosiah.. I am so privileged to be able to serve God's children and bring them to repentance. :) I LOVE THIS!! :) And I am so grateful for Jesus Christ that I am able to be worthy enough to be doing this work. I am so grateful for this gospel.

Soo... I am sure you are all wondering about TRANSFERS! :) Sister Ferrin will be leaving and heading to Vermont :) Super exciting!! I have really enjoyed working with her and it will be great for her!! I am staying here in New Hartford and Sister Anderson will be joining me. Sister Anderson came out with me so that will be so exciting!! She also will be coming from GREENWICH!!!!!!! I am so excited to hear about all those amazing people that I love so dearly!! :) It will be great!

So this week was so great!! :) I hope that I can talk about it all.

PRINCE!! So Prince is just the sweetest thing that has ever walked!! :) He has really grasped repentance this week and was so sweet and praying in sacrament. I love Prince so much and I am so proud of the person he is becoming. He is so great!

Rylee! :) We had 2 amazing lessons with her this week!! She is so great and she is in Alma in the Book of Mormon so hopefully, she will know that it is true soon! I really enjoy teaching Rylee and I am excited to see where this gospel takes her in life! :) Also.. she was our Valentine! haha! We got to spend Valentines with her and with .....

Kevin! he is a recent convert and he made us a cherry pie for Valentines and then took us out to dinner another night this week! He is too sweet and he is going to be such an awesome Branch Pres. or Elders Quorum President sometime! He is just growing and growing!! :)

Norma. We had a great lesson with Norma. Sister Gamboa (our interrupter)was sick at the last minute! So we just went and prayed for the Gift of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues and man did it work.  I do NOT speak Spanish but I could understand a lot of what she was saying! It was a miracle and we had a great lesson with her! I love her so much and she is praying about a baptismal date! She knows that it is true! She just can't decide when!

So on Friday, we got Sister Saunders because her companion was going home so we are in a trio for the weekend and it was a blast!!! :) I love Sister Saunders she is such a great missionary and we have had lots of Tracting miracles where people have just let us right in it has been so fun!! :)

So because of President's day they had to send home the Returning Missionaries today and do the temple trip early! So all the departing missionaries were at church on Sunday! Half of the ward was missionaries it was really cool!!! :) The two sisters going home didn't want to just sit around for their last night as missionaries either so President arranged a way for them to come out and work with us for the night. I got to be with Sister Walker. :) I love Sister Walker and have been her STL the whole time I have been an STL and we were able to work together for her last night. It was definitely the highlight of my week. We worked so hard. I hope that I can go out on a spiritual stretcher the way I watched Sister Walker do last night. We were tracting and we knocked on the second door and we got let in! We start to teach this lady named Norma about the Restoration and we had just taught about Joseph Smith and were about to bring in the Book of Mormon when all the sudden Norma starts talking! :) She was a talker!! But such an awesome testimony! She started talking about how she loves to read the word of God and the only way that you can know that it is the Word of God is if you ask God. I was just thinking "SHE IS GOLDEN...and she will love the Book of Mormon.. but when can I cut in to tell her about it!" Then all the sudden midsentence Sister Walker says "Well. Norma! We have a book for you and your going to love it!" Then we started to testify  of the Book of Mormon and Norma said " I am going to read this and ask God if it is true" It was so awesome!! Sister Walker and I walked out of that lesson smiling from EAR to EAR!:) And we were soooo pumped!! We just gave eachother a huge hug right on this ladies driveway and then we walked away with our arms around eachother! We then tracted for over and hour longer and kept those same grins the whole time! :) We then went and taught Prince! It was great! :) Sister Walker told him that she was his age when she joined the church and he was so happy to hear that. They really bonded! :) It was such a great night!!
I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to be with one of my role models on her last night as a missionary! It was such a blast! :) It made me really want to spend every night as a missionary like it is my last because we were so happy and I want that all the time! :)

I love you guys and I hope that you have a great week!!

love: Sister DeVries
Working Hard!!

Snow Beautiful in New York!

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