"Welcome to New York"

"Welcome to New York. It's been waiting for you." --thank you Tswift! :) I got out of the car today and heard the voice of an old friend welcoming me into the blessed state. I haven't heard Taylor Swift in who knows how long. But I sure love her, a little random story for ya!!

So this week was sooo great!! We have 5 people on date to be baptized within the next couple months. It is amazing Sister Anderson and I just started to be bold and talk about baptism and church more with those that we were teaching. (we decided this at the beginning of our transfer together) and we have definitely seen the fruit of those labors 5 on date and many new investigators attending church. :) It has really been amazing! :)

We had Zone Conference this week and Sister Anderson and I had to give a training on Recognizing the Spirit and helping our investigators identify it for themselves. It was amazing. We really just prepared and the Spirit took control of the whole training but the spirit was so strong and we were all so excited to go back and work hard to find those who were prepared. We talked about Alma 8, how Alma had wanted to turn back and give up on the city he was in but then in Alma 8:15 (my favorite scripture btw) Alma was comforted and decided to go back and work hard and that is when he found Amulek. When he was diligent and listened to the spirit!! :) I am so grateful for the scriptures and the stories they teach us! We also showed this awesome video of Elder and Sister Bednar talking about the Spirit https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2015-05-2008-elder-and-sister-bednar-recognizing-the-spirit?lang=eng, I love what Elder Bednar says about Nephi, definitely look it up. But sometimes we fail a few times before we see success but if we just rely on the Lord and follow his Spirit he will help you see miracles! :)
So many miracles are awaiting each of us in life if we will just ask God to help us and then just go and work! :)

That night we had exchanges with the Carthage Sisters. I was with Sister Folkman, she is such a sweetheart and we were able to see so many people! We were just running! One of my favorites was Norma. She is a new investigator that I found when I was with Sister Walker on her last night as a missionary but I was able to pick her up as an investigator with Sister Folkman. She is awesome, Norma has a deep rooted faith in the Bible but we were able to help her understand this gospel and the Book of Mormon more and it just helped me realize. I know my Savior Jesus Christ and the doctrine of Christ, the way he wants us to live, so much better than I did before and it is because I have done a deeper study of the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it truly answers the questions of the soul and helps prepare us to receive all the blessings that God wants to offer us. I didn't get to read the Book of Mormon in studies one day this week and man.. poor Sis. Anderson, I was just a mess I was so emotionally drained and I was irritable and I realized... it's because of that. I know that there is a power in the Book of Mormon and that it is because it is the true word of God. I love it so much!

Then the next day we were running!!!! :) I was able to go and see Sandra with Sister Thomas (she just came out and she is such an amazing missionary!!) We shared with Sandra the "Because of Him" video and she loved it! She is getting herself ready to be baptized this summer! :) I love her!!!

Then we went and saw Danny Martinelli, his family has had some issues so we pushed his date back to April 29th :) I know that he is going to be able to make it! :) He is such a cute kid!! We are proud of him and the Malczyk's have been awesome fellowship for this cute Part-Member family! :)

Then we ran around and we saw Prince.. He is such a strong kid. I don't know how he stays so active in the situation that he is in. but I am really proud of him! :) I love him a lot and I am sure when I get home I will be calling and checking up on him all the time! :) Then we were able to see Aida and her daughter Jaidan.. Jaidan got a Book of Mormon from us a week ago and she has read all the way to Ether 5 in that week... SHE LOVES IT!! She is soooo golden! She came with us to a baptism and a dinner and conference on Saturday and it was so good to have her there and then Aida met us up there later because she worked a 12 hour day. They are so committed to the gospel, they are constantly busy and yet they still are making such an effort to come to church and read and pray to know if it is true. I LOVE this family so much and I am so grateful that we are able to teach them :) I feel very honored to be able to be a part of their conversion! :)

Yesterday though we saw an amazing miracle. :) soooo... I am ditz. It's true and we had 2 exchanges this week and we were switching in and out of our car and then... all the sudden I look down at the Gas gage on Sunday and guess what... we are almost empty!!! IT'S SUNDAY!! How are we going to be able to do go everywhere we need to... well we had to adjust our plans and we just stayed by the apartment but guess what. I really think it was Heavenly Father's plan. We tracted this street and we got some pretty nice people on one side and then some not so nice people on the other side then we decided to keep going even though people weren't the nicest and we found this AWESOME FAMILY!!! Dan and Claire and their cute puppy! :) She sells MaryKay so she thought that we were some of her clients and let us right in but then she was still interested in hearing the message and they both had so many questions about Mormons. It was amazing. I know that we were led there and we are so excited to go back and teach them more. We also got a note from our neighbor yesterday while we were gone. He asked us for some help and wants to start taking the lessons. We have an appointment with him tonight! We saw so many miracles :) I know that the Lord is blessing us and.. it makes me feel better that it was probably his will that we ran out of gas ;) haha!

Love you all!! have a great week!!!

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