Brother Scott Hale and Sister Bailey DeVries

Sister Christensen is amazing!! She is from Herriman, UT. She is great!! She loves movies and Disney quotes and we have been singing Beauty and the Beast for days.. :) I love it!! It has definitely been a blast!! She is exactly what I need right now! I am having a blast! :) She is a really hard worker and wants to find a family and have 8 baptisms before we go home, so we are praying for that faithfully!! :)

Fayetteville is a dream!! It is soooo gorgeous here! I love it lots!! :)

One day we had to go to the drug store because I needed some stuff that I forgot in Utica so we went at 10. We get out of our car and there is the cutest old man! He had just lost his wife and was being diagnosed with Depression, he felt so lonely and wants to find a church!! WE are SOOO excited to go back and teach him.

We also went to the middle of nowhere searching for a less-active and received 2 referrals for the same person!! If that doesn't mean that they are prepared then Idk what does!!! SO we are excited to see where that goes.

We have been teaching Dave, he was supposed to be baptized this week but isn't quite steady on his testimony so we are moving it back. I like Dave a lot though. He is awesome.

Then Sam was baptized last week. I love her already!! She is adorable!!

Steve was baptized in December and he is the most sarcastic guy ever!! He and Sister Christensen can go on for forever!!! :) It is hilarious!!!

The MYERS family!! I love them!!! They are a recent convert family!! Mandy was baptized in December she is adorable!! It has definitely been a blast to be here in Fayetteville!!

Quick funny story!! We are practically whitewashing hahah!! We don't know where we are going.. but we typed in this AWESOME former!! We were so excited to see them and we pull up to the house that the GPS took us too and it was DAVE our investigators' house... neither of us put two and two together that it was the same Dave and Jean.. hahahahahahahaha!!!!! It was hilarious!! :)

I will let you know more next week!! :)

Love you all!! have a great week!!! :)

Sister Bailey DeVries

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