This week was so great!! Hopefully, I can get all the information out to you all!! :)

Roger is doing so well!! He is so excited for baptism and is progressing really well towards it! He is really getting excited to make this step in life. Roger loves church and the ward loves him!!

So on Tuesday, we dropped by Aida's to drop off Brownies. :) It was such a good decision. We heart attacked her door. :) and we brought the Brownies the next day. We were then able to see her. She is doing so well!!! :) She had EVERYTHING you can possibly think of keeping her from us this week. Her mother went into heart failure, her aunt passed away, one of her patients tried to commit suicide and contacted her right before church so she and the kids were late. Everything that could have happened has happened. It has been insane and yet she still wants to get baptized and she knows its true. I love this family so much. Josh wrote us a letter this week saying that he has been listening to all the lessons from the top of the stairs and he also is praying to know if it is true. Jaidan is doing well with her testimony and still reading and Gabe is doing so well. He is the cutest! I love Gabe he is such a cute kid!! This family is my favorite!! :)

Sandra came to church this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is doing so well!! :) She is really progressing and ahhh!! She loved church! I am so grateful for her testimony and how much it has grown!!

Martinelli's came to church this week!! That was a huge miracle!! It was so good to have them there and I think they really liked it!! I love this family a lot as well! :) Danny will be baptized soon!!

Rylee is doing well! I love her so much we had a really great lesson with her this week! I am so grateful for her! She is becoming such a great friend! :)

This area is just full of miracles everyone!! I wish I could explain more but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working here in New Hartford with Sister Anderson. She is awesome. I love her so much and we have had a great time together and so many people are getting pretty prepared for baptism. It is awesome!! I love being a missionary!! Have a great week!!!! Love you all!!

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