 Snow in May!

This weather in New York is SOOO BIPOLAR!! :) It is pretty much the funniest thing ever.. but I can not wait to never put on a pair of tights again!! haha!!

This week was awesome.. we are just booming here in New Hartford but do you know what the biggest miracle of the week was......... 


I am so excited for her. She has been such a huge turning point in my conversion and in my missionary work. I know that I was meant to find Aida, from knocking on my favorite number door, to her facing opposition to be able to get baptized to her this week accepting baptism and knowing that this is the only true church. I love Aida so much. I am so grateful for her testimony and dedication. Aida Benson is a mom of 3 beautiful children, Josh (17), Jaidan (14 girl) and Gabe (12), she also works a full time job in Syracuse as a ER Nurse. She also tutors on her spare time and enjoys listening to conference talks and the Book of Mormon on her drives into work. She is so strong and she has changed my life. I can not wait for her to get baptized. We went out with President and Sister Rogers to see her and Aida testified of how two days before we came to her house there was a terrible snow storm and her car stalled on the freeway and she was just praying and said "Heavenly Father. I need your help, please send your spirit to help me get out of this because there is so much more I need to teach my children." When she got out of her situation she said "Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your spirit, now help me find the truth so that I can raise my children in it. If it is somewhere I have already been help me go back and if I haven't found it yet.. help me find it." She closed that prayer and felt a spirit of peace overcome her. She knew that something would come soon. Then two days later "Knock, Knock" the mormons are at your door. She knew from the moment we came that we were the answer to her prayer and that she needed to give it her best effort to know if all of this is true. Then she took the Book of Mormon and she read it and she looked up everything on mormon.org and studied it out! She found so many miracles and answers as she did her study but when she knew without a doubt it was true was when we taught Josh the Plan of Salvation and after we left Josh said that he felt a "joy" that he had never felt before. She knew that the Spirit had touched his heart and told him that this was true. One of my favorite lines Aida has said is "I am not afraid that I will reject or not be able to live anything the church teaches, I am just afraid I don't know enough to live it" She from the beggining has had Faith and that Faith has driven her to see miracles and to have opposition. But, she knows without a doubt that this is true and she is so excited to be baptized and recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

How grateful I am for this gospel, and to be a missionary in New Hartford, NY at this time. I am grateful that even though it was cold and I and my companion were a little ill. We went out. I am grateful that when we pulled down the street that we had planned to tract we felt the spirit prick us in our hearts and tell us to go somewhere else. I am glad that the spirit was granted to us when we prayed and asked Our Heavenly Father where he wanted us to go to find the person he had prepared he sent us to Hopson. I am grateful that the spirit helped us get out of the car and be cheery. I am grateful that the spirit helped me to be positive and have Faith when I say the number 7 and told my companion to be patient and wait for the answer. I am grateful that the spirit told me what to say on the porch that night and that it touched the heart of Aida and that she chose to listen and above all I am so grateful that Aida was placed into my life to help me to have more faith in all aspects of missionary work. 

We had a great lesson with the Benson kids this week. Aida was at work and wanted us to go see them separately and it was so good. They opened up about how they are really just trying to know that God is there and how they want to find peace and forgiveness. They are such great kids and they just kept saying. "I don't know where our family would be if you guys didn't come that day" I seriously love this family so much they have all of my heart and I am excited to be apart of their lives forever. :) We have become such a big family here! 

Well.. Enough of the Bensons. But.. you really can never have enough of them.. :) 

Roger!! He learned that he can go to the temple if he stops smoking and man he had the cutest little grin come across his face! We are so excited for him to be able to be baptized soon. :)  

Prince! I love Prince so much!!! The End. He is doing well.. His hair is still fabulous and he still thinks that picking boogers is healthy because it gets rid of the pollution in your body! :) 

Sandra is doing really well and is so excited to be baptized. She is so close! She just needs to take a leap of faith! 

Kevin Costello, our recent convert is preparing to go to the temple to receive his endowments! It is sooo exciting! We are so proud of him! 

Richard!!! is back!!!!! We asked him how his reading has gone and he has had the Book of Mormon for a month. He said "Good. I am in Moroni." Our jaws dropped!!! He came to church this week and is definitely going to be baptized soon!! :) **Remind me to tell more of his story on skypE!! 

Rylee moved back to Connecticut. :( but she is still amazing!! 

Sevilla's are adorable!! Cute little Dayanise is preparing to be baptized soon. I love her so much, she is amazing!! :)  I love this family! I know that I was meant to meet them too!! 

This is only half of New Hartford in a nutshell but I love you all!!! I hope you have a great week! I will see you soon!!

Love ya all!!!

Sister DeVries

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