Only in New York would you wear tights and get sunburnt all in the same week.

This week was great!! Monday was quite the experience... So we were low on miles so we pretty much had to walk everywhere, which we are totally fine with. So we park the car little ways from our appointment and then we decided to knock on a few doors on our way there. Well.. we knock on two and I quickly realize.. we are not as close as we think we are.. we should probably start booking it. Then we realized that EVERYONE was out. We were talking to so many people and handing out Book of Mormons, pamphlets, cards everything left and right. It was a blast!! :) Then we started teaching these guys! They are awesome! It's Daquinn and Ronall. They are super sweet and were really interested and we set up a time to come back and see them and they were solid and had read some of the Book of Mormon since we were gone! It was sweet!!! But.. after we taught them we got to what we thought was out of their sight and then we started running to our appointment in skirts.. haha! They totally saw and asked us about it! They probably think we are crazy because we also were picking up rocks on our way there so that we could make prayer rocks with the Sevillas.

Sevillas!! They are amazing!! we saw them with the Rogers and man .. I just have the most extreme love for this family! I absolutely love them. It was so good to talk to them about prayer. They really want to be better. :)

Prince!! OH my goodness.. I love this kid. So we took Sister Rogers and he calls her mom because she practically raises him and she gave him some "church chores" (writing essays on conference talks.. and he procrastinated them) well anyway we call him and tell him that we are bringing her and he says.. "WHAT! are you kidding! That is like bringing alcohol to a Mormon party. you can't do that!" hahaha!! I love this kid soooo much!!!

Tuesday we helped Sandra with her family history! She loves it! She is so ready to be baptized. She loves coming to church. She loves it all I just hope that we can help her learn more and be ready for her baptism quickly! :)

RYLEE!! I LOVE HER! She is doing so well, she is fasting about her questions and is really working towards getting an answer. She knows that the church is true but she doesn't want to rush into baptism but I know it will happen. I love her a lot!! :)

Norma our Spanish lady! She came to church this week and MAN! My Spanish has improved a lot!!! I am so happy about it!! :) It is crazy!! :) She is improving in English and is sooo excited to be baptized!!

We picked up Richard again! He is the cutest old man that we creeped out because we invited him to be baptized the first lesson. But he is back!! :)

Victoria is back! She has had the hardest time but we are soo proud of her. She is amazing!! :)

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Virgin and Sister Fry. ME AND SISTER VIRGIN WERE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!! :) I love her so much!!! We had an awesome experience while we were together. So last February.. I went to the Bradbury's for lunch and they had their contractor there and we taught the restoration. There wasn't much excitement about it but HE ASKED ABOUT US Soooo... we got to go back out and have lunch again and this time we testified of the Book of Mormon and he committed to read it!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! It is so cool to see that you really never know when things are going to work out but.. eventually they always do! :) I loved it!!

MIKE!! is BACK!!! I had an impression to drop by while I was with Sister Fry and we do and he is on his porch. We were able to help him feel God's love and forgiveness. He had still been reading and praying every day and he still wants to get baptized so we are sooooo excited to go back!! :) I love Mike. He has such a good heart just such a strong addiction. ALWAYS OBEY THE WORD OF WISDOM people. ... it is the longest road to recovery. It's better to just never try in the first place.

Jason. He is a single dad and we have been teaching him and his little girls. It has been a blast. Nikki the littlest said her first prayer. Jason was almost in tears as he was thanking us for what we are doing to help his cute family.

I know that this gospel is true. It changes lives and heals broken things. Sometimes people think that the gospel is restricting but really it is freeing and fulfilling. Just like how a kite can't fly without being attached to the string, we can't fly without being attached to the gospel. It is our lifeline, not something that ties us down. It really lifts us up in the long run. I love this gospel and I love the people of New York. I am so grateful for everyone who has helped me get to this point.

Have a great week guys!!

Sister DeVries

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