 I got my watch tan! :) (5)

This week was so great!! I got FRIED...on saturday! but it is turning into a tan so I am happy but I got a pretty sweet watch tan now! :) hahaha!!

So on Monday we picked up a new investigator named Bob. Bob is a 74 year old man who lost his wife recently. I think I may have told you about him but we went into teach him the Plan of Salvation and we taught that and Eternal Marriage. He wants nothing but to be sealed to his wife. It was such a spiritual lesson! Usually you don't just teach that kind of a lesson but we did and it was exactly what he needed he is great! :) 

We the contact some of those referrals that we got last week and we found an awesome family! we haven't taught them yet but they are super open!! We are so excited!! :) 

Heather is still doing awesome and progressing towards baptism!! we are sooo excited for her! she is amazing and it is going to be so great when she is able to be baptized! I love her lots!! it's crazy that I am able to be her for this part in her journey almost 7 months after we met! :) 

We had a miracle this week where we didn't have lots of food.. we kinda bought a little scarce and then we had random people, less actives, investigators, everyone feed us! it was awesome! God defintiely watchs out for us!! and don't worry mom!! we are going to buy more food this week! 

We taught Seham this week and we went over the title page of the Book of Mormon really slow and it clicked finally!! :) She has been taught by missionaries for a long time and now she is ready to progress!! it is awesome!! :) We are soo proud of her!! We were praying really hard to know what to teach and that is what felt right. the spirit is soo amazing!! 

Dave! We had the best lesson with Dave this week and we put him back on date to be baptize on June 24th!! he is amazing and it is going to be so great!! :) We talked about recognizing the spirit and really praying with faith and it clicked!!! it is going to be amazing!! we are so excited for him!! 

We then talked to this guy on the street on Monday and then picked him up as a new investigator on friday! he is so cool he is going through a divorce right now and he is excited to read the book of mormon and learn more about it!! We are excited about him! :) 

This week we also had an awesome District Meeting on the Book of Mormon and man I know that Book is true!! My testimony of it has been tested and tried out here and in the end it always comes out so strengthened. I read through 3 Nephi this week and it was so great. I really love the Book of Mormon and how it draws me closer to my Savior!! It is seriously so great! :) 
Oh yeah!! And I totally forgot!! we got to work at the Oztraveganza this week!! it is an Wizard of Oz festival because the guy who wrote it Baum he lived in chittenango!! so we handed out programs and that is why I got so burnt!! It was awesome though because the whole city saw us out and asked us questions and we gave out a few cards!! it was awesome!! also... I get to dress up as Dorothy next Saturday!! :)

Well... I love you all and hope that you have a great week!! 

Sister DeVries

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