"Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven"

Sister Christensen and Sister DeVries
This week was so amazing and it really strengthened my testimony of sacrifice and obedience. :) We picked up four new investigators this week., We have two investigators preparing to be baptized on June 24th and we had two come to church. It was such a great week. We are really working so hard. 

So Sister Christensen really wants to be able to have nine more baptisms before she goes home so we are sacrificing things so that we can have five baptisms come from our efforts here in this area together. We have turned off all the music in the car, we usually listen to church music when we are in the car but even that can be distracting when you are heading to appointments so we have just turned it all off so that we can focus and talk on the way to our appointments. That has been really hard but really good. Then we have been tracting rain or shine two hours every day. That has been a toughie! It has been a mixture of 54 degrees with wind and rain and also 91 and humidity days! We have been working hard and we saw the blessings this week!! We were able to hit the Standards that President Rogers has told us we should be hitting weekly!! It has been amazing!:) 

So Patricia is a new investigator! She is going through a lot of health problems right now and she wants to find peace and we were able to teach her and give her a Book of Mormon. She still wasn't crazy excited about it but she said she would read and we are praying she does. Because little does she know there is soo much peace in the Book of Mormon. 

Monica!! She is one that we are really excited about!! So we tracted into her on our 2-hour stretch and she was the last door that we knocked on! She let us right in. She is a cute mom of a 2 yr old girl and she has 1 boy on the way. She is the sweetest. Her father is a pastor but she is looking for a church that fits her. She feels that the bible has been through so many different translations that it can not be pure anymore and that we need more. She also wants a place that is rooted on all of Christ's teachings. She is really going to love our church! We are soooooo excited to keep teaching her and she was so excited to take the Book of Mormon. We talked about it and I had a copy in my hands and she said..... "uh... can I borrow that" and then I told her that it is hers and she was soo excited!! She is amazing!! It really is a blessing being able to find amazing people like her!! 

We had a really good lesson with Dave this week! he is our investigator that is on date to be baptized on June 24th. Before our lesson we went and did service with him for his nephew (also, pull his nephew's 82  yr old neighbor was trying to pull all her weeds so we got to meet her and help her out and she said we can come back!! I love doing service) we helped Tommy pull out weeds and then Tommy (he is our ward mission leader and Dave's nephew... keeping up?) came with us to Dave's lesson and Dave really opened up and we helped him realize that he isn't going to know if any of this is true if he doesn't fully intend to follow  the answer he gets. He was hit with the spirit and started to tear up.. he blamed it on something in his eye.. but it definitely wasn't. :) He is soo close!! 

We also tracted into lots of people and gave out lots of Book of Mormons!! People have been either really rude or it has been the best experience. It is kinda cool to see that God is working hard to bless us while we are sacrificing and Satan is working hard to discourage us. But in the end, we have seen that God always wins!! It has been such a great week!! :) 

Heather is doing amazing!! Her baptismal interview is this week and she is soo ready!! She is the sweetest and we are definitely proud of her!! She could not be more prepared!! :) We got to teach her about Temples and Family History this week with the Stapleys and it was so great!! The Stapley's bore such powerful testimonies and Heather felt the spirit so strong!! She has been doing her own family history all week to prepare a name to go to the temple!! :) 

We also started to teach Becky.. she is an investigator that we haven't seen in a long time! She is amazing and she is really excited to learn about the gospel! 

We picked up Gene.  He is a Cat loving New Yorker!! haha! through and through! He is soo funny!! He is really interested in knowing if this is true though so we are excited!! We are just exercising faith in him!! 

We also saw John again! He is so excited to be taking the lessons! He is going through some tough family challenges and ever since we met him he has been seeing his life turn around. He is amazing! We are so excited to keep teaching him! He is definitely a miracle!! He came to church this week and he also went to a bbq with some of the ward members!! He is doing great!! :) 

Then one of my favorite things!! We picked up a new investigator that is a Jehova's Witness but they were willing to hear our message and read a pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true!! so it is amazing!! It was so great to talk with them and help him realize that there is more! :) 

GREAT WEEK!! REALLY!! WE are seeing so many miracles!! It has been a blast!! Sister Christensen and I are just working hard here!! :) 

Love you all! have a great week!

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