Lessons for the week!

--Walking missionaries/ humility lesson
--way too many things on our schedule not knowing how it would work out and it still did
--just GO and DO and I will guide you.

This week was such an awesome week. I learned so many valuable lessons. We had a crazy busy week and before I start with the miracles I need to tell you all about the circumstances and events that happened this week.
First, We had an awesome exchange with the Goveneur Sisters. They are awesome Sisters and it was such a great exchange! I love being able to be an STL so that I can learn from all different types of missionaries :) It is such a blast! Sister Ostler and I had so much fun just getting lost in the work! it felt like our morning just flew and then Sister Tuckett and I got to see lots of miracles!! :) So I am super excited to tell you all about them! Then, we had a mini missionary! Cristy Nibroxty is from our ward and she is trying to decide whether to go on a  mission so we got to take her out with us and have her stay the night to get a feel for what a mission is like :) It was pretty awesome.
Now my favorite thing that happened this week... So I have been kinda complaining for a little while saying "Wow! That was a weak winter. I really just wanted to say that I survived a true New York winter!" Well,  guess what... IT'S BACK! :) Heavenly Father has a huge sense of humor!  And we don't have a car, we are a walking area for a week or so while our car is in the shop! (don't worry.. I didn't do anything to it) So, hopefully you caught all of that, we had an exchange, a mini mission, no car and on top of that MANY appointments and service commitments that we had to make it too.

So.. in short. One thing I learned this week is humility. I am soooooooooooo independent and so is Sister Anderson and this week we really had to rely on others A LOT! and I realize, people really want to help out the missionaries in any way they can. People would call us and text us all week asking us if we needed rides. It was so sweet, I love this ward so much and we got to grow closer to them as we relied on them more and more and also they started to trust us more by just seeing more of what we actually do every day. It was pretty cool. So we had almost 10 member present lessons this week. It was crazy! Alright.. enough of that. Here is the investigators progress.

Sandra- we taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and she was really nervous about it, she really doesn't feel like she can do it, but we brought Sis. Lee and she calmed a lot of her fears. Then when we went again to follow up Sandra said she couldn't even read this week because she felt so guilty. She knows that at this point she can't quit drinking wine in her heart, she just wouldn't be doing it for the right reasons and she felt bad knowing that she would not be able to get baptized with that mentality. We started to just key into what the spirit wanted us to say and The Spirit was able to calm her fears and she said "you know, if God could just give me a desire to not want it, I would quit" Then we were able to help her see her own potential, that God really does love her enough that he will take away her desire. It was amazing!

Aida, Jaydan, Josh, Gabe- I love this family so much!! So Jaydan joined in this week and she is loving it as well. Aida has agreed to be baptized this week on April 15th! It was amazing! :) This whole family is well on their way to being baptized!! I love them all so much!!! Gabe this week he is 12 and he has Autism! He is adorable and he likes us so that is great! :)

So one day we were walking because we don't have a car and it was fun. We had no clue where we were going to go and so we started to walk in the parking lot and then a cart ran into this guys car and so I ran after it to grab it and then the guy got out of his car. His name is Roberto and he wants to learn about the gospel... We left our apartment having no clue where we were going to go and then we met this solid guy and taught him the restoration all because a grocery cart caught wind and hit his car! :)

Then with the mini missionary, we picked up 4 new investigators. They are all pretty solid we are excited about them!! It was just an awesome week!! It has been such a fun time walking with Sister Anderson and just having the members help out so much!! (I've got like 10 moms out her Mom. Don't worry)

It was such a great week!! I love you all so much and like half of our emails have said... I am excited for this storm!! :)

Love: Sister DeVries


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