Going on 6 months in Utica!

I am staying for another transfer in Utica with Sister Anderson! We are so excited to be able to work together for one more and just work hard!

Sister Anderson and I are really similar.. we are practically the same person. Which can be a good and a bad thing but most the time it is always good. If it's bad it's because we are both trying to serve one another but we are both too independent to let someone do something for us! hahahahah!!! :) It is pretty darn funny!! :) I love her a lot, though!! She is just my best friend!! We have a blast together!!!

So this week was amazing!!! I am so excited to stay in New Hartford!!! I'll try and share all the miracles of this week!!

So Sandra! I love her so much! Sandra is progressing so well. We talked to her about Following the Prophet this week and then committed her to watch conference. She got on but couldn't exactly find it but then we got a call from her right before the Sunday session and she says "I watched some of Conference and I just have one thing I want to leave you with 'lean not' I love you Sisters"  It was the sweetest phone call I have ever heard in my life. She is such a sweetheart and she is so excited to get baptized. I am very excited to see where she goes from here! :)

Then we saw Bernice and Eloise, we picked them up one night tracting and Sister Anderson has gone back and saw them on exchanges but I haven't seen them since and I got to see them and they have been reading the Book of Mormon. They are the sweetest old ladies ever! We are excited to see where they go to! We are just working so hard here and teaching SO many people. The Lord is truly blessing us.

Then we had a lesson with Roger. He is on date to be baptized on May 6th and he is so excited. He came to the baptismal service of one of the elder's investigators and he told the Elders "I came because I am getting baptized soon too!" He is the sweetest man! He was asking us all about what he needs to do to prepare! We are so excited to help him make it!!

Then Danny. He is the 14-year-old boy. He is back on date and we are so excited to have him be baptized soon. His one obstacle is His mom, she sleeps in and doesn't bring him to church. It is soooo sad. He wants to be baptized soo bad and it's just not happening.

Then, Justin, he is a new investigator and when we taught him. He said the most humble prayer I have ever heard. He is so eager to learn and just wants to know all the truth that God sends to him.

RYLEE!!! Guess what everyone! She is back!!! I am so excited to start teaching Rylee again and getting her excited about this gospel! We had a great lesson this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it! I love Rylee... She is exactly like Ashley Sheets (but not Sheets anymore) I love it!! I just feel like I am talking with a friend whenever we teach her it is so much fun!!:) We got on a tangent at the end of the lesson about theater.. she loves it too so it was pretty fun! I love her! Anyways... she is doing great!!

Norma.. Oh how I love Norma.. we taught the Law of Chastity.. it went okay.. but then I asked if we could see her Monday and told her there was a possibility I was leaving and she said "NOOO...They can't take you. You're my Sister" (in her Peurto Rican accent.) I Love Norma so much!! She then gave me robin eggs and a bobble head. She is soo sweet.She was so excited when we told her I was staying she said "I been prayin Lord, and he keep you" :) She is the sweetest!! I love teaching her!!!

Victoria is back. She came to church this week to watch conference and she loved it!! It was so great to have her there!! I am excited to help her start progressing again!! :)



CONFERENCE!!! I loved General Conference so much and was able to receive answers to my questions. I realized that I need to rely on the Holy Ghost more... I need to sincerely listen when I say my prayers and realize that guidance is always there as long as I ask for it! It was great! :) I loved the talk by Elder Choi about Looking up!! :) and Hollands talk ! all of them really!! :) It was so great!! but one of my favorite parts was GENERAL CONFERENCE AT THE ROGERS with the Sevillas!! :) Little Gio and Dayanise and we played Conference bingo and it was so much fun and Sister Rogers bought them a tent so that they could watch inside it., It was a blast. :) We also had an easter egg hunt!! It was just a blast!! I really am so spoiled her...I can't believe I get to stay for one more!!

Then we went and watched conference with Prince.He was writing such good notes.We were pretty proud of him :) I love him a lot.

On Sunday we had Mike, Roger, and Victoria at the session with us. They all loved it. Mike was crying the whole time. It was so sweet. I am so proud of all the people here in New Hartford.They are all changing their lives so much. :)

Love you all!! have a great week!!!

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