"Do you know Rainbow?"

This is "RAINBOW"!!!!
This week was sooo awesome!! We taught so many lessons and it was just a week full of joy! :) I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time and here in New York! So quick funny story! I sent you a picture of a man with a trumpet and guitar. This folks is Rainbow! He is the best! He comes and sings to us Amazing Grace and he comes and OYMs everyone with us! haha!! He is not all there anymore but we will start talking to someone about the gospel and then all the sudden you hear "SISTERS... AAAAHHHMMMAAZZZING GRRRAAAAACEE how sweet the SOOOUUUNDDD" *while strumming an out of tune guitar* Then you have to introduce this person you have stopped on the street to Rainbow :) Oh what a pleasure! :) I sure love Rainbow! It has been a blast to get to know him :)

Also... I got really sick last week. But I didn't want to tell you last Monday because I didn't want you to worry. But.. This week was amazing because I got to see how important it is to give your body the rest it needs. Sister Anderson was just the best, she helped out so much as well as the Roger's and Aida.They both diagnosed me and the Rogers brought me cough drops and medicine. I am so spoiled her in New Hartford. But I sure love them all! :)

This week!!! The people of New Hartford!

We are teaching this group of kids our age (Tyler, Courtney and Joe) they are really cool and Tyler is really trying to change his life. We found Tyler out on his porch drunk and we started talking to him. He definitely did not start taking the lessons for the right reasons. But he is so sincere and is reading The Book of Mormon pretty frequently, he is a really good guy and I am so glad that we had the courage and the faith to help him no matter what. It has shown me that you cannot judge a book by its cover and also it has made me so grateful that I grew up being taught morals and standards. It has been so cool to see Tyler see the joy in the gospel thought and bring all his friends! :)

Rylee! We keep having amazing lessons with her this week!! ah, it has been soooooooo cooll!!! So Rylee texted us asking if we could see her Tuesday.. we really wanted to but we were booked but then right before 6, the appointments fell through. so we were able to go and see Rylee. It was amazing!!! We drive to the church to meet there and we pull up and realize... we didn't plan for her. What are we teaching? So we say a prayer and we felt like we needed to watch a video and then we thought of Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon. So then she pulls up and we all go into the Family History center. Then the magic happens. She LOVES family history and we were able to show her my family history and we talked about Baptisms for the Dead and she was so prepared to hear it. The spirit was definitely there and it made so much sense to her. Then we watched the video and she asked us some really deep questions that she has been wanting to be answered. It was amazing to see the spirit help us answer. They were things I don't think I could have answered at that moment or even now but the Spirit helped us answer. It was amazing! She is getting so close to baptism! :) I love her so much!!! And I am so grateful for the spirit!!

Sandra! She came to church again this week and loved it so much. She said she just keeps getting more and more defensive about the church because she knows we are doing something right. She said "If anyone says anything about it I am just going to punch them in the mouth" haha!! I started laughing and then assured her that isn't all that Christlike. She totally would never do it either. She puts her bugs from her house in jars and takes them outside!! haha! It was the cutest thing though! I love her so much and I am so excited to see her progress!!

Roger! He is doing so well with the word of wisdom! He has cut down so much! He is really motivated to change his life. It was so amazing to help him this week! He went to the 12 step class, he got a blessing! He really is getting ready! We are sooo proud of him! :)

Dave! On exchange this week I picked up a new investigator with Sister Thomas! It was sooo great!!! He is Jewish but was really interested in knowing if there was life after death. He was really excited to read the Book of Mormon. It was amazing to be with him!

The Benson family is doing really well too!! I was able to teach Josh on an exchange. It was good to meet with just him. He really opened up and it just helped me see that this whole family is going to have this gospel! This is soo exciting it is one of those things you dream about having on the mission. It definitely is a dream come true! I love this family so much!! :)

Also, Shamira! She is the cute little girl in this picture! I love her. Every time I walk down the street she comes running and gives me the biggest hugs! I would take her home in a heartbeat... I don't even know what I did to make her like me but she does and the only explanation I have is that we knew each other before:) She is the best!

I hope you guys have a great week!! I love you all!!

Sister DeVries

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