This in from New York, the sun was shining it was 78 F and then it was 9 F the next day!! It has been so much fun to see the weather switch all the time!! I think it is because I kept saying "I am so disappointed I didn't get a REAL New York Winter" So.. I am excited it is still going!! :) haha!! This week has been so awesome, though! I am really loving it!! I love New Hartford and Sis. Anderson and I are just trying to work really hard!

So Miracles of the week!

Norma really wants to get baptized! She is done with her other church, she knows this church is true! The coolest part is that she knows it because of the spirit. she can't understand 70% of what we say to here but she knows it is true!! It's so awesome! Just shows me how big of a role the Spirit plays in this work.

Which is awesome because this week we talked about the Spirit at MLC. It was so awesome to see how important it is that we are being obedient so that we can have the spirit with us because it truly is the only converter and it is the only way we can have success. :) It's so fun to just be an instrument in the Lords' hands.

We had an awesome lesson with the Sevilla's this week. So I got to try out my lesson that I have wanted to teach my future children since I was 16!! So we read Mosiah 2 with them and talked about General Conference then we said "We are going to "pitch our tents" on April 1st to watch conference" So we are planning on making forts and watching conference with the Sevilla family! They are so excited! I am really excited to make it all workout!! :) It will be the kids first conference and I am so happy to be apart of it!

Aida!! She is still amazing! I don't think I have ever in my lifetime met someone so prepared! She is just so cool! She came to church this week and she came with a question about what women's role in the church is and guess what! A woman said the opening prayer! Then as testimony meeting started it was AMAZING!! All of her questions were answered! She is sooooooooooo stinking prepared!! She shared her testimony in Relief Society about her "conversion story" and all the women love her. I teared up because she was just so grateful for me knocking on her door and it was cool to see that my effort of knocking doors every day really does pay off. I love her so much :)

Prince moved but luckily they are still in our ward boundaries. They just aren't in our area so it is going to be hard but we taught him with Sister Rogers last night and I was so humbled. I love these kids so much. They are so sweet and they are converted to this gospel and they have nothing. These kids don't know when they will have food or if mom will come home..but they still read their scriptures and say their prayers. I just love them so much. :) They are some people that will always be a part of my life.. because I need them and they need a mom.. and so many of the Sisters including Sister Rogers are ready and willing to help!

This was a great week!! I hope that you all had a great week!! LOVE YOU LOTSSS!!!!

Sister DeVries

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