Who needs Pinterest when you have the Grapevine!

So.. ever since I have been out here in New York I have not been able to use my good ol' friend Pinterest.. but I have become great at using the Grapevine! :) Whenever I have a question about something I just ask everyone I know when they don't want to talk about the gospel! :) haha! it's pretty fun but the best one was this!! Did y'all know that if you cook a bowl of water in the microwave for  5 minutes and then wipe down your microwave cleaning it takes like 2 seconds?? That's right I just saved 30 minutes of your life, slaving over the microwave!! it works!! :) You're welcome!!

Well enough of the silly! I love you all so much and am so excited to tell you about our week!! So last week we had Sister DeMille and Sister Redd staying with us from Sunday to Wednesday! It was a blast! Sister DeMille has been serving in Vestal and just went back so it was good to catch up on how people are doing and help her plan her days :) She is such a sweetheart! So.. Karen from Vestal I don't know if you guys remember her but she is doing so well she is working towards the temple and hopefully I can go with her :) It would be awesome!!

Anyway, on to New Hartford people! :)

So First off Roger! We had an awesome lesson with Roger about the Word of Wisdom. It was so powerful and we just asked him if he wanted to quit smoking and he said he was ready. So we started the 15 step program with him and it was the most powerful moment. We got to the step where you through away and break all your cigs and he actually rolls his own to save money so we told him to get rid of it however he needed to and so he burnt it in his fire!! It was so sweet!! The coolest part is we asked him how he felt as it was sitting there burning and he said "I feel free" Then the spirit set in and it was so strong he said he felt it. :) It was such a spiritually experience! I am so excited for Roger! He is progressing towards baptism so well!! :)

Then, Mike, He is trying to quit everything as well and he is progressing towards it! We are so proud of him! He really wants to  make big changes in his life. He loved the story from conference about making promises. The "can you keep your promise to not be mean to your sister for one day? How about 2? 3?" So that is what he is doing.. taking it one day at a time and trying to keep those promises! We are so proud of him.

So one of our cute little investigators is moving to Florida! It is so sad but it will be good for her hopefully she can go and start to progress there!

So, Greg passed away this week. He is the convert from Syracuse that I was able to teach and be there for his baptism. I love Greg so much. I know he is in a better place now and I know that he is happy. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to teach him and to help him grow and accept this gospel in this life :) I love him so much.

A cool thing happened last Monday! We went downtown to take pictures and we had this guy ask if he could take pictures for us and we were grateful he is from India and He wanted to learn about Christ!! It was soooo cool!!!!! We got to teach him this week and just taught him that there is a God who knows and loves you and we are really excited to meet with him soon and help him except even more! :)

We went to Clinton last night! I love that town it is adorable! But we met with Rylee. She is doing so well, she is just the cutest!! :)Everythingg is great here in New Hartford! I love being a missionary!! :)

Prince! Loved Elder Dube. He came his week for Stake Conference and Prince payed attention the whole time!! Man oh man do I love that kid. I feel like I am his mother sometimes though!! :)

STAKE CONFERENCE this week!! it was soooo great!!! :) Elder Dube of the 70 came. He is such a fun Christlike individual!! He committed each of us to set a time and a place to read the Book of Mormon daily!!! I know that we all need to do that!! I know that Pres. Monson gave his talk on the Book of Mormon for a reason and we need to heed his message. We each need to be reading The Book of Mormon daily, there is a power in that Book that can change us and bring us closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. WE MUST read it DAILY! It is a message straight from God to do so, His prophets speak his words and they need us to read it everyday. I know that as I have been reading the Book of Mormon daily and doing more then just reading but truly studying I feel God's power so much more and I have seen myself change so much more. Every since I was 13 years old I have tried to read daily and I know the days that I don't I am so much more irratable and annoyed at everything. I owe everything I am today to my study of the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I am who I am because this gospel has changed me and is continuing to change me. I know that the Prophet is inspired by God and I promise that if you all read daily you will become the person that God designed you to be and that you will grow to have a more personal relationship with our Savior.

I love you all so much and I hope that you can continue to learn from the words that are spoken to us from our prophets.

Have a great week!

Sister DeVries

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